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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 2022, Yang Water Tiger Year.

Here are the General Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for January 2022.

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Yearly Heaven Luck Forecast for the Yang Water Tiger

In this annual article, we will be focusing on the Yearly Heaven Luck Forecasts for the year of the Yang Water Tiger in 2022.

For yearly predictions, most Feng Shui Masters use Start-of-Spring time to construct a Bazi or Four Pillars Chart to prediction the incoming year’s events. Some Feng Shui Masters use Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) or I-Ching divination….

Different Feng Shui Masters use different methods. 

Yang Water Tiger 2022

I was taught to use the JiaZi (甲子) cycle or sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches system. It is a cycle of sixty terms used for reckoning time.

Generally, yearly predictions should look at three different areas or layers. They are:

  1. the Heaven Luck,
  2. the Earth Luck (Feng Shui), and
  3. the Man luck (Animal Sign Luck) separately. 

To do so, the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the year are used. 

Yearly predictions can be useful for clients and feng shui enthusiasts to use for planning the year ahead. It can help to guide decision making and event planning, especially when combined with other tools such as the Good Days and Bad Days 2022 calendar.

Let's now take a closer look at the 2022 year, which happens to be the Yang Water Wood Tiger year

The year of the Yang Water Wood Tiger starts on the 4th February 2022. However the Heaven energy surfaces from the winter solstice, this year, it is on the 21st of December 2021. (Normally falls on the 22nd Dec each year)


Heaven Luck is to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters or Act of God. So people can begin to make preparations for it. For example, people can increase their insurance premiums in the areas which may be affected. Or they can take more direct actions such as repairing and performing maintenance on their roof tops...

In order to determine the predictions, we use Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. And they all begin with the Elements of the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branches.

This year the Heavenly Stem (HS) for 2022 is REN (壬) and REN is Yang Water element. Yang Water REN (壬) represents water, large areas of water like lakes, oceans or large rivers. This water is constantly moving too. 

The Earthly Branch is YIN (寅). YIN is Wood element with Yang Fire BING (丙) and Yang Earth WU (戊) hidden in it which is also happiness and positive energy (Fire Element).

The YIN (寅) is known as:

1. Wood element, the birth place of Fire element or San He Fire Frame. 

2. YIN (寅) is one of the travelling horse star. 

The YIN is represented by the animal sign of TIGER. That is why it is called the Year of the TIGER

To be exact, the Stem and Branch in 2022 add up together making the year as Yang Water Wood Tiger year.  Or it is a Yang Water and Yang Wood element year.

The classical feng shui way of arranging the Heavenly Stem (HS) & Earthly Branch (EB), is placing the HS on top of the EB. 

REN (壬) is Yang Water on top.
YIN  (寅) is Yang wood with Fire and Earth elements hidden inside. 

The Melodic element for 2022 is Metal. (壬寅癸卯金箔金). Metal is finance, banking insurance and tangible metal, such iron, silver, gold….

In Feng Shui annual flying star, the Number #5 star comes back to the Centre. The 5-yellow returns home. Central palace shows the most eye catching issue.

Star #5 returns home means it is back to its original stage. 

The number of Dragons producing water is 8. It will be a wet year in 2022.

Heaven Luck Yearly Predictions

With the above we can see these issues in the year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022. For easy and convenient reading, I will list each prediction point by point below:

