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Feng Shui Luopan Man Ring and how it works will be discussed in this article.

One of the important Feng Shui tools for a Feng Shui Master is the Feng Shui compass (風水羅盤) or Feng Shui Luopan.

A Feng Shui Luopan has many rings. It can be varied from 10 to 49 rings. A decent Luopan should have at least 28 rings.

Most Feng Shui Luopans, varying  the Feng Shui School they are belonging to, generally, they come with common Lopan rings, such as:

Early Heaven Bagua arrangement

Later Heaven Bagua arrangement

Robbery Sha formula

Yellow Spring Sha Formula,

Basha Formula

The 24 Mountains Earth Ring / The 24 mountains’ Yin and Yang

24 mountains Man Ring

24 Mountains Heaven Ring and

The 360 degrees, it is made easier for reference in degree.

Variations of Feng Shui Luopan Rings

Most Feng Shui LuoPan has 3 different 24 mountains rings.
The inner 24 mountains ring is called Earth Ring (地盤).
The 24 mountains ring at the middle is called Man Ring (人盤).
The outer 24 mountains ring is called Heaven Ring (天盤).

The Man Ring is 7.5 degrees to the left of the Earth ring, the Heaven Ring is 7.5 degrees to the right of the Earth Ring when the Feng Shui Luopan pointing forward.

In Fneg Shui Jargon, these 3 twenty-four mountains rings named in short: Earth, Man and Heaven Ring. Each of these 24 mountains rings serve different Feng Shui functions. They are catered for different formulas.

The Fneg Shui Luopan Man ring is discussed here.

The Man ring is for external land forms (消砂 Xiao Sha). It is to measure whether an object is benefited to the house or not. An object can be a power pole, tower, pylon, lamp pole a small hill or a tall and skinny building.

The Man Ring's 24 mountains, its element is different from the Earth ring.

Here are the elements assigned to the Fneg Shui Luopan Man Ring.

乾坤艮巽是木鄉Qian Kun Gen Xun    --> Wood Element
寅申巳亥水神當Yin Shen Si Hai         --> Water Element
甲庚丙壬本屬火Jia Geng Bing Ren    --> Fire Element
子午卯酉火依相Zi Wu Mao You         --> Fire Element
乙辛丁癸土相雙Yi Xin Ding Gui         -->Earth Element
辰戌丑未屬金堂Chen Xu Chou Wei   -->Metal Element

Some Feng Shui compasses come with colour coded Man ring.

Fneg Shui Luopan Man Ring There are a total of Eight Mountains are fire element.

If you know about Chinese Astrology Bazi the 10 Gods theory, you will understand the man ring formula straight way.
It works as the 10 gods’ principal using the five elements control and enhance cycles.

This technique of the Man ring formula uses the 5 elements enhance and control cycle.  The I or Me is the Sitting of the house in the following sentences.
a) What I control is wealth.
b) What controls me is Power (suppress me)
c) What I produce is drain (Eating God)
d) What produces / enhances me is resource.
e) Same as me increases my strength in wealth.

For example: Let say a house Sitting Wu午 Horse facing Zi子 Rat.

There is a power pole is at Hai 亥 Pig sector in the Man Ring sector.

Using the formula above, the Wu horse is Fire. Hai Pig is Water.
Hence, Water element controls Fire Element.
What controls me is Power, Suppress me.

Hence external people come to suppress the people in this house. This can also cause accidents, legal issues. Particularly happens in the year of the pig.

You can read more info on Feng Shui luopan by clicking here.

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