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Onsite Feng shui audit this morning at Narren Waren near Lysterfield, Melbourne, Victoria. It was raining quite heavily.

This property's Feng shui original design was very good and matched many feng shui principles.

After moved in in 2017, The owners had an extension to the left side of the house. The house became longer. As the result, the center point of the house changed relatively. Once the centre point changed in side of the house, the internal sectors also shifted relatively too.

The centre was shifted to where the stairs was and it is in a confined space. If you watch my video in my youtube channel, I explained in one of the videos (forgot which one) that the centre of the house represents the heart or / and the stomach. And the centre is related to the year end with 8 and 9, such 2018, 2019, 2008, 2009. After the extension, in 2019, guess what happened?

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29 Jan 2021.

Feng Shui onsite audit Narren Warren near lysterfield