  1. In the year of the Yang Water Wood Tiger 2022, the top level (Water) and bottom level (Wood) are in producing or enhancing cycle. There is no conflict relationship between the top and bottom level. It looks like that the bottom level will support whatever the top level’s decisions. 
  2. 2022 the year of the Yang Water Tiger, it is Yang Water and Wood element year. Water element represents wisdom and Wood element represents Kindness. Top level should handle issues wisely and kindly in order to promote a more peaceful world.
  3. Yang Water REN (壬) represents water, large areas of water like lakes, oceans or large rivers. So, in 2022, there will be more Water incidents, such as flooding, tidal waves, tsunami, conflicts.... Most likely in the Northern oceans.
  4. Yang Water REN (壬) can also represent heavy rain and cyclones, At the time of writing we are approaching to the winter solstice, and we are already witnessing cyclones around the world (such as Kentucky and Philippines). In Dec 1974 year of Yang Wood Tiger, cyclone Tracy hit Darwin.  August 1962, Sixty years ago, the last Yang Water Tiger year, Typhoon Wanda hit Hong Kong.   
  5. YIN (寅) is the birthplace of the SanHe Fire Frame, We can see 2022 is a year birth, and it has good Qi to support fertility or pregnancy. In addition, with correct activation in your house, it is easy to start your family. 
  6. YIN (寅) is one of the travelling horses in Chinese Astrology. There will be more movement / travelling of people.
  7. According to 6 above, the travelling horse has resumed. Therefore, logistical businesses like sea freight, airline business will return to normal. It will be back in full stream from August onward.
  8. YIN (寅) is one of the travelling horses. There is not only travelling on Earth, there will be also more travellings into the space. Space exploration projects will be very seen and heard in the news in the year of the Tiger.
  9. Both Yang Water REN (壬) and YIN (寅) Tiger Wood element can weaken the Earth element.  So there can be more disasters related to Earth element, earthquake, landslides, mine incidents…... 
  10. The strong Tiger, Wood element controls earth. What I control is wealth. Therefore, the price of land, price of property, price of cement, brick will go up and the price of houses and apartments too will go up in 2022 / 2023.
  11. YIN (寅) is in the Gen Gua sector, So it can be also seen as a bridge or dam. There will be still more incidents involving bridges and dams collapsing in the news in 2022.
  12. Companies with logo contains Tigers or Monkeys or a person born in the year of Monkey will experience strong impact or changes. 
  13. YIN (寅) Tiger wood, with hidden fire element, Yin Tiger is the birthplace of fire. Fire element will become stronger, and it is good for the entertainment and restaurant business. 
  14. YIN (寅) Tiger wood is the Lung Meridian line in acupuncture, the lung issue problem (Covid-19) is still not completely going away in 2022. The problem Covid-19 should be subsided from August 2022 and closed its chapter by early 2023.
  15.  YIN (寅) is the birth place of the SanHe Fire Frame, starting from 2022, the year of the Tiger, more fire element is kicking in, therefore, more joy and confidence in the consumer market, people will start spend more, there will be economic growth. 
  16. YIN (寅) is the birthplace of fire, together with Horse and Dog form a SanHe Fire frame. Fire Controls Metal. In the other words, Metal element need to be refined by fire.  Before the fire gets too strong from now to 2024. Therefore this translates to higher metal and precious metal prices.
  17. YIN (寅) is the birth place of fire, together with Horse and Dog form a SanHe Fire frame. Fire and Water clash. The northern part of the north hemisphere will be unstable.
  18. In the year of the Yang Water Tiger,  the annual flying star number #5 returns home to the center palace. It symbolizes that things are gradually returning to their usual levels. However, the center of the Globe, usually refers to China, there may be some issues related to collapsing of land, mining incidents, landslide or avalanche.


REN (壬) Water element enhances YIN (寅) Tiger Wood element, The Tiger has hidden fire element. In general, the share market will be gradually going into the positive direction, better from second half of the year.

However If you are in Share market speculating, please pay extra attention in these four months, particularly high risk trading individual. Be very careful in February, May, August and November in 2022. Due to the Solar and Lunar calculation difference, be informed that.

February means from early 4th February to 5th March 2022

May means from 5th May to 6th June 2022

August means 7th August to 7th September 2022.

November means 7th November to 7th December 2022

2022 AND 2023 壬寅癸卯金箔金  (thin gold sheet)

The Melodic element is “Thin gold Sheet” (金箔金) for 2022, 2023. The Melodic element stays the same for every two years. 

From melodic element point of view, “Thin Gold Sheet” relates to Metals or precious metals. The rare earth, lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt and so on will become more in demand and price will go up.

“Thin gold Sheet” (金箔金), Metal element controls Wood element in the year of the Tiger, Wood element will be hurt and results in more deforestation. 


The annual Feng Shui flying star #5 will be returned to the centre palace. The centre palace is the home of the flying star #5. Not only the flying star #5 returns home, all flying stars return to their own home.

As the result, things are gradually returning to its usual stage. 

However, flying star #5 represents misfortune and obstacles. The centre of the Globe, usually refers to China, there may be some issues related to collapsing of land, landslide or avalanche in central China. How to reduce the centre #5 yellow’s impact, please read my Earth Luck article.


The number of Dragons producing water is 8. It will be a wet year in 2022.


In short, in the Yang Water Wood Tiger year, the yearly elements (Water and Wood), the melodic element (metal), the annual flying stars Qi at the centre (Earth). They are producing different outcomes in different layers / sectors. 

Heaven Luck cycle is out of our hand. We cannot control it. What we can do is to prepare ourselves, set up and activate the good yearly feng shui qi for the house we live in and office we work in. 

There are another two articles, the Earth Luck and Man Luck predictions, to address the Feng Shui Qi of a location and personal fortune. I suggest you read them.

Year of the Yang Water Tiger - 2022 Chinese Animal Signs

Welcome to the 2022 Chinese Animal Signs Predictions for the Year of the Yang Water Tiger.

In this annual tradition, I analyze each individual Chinese zodiac sign and compare how it will interact with the yearly sign - this year the Yang Water Tiger.

Below you will find each of the 12 animal signs to reference for yourself and your loved ones. Remember these predictions are only general in nature. For a highly personalized and bespoke reading, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via my enquires page for a consultation.

But before we dive into each individual sign, for those just learning about the Chinese Zodiac signs let's take a step back to truly understand the how and why we perform this annual tradition.

About the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

There are 12 animal signs or 12 Chinese zodiac signs in Chinese Astrology. Every one of us are born with an animal sign according to the year of birth. As matter of the fact, every Bazi Chart has 4 animal signs, the YY, MM, DD, HH are all represented by an animal.

The yearly animal sign repeats itself every 12 years. For example, 2022 is the year of the Tiger, twelve years earlier in 2010 was also the year of Tiger. And in 12 years time, in 2034 it will be the year of the Tiger again. 

Before going into the animal signs luck 2022 prediction, a very important Chinese Astrology concept needs to be remembered.

