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October 7, 2013 at 12:39 pm

Date Selection – Good days in October 2013.

Before I list some auspicious dates in the Dog month, October 2013. Let me explain the significant that date selection information provide you with.

Date Selection is another important aspect in Chinese Five Arts. Please read my article Chinese Metaphysics and Five Arts. This will give you good background and excellent understanding on how this affects you.

In Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology culture, selecting an auspicious date for a significant event is a must. To name a few, significant events such as products launching, wedding, relocating office, moving house, new boat entering water, even haircut and so on.

To select a date for a caesarean section is different. It does not only require an auspicious date, but also need to balance the selected date with the Year, Month and Birth hour. In addition to that, the selected date also needs to incorporate with the luck pillars. If just selecting a date for the caesarean section without looking into the Natal chart with luck pillars interaction of the new born, might as well let it go nature birth. I will discuss this topic in the future post.

If you have read the Chinese Metaphysics and Five arts article, you will note that Chinese Medicine is one of the Five Arts. Now you may ask why we need to select an auspicious date for Chinese Medicine treatment.

The answer is simple: By selecting an auspicious date for Chinese Medicine treatment is to maximize the healing effect.

Acupuncture is a major branch of Chinese Medicine treatment. A good acupuncture practitioner is very particular about certain time of the day to insert needles to certain pressure points of certain meridian lines. This acupuncture subject is called: “子午流注”. (Zi Wu Liu Zhu).

I will explorer the above date selection methods with you in future post. Today, I will focus on giving you the auspicious dates in October (the Dog month of 2013). Ongoing each month I will post an article letting you know the auspicious dates of that month. This should assist you greatly in planning you month and maximizing good outcomes.

Please bear in mind that these dates given are generally auspicious. However, due to your personal element interaction with the dates’ element, it may not be the best date for you.

Date Selection - Data from Tong Shui

Date Selection in Dog Month 2013

The Dog month starts: 8th October 2013 at 11am until 7th November 2013

These dates are bad. Please DO NOT use these dates for major events. They bring bad results:
Saturday 12th October
Thursday 17th October
Thursday 24th October
Tuesday 29th October
Sunday 3rd November
Monday 4th November
Tuesday 5th November
Wednesday 6th November

These dates are GOOD for your important events. However be careful you need to know your animal signs.

Wednesday 9th October    (Not suitable for animal sign: Tiger)
Saturday 19th October       (Not suitable for animal sign: Rat)
Monday 21st October          (Not suitable for animal sign: Tiger)
Monday 28th October         (Not suitable for animal sign: Rooster)
Thursday 31st October       (Not suitable for animal sign: Rat)
Saturday 2nd November    (Not suitable for animal sign: Tiger)

Except for the animal signs mentioned above, 19th and 31st are particularly good for wedding; especially you want to have children straight away.

For the other dates in the Dog month which are not mentioned above, they don’t have good or bad energy. So they won’t bring positive result to your event.
Hope you can benefit from this post.