Activate Feng Shui Wealth corner using office desk Activate Feng Shui Wealth Corner. In one of my previous posts, I talked about Feng Shui wealth corner and how to find it. now, here is one of the ways for you to activate Feng Shui wealth corner at home or in your office.

There are many ways of activating Feng Shui Wealth corner. Activation is about activities inside the Feng Shui Wealth corner. Activities such as human movements, plants growth, water features, telephone / mobile phone ringing, computer power supply fan spinning, brightening up the area can activate Feng Shui Wealth corner. So the most direct way of activating the Feng Shui wealth corner is to set up your work desk at the Feng Shui wealth corner. After the desk is set up, you sit within the area can activate feng shui wealth corner.

Another way to activate Feng Shui wealth corner

Another way to activate Feng Shui wealth corner is that you need to measure the wealth corner in relation to the Feng Shui 24 mountains. Finding out the Wu Xing (five element) of the sector of the Feng Shui Wealth corner, then activate it according to its element. For example, if the Feng Shui wealth corner is located at the East sector which is wood element, then water and green pot plants can be used to activate this area. You don’t need to know Bazi or Four pillars of destiny to do it. But you do need to know the we xing of the 24 mountains.

One thing important to beware of is that when activating the Feng Shui wealth corner, the yearly Feng Shui Sha Chi / Qi or bad Feng Shui energy need to take into consideration. We do not want to activate the Feng Shui yearly bad energy at the same time. Those areas are the Grand Duke or Tai Sui, Three killings and Five Yellow. I wrote about those areas at the begging of each year. you can read more about those areas in Current Year Predictions Categories.