  1. An animal sign of a person is calculated by the year of birth. However, the animal sign does not calculate starting from the first day of the Chinese New Year.
  1. The correct animal sign calculation method is that the animal sign of each year starts at the time of Lichun (立春) – the “Start of Spring”. It normally falls on the western calendar or solar calendar on the 4th February plus or minus one day each year.

In 2022, the Chinese New Year day is on the 1st February 2022. It is 3 days before Lichun. (start-of-spring) If a baby was born in between the 1st February to the 3rd February 2022, even though those days are after Chinese New Year, the correct animal sign of this baby is still an Ox sign. 

In short, After Lichuen, generally on the 4th February each year, the animal sign of the year starts. 

A FULL Chinese Astrology reading examines the whole chart, NOT only the year of birth (the Animal Sign) but also the birth month, the birth day and the birth hour together. By incorporating the Luck pillars and yearly pillar together, a Chinese Astrologer can see a picture of your destiny from your birth data and can tell where you are at.

Using the animal signs or Chinese zodiac signs of the birth year, it is difficult to fully predict on how each year will affect each individual at a very details level. It is because such animal sign astrology predictions is only examined 25% (the stem and branch of the birth year) and in some cases with the months too. So it can increase to 37.5% of the four pillars’ natal chart. 

For reliable assessment in all aspects of your life in year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022, I suggest that you have your Bazi or Four-Pillar chart read by a reputable and experienced Chinese Astrologer.

2022 is Yang Water Tiger Year

Based on the Heavenly Stem (HS): Yang Water REN (壬) and Earthly Branch (EB) Yang Wood Yin (寅), the animal sign of Yin is Tiger with Yang Fire and Yang Earth as hidden elements inside the Tiger.

In the year of the Yang Water Tiger, the most affected animal signs by the Tiger are the animal signs Monkey, the Tiger itself, the Snake and the Pig. 

The Monkey, the Tiger, the Snake and the Pig.

In the Yang Water Tiger year, there are more Water and Wood elements adding to these animal signs. As a result, it may bring 3 major issues to these animal signs. They need to look after the following areas:

  1. Body: Look after the water system of your body such as the urinary system, kidney, prostate. Tiger is Wood Element, it is related to the arms, gallbladder, hairs and nerve. Tiger is also the Lung Meridian line.
  1. Mind; be more flexible, as more wood element make your nervous or anxious.
  1. Good news for female animal signs, the Tiger, the Monkey, the Snake and the Pig, for their age between 18 to 48, if giving birth in 2022 can reduce a lot of bad and troublesome energy.

The Tai Sui suppresses these Animal signs in year of the Yang Water Tiger.

If you are born in 1971, 1980,1989,1998,1946,2007,1956,2016 should avoid going to the hospitals, funerals, or going to an onsite burial.

(It will be fine if you are already working in the hospital or at funeral industries)

For all the animal signs:

Do more exercises and make sure there is sweating for every exercise.

Be more active and think positively.

Go out and see more people and make more friends.

Be more generous to others.

Donation of blood or having a blood test done in May and August will help to reduce bad energy too.

Be nice to your parents, the in-laws or elderly, even telephone them more often will bring you better luck all year round.

Below is a guide for each animal sign and their luck in the year of Yang Water Tiger 2022. All information is a guide only. For a detail reading of your personal luck in 2022, please seek professional Chinese astrology expert around you.

What is the year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022 hold for you?

Year of the Tiger

Tiger: (Born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010) 

It is the same animal sign year for the Tigers.

Tigers will have a busy schedule, big pressure from every direction, especially from the management level. Be wise to your boss.

1986 born Tigers, prepare and complete your assignment wisely and on time.

For female Tiger born in 1986, 1998, take care of your love life. Be wise and do not make rush decision. 

In 2022, there is an academic star for the Tigers, there is opportunity for the tiger to further study to better equip themselves.

Tigers work in the media, education, publication, training sectors will have a very good year to come. 

Health Issues: arms, gallbladder, hairs and nerve, lung.

Wealth: Good for the 1998 born Tigers. 

Year of the Monkey

Monkey: (Born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

In 2022 the Earthly Branch (EB) YIN is the “Travel star” to the Monkeys. There will be a lot of travelling opportunities in 2022 for the Monkeys.

The Monkey clashes with the year of the Tiger. Clash means confrontation. 

There will be big change for the Monkeys, like career change, job change, position shuffle, school change, moving house or a lengthy travelling.

Australian PM Scomo, born in May 1968 (May is Snake month), he is not only clash with the Tiger, but also form a triple penalty combination in his Chart. It will be a challenge year for him both in work and health in the year of Yang Water Tiger.

The Monkey also has a yearly star called “Da Ho.” or “Big spending.” in English translation, so use your money wisely. It is wise to buy something that will be valuable in the future. Avoid high risk investments.

Beware of contract terms if contract need to be signed.

For Monkey born in 2004, must drive on road very carefully after obtain the driving license. Clashing with the Tai Sui Yin (Tiger) easily causes traffic accident. especially for Monkey born in February who have dark and broken left eye-brow (Right side for the female). It looks like this one. 

year of the Dog Animal sign luck 2018 - Broken eyebrow

1968 born monkeys also need to pay more attention when driving.

