Feng Shui Consultations delivered by Master Edgar Lok Tin Feng Shui to clients locally and internationally.  
Chinese Astrology readings and consultations based on the Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny combined with Ziweidoushu reading methods. 
Discover the art of feng shui and learn how it can positively influence your life.

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Thank you Master for the feng shui you did in my new apartment during covid. It was a lovely and informative virtual session followed by a face to face meeting once the lockdown restrictions were lifted. My friends and clients always comment about the energy they feel when they visit and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to improve all aspects of life.

Ana Coppola
Jul 2021

We worked with Edgar from the planning stages right through to the completed build. Edgar was very helpful throughout the process and the build went through without a hitch. We went ahead with all Edgar's changes from our original plan and the house is just fantastic! So far my son has got a new job earning considerably more money and I have increased my business. We would definitely use Edgar again if we ever built or moved house.

L. Hanson
Jul 2021
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Feng Shui Services 

Personalised Feng Shui consultation for your current home, architect plans, land plot positions and business premises. Feng Shui consultations can help bring harmony, wealth, health and career for you. Business premises, buildings, offices Feng Shui consultations can help your business grows to next level.


Chinese Astrology

Discover your fortune with a Chinese Astrology reading based on the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny combining with Ziweidoushu reading methods. Chinese Astrology readings can assist in important decisions such as career, love and relationships, business and partnerships. Important date and Chinese Naming consultations are also available.

Workshop Classes

Attend Feng Shui workshops to learn the fundamentals of Feng Shui and implement in your life. Personally presented by Edgar, he educates small groups of like-minded people with theoretical and practical applications (including guidance through on-site audits).


Edgar Lok Tin Yung

Edgar Lok Tin Yung is a leading Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. Edgar brings passion and experience from years of training under traditional Feng Shui Masters. He has been using traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology to assist local, interstates ( Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, perth... ) and international clients since 2000. Edgar’s goal is to provide practical solutions that are tailored to each individual clients needs. He prides himself on his pragmatic approach to improving the Feng Shui element’s for his clients.

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