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Happy Chinese New Year to you. This year, the Chinese New Year falls in February. It is on the 12th February.
Hope you have a great and smooth 2021, year of the Yin Metal Ox.
At the start of the New Year, It is very beneficial to perform some activities on the first new moon day of the year. The first new moon day is also on the 12th February or the Chinese New Year day.
This is what you can do to improve your luck in the coming year.

So on the Chinese New Year Day, use the best hours to burn joss sticks or candles, at the entrance of your house:

• Facing southwest to attract Happiness,
• Facing northeast to attract Promotion Gods
• Facing east to attract the Money God

You can find the best hour in the calendar below. And here is the Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for February 2021.

I use BLUE to indicate BAD DAYS.

It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.
If you need to plan ahead for more than a month, you can purchase my 2021 good and bad day calendar Here, Buy NOW.

Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

All the best and Happy Feng Shui ~ing !

Good days Bad Days in February 2021