If planning of travelling, avoid going to the east north east direction. The east north east is the Grand Duke direction’s which will increase the level of the clash.

Blood donation is encouraged and is one of the best ways to reduce bad luck and on the other hand attract good luck in 2022 by saving life.

If, for some reasons, blood donation does not suit you, try to do a blood test or visit a dentist in August 2022.

Health issues: Bladder, Large intestine, Lung.

Wealth: Spending year. Budget well.

Year of the Snake

Snake: (Born in 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

Beware of lawsuit or argument with your business partners. 

Paper works and contract terms need to be examined carefully by professional. 

Do not speeding and drink driving as Snakes have penalty from the authority. Particularly for snakes born in the month of 7th August to 7th September. It forms a triple penalty in their Bazi chart in the year of Yang Water Tiger. 

It is always good to be more caring and polite to avoid penalty.

The “Moon” or the “TaiYin” star is in the Snake’s palace this year. If Snake sign has a female boss, their work will be appreciated and will be easily getting a promotion. 

Be nice to your mother, mother-in-law or elderly women, even call them more often will bring you better luck.

For the snakes, their parents or grand parents may have health problems. There may be a funeral in the family.

1977 born Snakes, beware terms and conditions for new projects or join venture.

Health: Face nerves, shoulders, teeth, throat, large intestine or haemorrhoid.

Wealth: Average but Good for 1965 and 1989 born snake

Good Bad days in Pig Rat months

Pig (Born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019),

Same as the Snake, the animal sign Pig is in a penalty relationship with the Tiger or Tai Sui.

For the Pig, it is a bit more complicated, since the pig is penalty as well as bonding with the Tiger. 

Pig sign born in the Snake month, 5th May to 6th June, it has a triple penalty,

Therefore, the animal sign Pig will be easily punished by their superiors or by the Law. Be very careful on what to say and do in public especially in these two months May and November 2022.

Drive carefully, because the Pig will also easily break the traffic rules (speeding) and get penalty and fine.

There is a star named 福德 “Fu De”, (Good Fortune) can help reduce some troublesome.

An elderly person in the family may have ill-health.

The bonding with the Grand Duke will also bring changes to the pigs. Be well preparing for the changes. Specially, for 1995 born Pig will receive some special treatment from the superior, a promotion. Or Company pay for their further study, this means they are reward with some money of scholarship.  

Health Issues: Hair loss, kidney, blood, eyes, heart.

Wealth: Good if you are self-employ. Particularly for 1983 and 1995 born Pigs.

year of the Rat

Rat (Born 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

There is no “lucky star” for the Rats in 2022 which means there is very little external help to you. So whatever (study or working) you are going to do, you need to give in 100% and do your best. 

Be responsible. 

Do not even think of rely on the others to help you.

Bad news is that there are 4 inauspicious stars for the Rat this year. “Yang Knife 陽刃” is one of the stars.  It symbolises cuts, operation. If you are working with sharp objects, extra care is needed. For Rat ladies, giving birth or caesarean section is a sign of ‘Yang Knife”.

So be more active and try to meet new friends and pick up a hobby.

Since, there is no lucky star in 2022, learning something or acquiring a new skill is always good to do.

More overseas trips after August. 

Health: excretion system of your body, including, kidneys, urethra, prostate gland for male, bladders 

Wealth: good for 1948, 2008 Rat.

Year of the Ox

Ox (Born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

Your gossips and troubles around you are fading away slowly.

For 1997 born Ox, they have a very high chance meeting another half or getting married.

For Ox born in 1985, 1973, if you are married, beware of a third person cause troubles for your love life.

Play more attention to your digestive system. There is a sickness star for the Ox. 

There is a “Gua Su寡宿” star, in the Ox’s Palace. “Gua Su” means sleep alone.  This can be either you or your partner working interstates more frequent. Or due to some reasons, can’t stay in the same bed.

Health: Digestive system, Liver, Gallbladder.

Wealth: Average.

Year of the Rabbit

Rabbit (Born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

There are a lot of opportunities for 1987, 1999 born rabbit meeting new friends in 2022.

The biggest lucky star “Tai Yang 太陽”the sun is on for the Rabbit this year. This means in 2022 there will be a lot of external help hands, especially from the male supervisor or boss. In addition, Rabbits have the Nobleman for the year too.

There are 2 romance stars for in the rabbit palace. Very good news for the singles. 

For married rabbits, discipline yourselves. Avoid going to Casino or pokies, pub, bars, nightclub or disco by yourself. Always take your other half.

Drink moderately.

Health issues, legs and liver, may have some major problem. 

Wealth: Good, 

Year of the Dragon

Dragon (Born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

The digestive problems will gradually fade away! However you still need to look after your body. It is suggested to have more greens than meat before your birthday.

The gossips or hectic at work will be ease. Your supervisor or boss’s mood will be better.

No lucky star for the Dragons in 2022, it means less external help. Dragons needs to help themselves by helping others first.

There are two inauspicious stars relating to crying and funeral for the Dragons.

If overseas trip come up, make sure you budget well and have travel insurance purchased.

Health: stomach, digestive system, spleen

Wealth: Excellent for the 2000 born dragon.

Year of the Horse

Horse (Born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

The clash, the changes, the “Peach Blossom” in 2020, 2021 seems endless to the Horses. In 2022.

There is “General Star將星”for the Horses. It represents leadership and will bring into full play for the Horses.

For 2002 born horses, the “Three Tables三台” star in 2022 will help their study, at the same time, there is the “Five Ghosts五鬼” star which will influence their concentration. In order to have good study result more effort needed.

The Horse also bonds with the Grand Duke. There are a lot of opportunities of meeting new friends. There is also now projects or join ventures.

Health:  Eyes and heart.

Wealth: Improving

Year of the Goat

Goat (Born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

The Goat clashes with the Ox in 2021. So there were changes for the Goats, career change, job change, position shuffle school change, moving house, renovation or travelling.

There was also the “Big Spending” star for the Goat in 2021. Spending lasts until their birthday in 2022.

At the same time, there are three lucky stars for the Goats in 2022. 

“Seal or Stamp國印” and “Month Virtue 月德” help enhance your authority in 2022.

There is “Child birth” star for the Goats in the year of Tiger. If you don’t want any more children, be careful. If you want kid, try harder.

Goats and Tiger have a special bonding relationship in 2022. it is very good for the singles.

For married Goats, discipline yourselves.

Avoid dangerous activities.

Health: digestive system, the back.

Wealth: Improving after the spending. 

Year of the Rooster

Rooster (Born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

2022 is an above average year for the Roosters.

The project or join venture started in the year of the Ox 2021 will be completed soon. 

In the year of the Tiger, the Roosters have no special combination with the Tai Sui. Therefore, there will be less help or support from the others. You have to work hard for yourself and you see result in the second half of the year 2022. 

Luckily, there are a few lucky stars for the Roosters.

The Roosters have ZiWei and TianChu (紫微, 天廚) lucky stars in its palace. It means the Roosters will be gaining some recognition or fame in the second half of the year, particularly for those are in the culinary sector.. 

Be sure to budget well in 2022, year of the Tiger. There is some big spending coming up in the Year of the Rabbit, 2023.

Health issue: Kidney, Blood, Small intestine.

Wealth: Prepare and budget well in 2022 and get ready for 2023.. 

year of the Dog

Dog (Born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

The dog has a penalty relationship with the Ox in 2021. The gossip and lawsuit is fading away in 2022.

Your pet will have some problems if you have one.

There is a “White Tiger” star in 2022 for the Dogs. “White Tiger” means blood related injury. If possible, donation of blood is suggested.

There is a star “Huagai 華 蓋 for the Dogs in 2022. The Huagai star is related to Religion, Metaphysics and philosophy. The Dog sign people will invest more time to study them.

Health: legs, back, heart.

Wealth: Average 

Feng Shui Earth Luck 2022 – Year of the Yang Water Tiger

Welcome to my annual review of the Feng Shui Earth Luck for the 2022 year

When we look at the annual Feng Shui Qi, or energy, we consider the flying stars and how they impact the immediate environments relevant to each of us. This can be your home, a shop or your office.

In addition to the specific areas mentioned above, timing is very important. Our analysis normally starts on the 4th February of each year. 

It is important to perform an analysis every year because the different Qi visits different sectors. The two main energies we will discuss is Feng Shui Sheng Qi (生氣 good energy) and Sha Qi (煞氣 bad energy). 

Feng Shui Earth Luck considers all these factors so you can plan your year accordingly and optimize your yearly Feng Shui energy where you live, work and play.

Understanding the Qi Flow

We need to mitigate the Feng Shui Sha Qi first. Then we activate the Feng Shui Sheng Qi where is possible.

If you have been following my Feng Shui Earth Luck articles in recent years, you may know that each year, there are three big Sha Qi and three lucky Sheng Qi stars flying around regardless of the facing and sitting of the house or an office.

There are also a couple of medium Sha Qi rotating each year. These Sheng Qi and Sha Qi shift to different locations or sectors of a house or an office which can change the dynamic of the energy flows. 

I will show you some Feng Shui techniques to deal with these Feng shui Sha Qi and Sheng Qi in the Year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022

Let's take a closer look at their specific locations this year. 


Here are the areas of the Sheng Qi and Sha Qi located in the year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022.

  1. The Tai Sui (Grand Duke) in the year of the Tiger, It is located at the East North East or Yin  sector in the Feng Shui compass. (寅字位between 52.50° to 67.50° measure form the centre of the house.  All other sectors and areas mentions below are measured from the centre of the house) 
  2. San Sha (the 3-killings) arrives at the North (Kan 坎Gua 337.5°-22.5°). It covers a big area. 
  3. The Five Yellow. It is landed at the Centre Palace. It is back to it own home / palace.    
  4. The power, travelling and promotion star number 6 is returned to the Northwest, Qian 乾  Gua sector. (292.5°-337.5°)
  5. The money and prosperity star number 8 is located at the North East sector (Gen 艮 Gua 22.5°-67.5°)
  6. The Flower of Romance star number 9 comes to South  (Li離 Gua 157.5°- 202.5°)
  7. The Wu Ji Sha (戊己煞) is located at the South-west Shen 申(Monkey 232.5°- 247.5°)  and West You (Rooster 262.5° - 277.5°)
  8. The Sui Poh Sha(歲破), It is at the opposite position to the Tai Sui Yin 寅 Tiger, it is is located at Shen 申 (Monkey 232.5°-247.5°) 

Please note that the Wu Ji Sha and the Sui Poh Sha are both located at Shen 申, Monkey sector, it has double Sha Qi there whole year in 2022.  

I appreciate the above directions may sound like I am speaking in another language. In order to decipher the co-ordinates, you need specialized Feng Shui tools. 

Below is the Earth Luck Feng Shui diagram for 2022. It is different from the normal map. This Feng Shui map the top is south, and the bottom is north.

Feng Shui Earth Luck 2022


A classical Feng Shui saying: “大煞宜避, 中煞可制, 小煞不理!”

Direction translation to this saying:  “Avoid the big Sha. Cure the medium Sha. Ignore the tiny Sha.”

The number one rule to deal with the Sha Qi is: “Respect them DO NOT disturb them or activate them in their respectively areas”.

Do not activate the Sha Qi sectors. Therefore, “Move Earth”, which means digging ground or renovating the sectors inside and outside your house, is prohibited. (Unless you are not living in the house when your house is being renovated.)

Yearly Sha Qi is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine without any activation. With strong activation, the tiger will wake up from his sleep and if you are nearby, it will hurt you.

THE EAST-NORTH-EAST (52.50° to 67.50°) 寅 字位 Tiger SECTOR HAS THE TAI SUI

The Tai Sui is also known as The Grand Duke and  The Yearly King.

Measured from the center of your house, the Tai Sui is located at the east-north-east Tiger sector (寅 字位) in the year of the Yang Water Tiger. It is the yearly King sector. If you don’t know how to measure the center of your house, particularly an irregular shape floor plan, you can watch my video here

In traditional Feng Shui, there is a way to activate the Tai Sui in order to make the yearly King to be your friend, and he can help to achieve your goal quicker if the house or office Feng Shui settings support this. You need a classically trained professional Feng Shui Master to help you to achieve it. Don’t do it yourself. 

But first, we must respect the Tai Sui. We do not disturb the sector of the Tai Sui of the year.

In your house or office, if the main entrance is located at the East-north-east (Tiger sector 寅字位), do not disturb the area both inside and outside, such as moving earth, drilling, etc. If activated, it may cause issues with the hands, gall bladder, lungs or hair. 

The Yin Tiger sector is within the Gen Gua area (艮卦). It is the younger sons sector or boys who are related and under 19 years old. Tai Sui relates to our health and emotions. 

The Tiger sector also relates to people born in the year of the Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010……). 

If the main entrance of your house or office is located at the Tiger sector, please keep this Tai Sui area as quiet as possible. Don’t slam the door. Make sure to open and close the door gently in all the Sha Qi sectors too.

To reduce the impact of the Tai Sui in the year of the Tiger, 2022, place a tall squarish vase with three lucky bamboos in water at the Tiger sector entrance. Replace the lucky bamboo once it turns yellowish or the water suddenly becomes muddy. 

The Gen Gua sector has the flying star number #8 visiting in the year of the Tiger. The number #8 star means wealth and prosperity if the Gen area is activated correctly. As Gen Gua in the year of Yang Water Tiger, consists of both Tai Sui and #8 stars, therefore, correct activation provides the opportunity for extra luck.    

There is not a general rule to show you how to activate it correctly, because the precise activation sector is dictated by the sitting facing of your house.


In the year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022, the Feng Shui Sha Qi San Sha 三煞 3-killings (Three lots of Sha Qi) lands at the North sector, the Kan Gua area. It covers the whole Kan Gua area.

The 3-killing or San Sha Qi represents lawsuits, gossips, theft, robbery and arguments.

The Kan Gua is the middle Son’s sector. It also represents the water system (prostate, bladder, kidney, uterus) of our body. 

Men aged between 19 – 36 years old or any person born in the year of the Rat (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008…) and the last digit of the birth year is 2 or 3, need to take care of the above-mentioned areas.

Do not disturb the 3-Killings Sha in the North sector, regardless if there is a doorway or not.  

In the global Feng Shui scale, the Three-Killing Sha is landed at North. The North of China areas, such as Russia, North Seas, North Korea will face some conflicts, disputes, accidents and even military action. (at the time of writing, both USA and Australia diplomatic boycott the Winter of Olympic which is held in North China).

To minimize the bad feng shui effects of the Three-Killings Sha in your house and office, in the North sector place a ceramic Ox or place five stones in a square disc. 


The 5-Yellow Sha represents misfortune, obstacles and sickness. and it relates to the centre of the house.

Center Palace of a home or office represents the stomach and the heart. 

The center is the home of Wu and Ji (戊己). (This is different from the Wu Ji Sha). The Wu, Ji is located at the center, it never changes. The Wu Ji Sha sectors change every year.

Last digit of a year ends with 8 is Wu and 9 is Ji. They are always in the centre, such as 1988, 1989, 1998, 1999, 2008, 2009, 2018, 2019 born individuals.  

Any individual born in the above years, needs to pay more attention to their diets, as the 5-Yellow may cause some digestive issue. 

To reduce the effect of the 5-Yellow Sha Qi at the center of your house, you can place a round metal objects (metal vase, metal disc, metal cylinder) there. Do not put water in the vase. 



The annual flying star #8 represents wealth and prosperity is located at Northeast, the Gen Gua area of the house in the year of Yang Water Tiger 2022.

To bring in more wealth, you can place a water feature or fish tank to further activate the area. However, you need to be very careful as the Tai Sui is also nearby. 

Please refer to the Tai Sui paragraph above.


The annual flying star number #9 means romance and happy events such as weddings, pregnancy or give birth is coming to the South sector, the Li Gua of the house.

The annual star #9 also can increase “people luck” meaning if it is activated, it brings you to meet more people. It is a good star for networking too.

Depending on the space south of your house, you can activate the sector by placing a mini humidifier, a tall floor lamp, an active light on most of the time or 4 lucky bamboo in a red vase with 80% full of clean water. 


The Power Star #6 is also known as the promotion and travelling star, the annual star #6 comes to the Northwest (292.5°-337.5°) palace of the house. If there is a side door or main door, it is already activated for you. 


The Sui Poh Sha is opposite to the Tai Sui sector. It is located at Shen Monkey (申 字位232.5°- 247.5°) in the west-south-west sector.

The Wu Ji Sha (戊己煞) is located at the West-South-west Shen(申Monkey 232.5°- 247.5°)  and West You (Rooster 262.5° - 277.5°) 

For both Sui Poh and the Wu Ji Sha areas, “Move Earth” or “Digging” is prohibited. If the areas are disturbed, it brings health issues to the digestive system, lung, badder for female person over 55 years old, or someone born in the year of the Monkey or Goat.

Both Sui Poh and Wu Ji Sha overlap each other in the Kun Gua sector.  


The above information sums up the important areas for your house and office.

Everyone's circumstances are different. With different house structures, office layouts, and even differing animal signs for each of the household occupants. The different combinations are what make this art form challenging (and fun).

Fortunately, with the correct foundations and understanding of Feng Shui, and there are many different strategies that can be employed to activate the good energy.

If you are not confident in performing your own Feng Shui I encourage you to watch my YouTube channel to gain a good foundational understanding of Feng Shui. Alternatively, you can always contact a Feng Shui Master near you for an assessment.

All the best and have a prosperity Year of the Yang Water Tiger in 2022.

Remember, Good Feng Shui brings good luck to you.

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all good and doing well.

We are in Christmas month in 2021. TIme Flies, another month November has gone so quickly. Another year soon will be gone too.

Here are the General Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for December 2021.

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Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

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Good and Bad Days in December 2021

Feng Shui and Fertility - A Guide to Overcome Fertility Challenges

Fertility issues can be a challenge for some couples.

What starts off as a couple innocently deciding that they are ready to start a family, becomes an insurmountable physiological and psychological barrier that can lead to friction within a relationship. 

Throughout my consulting career as a Feng Shui Master, I have noticed it is becoming more common for couples/families to ask advice on Feng Shui for Infertility or conceiving a baby.  

In this article, I am going to discuss Feng Shui and the role it can play in fertility/infertility. I will discuss fertility symbolism and Feng Shui, as well as the traditional Feng Shui approach. Through positive changes to your Qi and using the right combination of manipulations, I am confident you can achieve positive results for your family. 

Fertility and Feng Shui - Can it Really Help? 

fertility feng shui

Usually, a couple may have tried other means such as IVF, doctor consultations and other forms of therapy like homeopathy, and only as a last resort, they turn to the Feng Shui remedies. 

However, whenever I discuss Feng Shui and Fertility with my clients, I always encourage them to pursue Feng Shui solutions sooner rather than later. I find the positive energy experienced through energy manipulations correct by a Feng Shui Master can manifest in different ways. 

CASE STUDY - Fertility Feng Shui

To demonstrate my point, I want to discuss a case study I consulted a few years ago. My client was having issues conceiving a baby through IVF. They had undergone several expensive rounds with a local doctor and were not getting any results. 

They were finding it extremely difficult to deal with infertility issues and decided to give Feng Shui a go. After a consultation with me and taking prompt action in making the recommended changes to their living spaces and bedroom, they reported feeling better about their issues. 

Shortly after implementing the Feng Shui strategies, I received a text from my clients to say their IVF round had been successful! They were extremely excited about the sudden turn around of events and were positive about their future again.  

As you can see from the above case study, Feng Shui is not a mutually exclusive art form. It works to create the positive movement of energy to improve different aspects of your life. 

Feng Shui for Infertility - Traditional vs Modern Strategies

As Feng Shui Masters, it is our responsibility to understand and monitor the new and old strategies of implementing this art form. Those familiar with my style, at Lok Tin Feng Shui, will know I practice the traditional form of Feng Shui. 

When it comes to Feng Shui and fertility there are many approaches to resolving these issues. There are:

All forms are valid, but I believe a traditional approach will yield better results. The way to tell between the different styles is the modern style sees Feng Shui with a more symbolic approach. They believe by placing ornaments and symbols around the house, you can attract positive Qi and increase your chance of conceiving.

Do not get me wrong, traditional Feng Shui does use symbols and statues in its strategies. However, I find traditional methods do not rely on as many symbols and artifacts, and rely more on the foundational principles, such as manipulating forms and energy flows. 

In tradtional Feng Shui, the focus is more about the wind and water (Feng Shui translated literally means wind / water). And the Qi or wind is the mother of water. Traditional Feng Shui strategies aim to maunipulate the Qi inside and around a building and it's space (or soon to be constructed). 

Feng Shui Fertility Symbols to Counter Infertility

That being said, there is one Feng Shui fertility symbols that I would like to discuss (or fertility good luck charms as some like to put it) that can influence your fertility energy. 

The Lion

feng shui fertility

Next time you are taking a walk around your local neighborhood, and you observe a pair of lion statues standing guard at the front of the house, take a closer look. It may be that the household is trying to promote positive energy for fertility purposes. 

According to traditional Feng Shui, when you are facing the lion statues, the female lion should be standing on the left, with the male on the right-hand side. You will know if the purpose of the statues is for fertility purposes if the female lion is holding a cub (baby lion), while the male lion is holding on to a globe. 

In traditional Feng Shui, the cub represents a child and the globe represents the request from the household asking for a baby. To put it another way, the globe in Chinese characters is “球”. It has the same pronunciation as “求” which means to ask for. Chinese read from right to left on a paper. Therefore, when read in the traditional form, it reads as “求子” – asking for a child.

Key Takeaways for Feng Shui and Fertility

As you can appreciate, infertility can be a challenging time in the lives of many couples. I always encourage families experiencing fertility issues to consider using Feng Shui as a form of aligning their energy and bring positivity into their lives.

Not only can it help the couple to conceive a baby, it can also positively influence other aspects of their lives. 

If you are curious how Feng Shui can help you conceive a baby you may also like to read:

Dear Friends,

Hope you are well. Another month has gone so quickly. Another year soon will be gone.

Here are the General Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for November 2021.

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Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

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Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are totally different in applications. Feng Shui is for a place and Chinese Astrology is for a person.

With my experience, Feng Shui has greater power to improve our life.

Feng shui is also known as Earth Luck. It relates to space and time. Earth Luck means Feng Shui for home, office, shop, a location or even a burial plot with the time factored in.

In Chinese, Feng Shui also has many different other names, such as Dili, Kanyu…, If you are interested to find out more, you can click on the link and head to my YouTube channel. I have one video talks about the names.

Chinese Astrology is about a person’s luck or fate, destiny. Chinese Astrology uses a person’s birthday and birth time as data source to construct a Chinese astrology chart, also known as Bazi or Four pillars chart. Once the Chinese Astrology chart is constructed, an experienced Chinese Astrologer can give you guidance base on your chart.

To improve every direction of our life, we need feng shui.

Feng Shui literally translates as “Wind Water”. The main objective of Feng Shui is:

“To manipulate the Qi (wind and water) within and around a built environment to create good fortune for the occupants to speed up and produce good offspring, good wealth, good career and longevity.”

With the above in mind, the best time to have Feng Shui applied to a place is at its planning stage before the place is even built.

Feng shui is dynamic and Chinese astrology is stagnant.

Chinese Astrology chart constructed based on the DOB and Time of birth of a person. The chart is stagnant. The Natal chart will be the same in life time. It is because we can never go back and reborn again.

The house or apartment we live in, the Qi can be changed or manipulated to benefit us and other occupants at any given time if we are willing to change it.

Feng Shui Qi, (the unseen Qi or energy) of a place can be manipulated to support the occupants of the house provided that traditional genuine feng shui techniques are applied by the right and able feng shui practitioners.

When reading a Chinese astrology chart, these feng shui and environmental factors, personal habits were not included. That is why sometimes reading a chart cannot be 100% accuracy, because the dynamic Feng Shui Qi or environmental energy were not factored in.

A very good friend of mind, his mother_in_law has a twin sister. They have the same sets of DOB and time of birth. My friend’s mother_in_law is still alive, fit and healthy. Yet her twin sister passed away about 6, 7 years ago. Why is that so? Firstly, they did not live in the same house, feng shui impacts were different. Secondly, her twin sister was a heavy smoker and drinker.

Another case, I remembered I read a client’s chart couple years ago. Based on his chart, he should develop his career in accounting, banking or finance, logistic… But he said he did not do anything of those. Then he continued:

“I should have finished my accounting degree. No wonder my twin brother, he is an accountant and he is doing so well.”

Chinese astrology reading based on the chart is stagnant. And there is not personal will power included in the readings.

Feng shui is dynamic as Qi can be manipulated.

With precise feng shui configurations set up by the genuine feng shui masters, it is not only improving our life, but it also can sometimes change our life and take us to another level.

Authentic Feng Shui can change our life.

Many clients told me that my Feng Shui implementations / teachings have changed their life, such career advancement, better wealth, starting up family and better health.

Here are some of my feng shui implementations outcomes feedback from the clients.

Click image to enlarge!

Feng Shui Chinese astrology
Feng Shui Chinese astrology Baby