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Hello, My friends,

Hope you are well. Another month has gone.

Here are the General Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for September 2021.

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Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

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Feng Shui good days bad Days Septermber 2021

Hello, My friends,

Here are the Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for August 2021.

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Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

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Good and Bad Days August 2021

Feng Shui yin Yang feng shui forms and compass LiQi around the property must be inspected in every feng shui audit.

Feng Shui Forms and Liqi, they work together. They are named the Yin and Yang. and the Yin and Yang are opposing but complementary.

Yin and Yang can be further subdivided into yin and Yang – So, within Yin there is Yang and within Yang there is Yin.
Feng Shui forms are objects which is Yin that can be seen and touched at the surrounding of the property. Liqi is the energy or Qi which is Yang and that cannot be seen or touched. But the Qi or Yang energy can be calculated using formula based on the facing direction of the property.

Let me show you an example, one of our arms its outlook is an object that can be seen and it is Yin. The Yang part of our arms is the strength or power which cannot be seen. We can measure how heavy that our arm can lift up a dumbbell. Let's say, If our arms lost their Yang (strength), then the arms cannot lift up any object, not even can left up itself.

Yin and Yang are interdependent, Not just in Feng Shui

Some feng shui schools focus only forms and other place great emphasis on the compass Liqi.

In traditional Feng Shui inspects both Forms and LiQi works side by side.

Yesterday, I Feng shui-ed a property in Armadale near Toorak, Melbourne. The property has very good Feng shui form. The four celestial animals, the Green Dragon, the White Tiger, the Phoenix or Red Bird and the Black Tortoise are orderly presented. You can read more about the Feng Shui Forms here.

Look at the photo below, the green dragon; white tiger and the phoenix are very clearly marke

Feng Shui Yin Yang Form orderly at the surrounding of the hosue
Very good feng shui form with Yin Yang Balanced

At the back of the house is very well protected too. The back of the house in feng shui is called the Black Tortoise.
This house has very good feng shui form settings and some good Feng shui Liqi configurations too. There are only a few minor areas Liqi issues need improvement.
One of the incorrectly Liqi area is affecting the owner’s hips and large intestine and my findings were confirmed accurate.
I suggested ways to mitigate the incorrect Liqi and ways to further enhanced the strength of the positive Liqi.
The owner was very happy with my feng shui knowledge and skills.

Feng Shui Design Homes prior to build is very important. Building your dream home is a big investment.  Renovation and extension to your home, the feng shui application is equally important.  

Feng Shui can be applied at any given stage. And the best time to use Feng shui to help bring harmony, wealth, good career is before you build or even before acquire  your land.

I had an opportunity to Feng shui audit two properties on the same street in Keysborough near Cheltenham Road within 3 months.

The first owner engaged my Feng shui service before they moved in. I use my Feng shui knowledge identified some incorrect Feng shui configurations for them and suggested how to mitigate the Feng shui issues before they moved in. They were so happy and gave me good feedback a few weeks after they moved in. (This was in March 2021). He sent me an email on the 12 Apr. See below:

Feng Shui audit before moving in.

Feng Shui Design Homes for good Feng Shui

Two weeks ago, (I wrote this post on the 4th July 20121) I feng shuied a property on the same street. The floor plan is mirror image to the March one. However, they moved in Dec 2020. They have been lived in the house for 6 months. Due to some problem, they asked me to find if anything correlation to Feng Shui. Indeed, it has very similar Feng shui problem to the March one. However, thing has happened. The only thing i can do is to rectify the problem and prevent it happens again in the future. Similar floor plan, different timing of Feng Shui audit comes with different outcomes.

So it is important to have your home Feng shui done before moving in or even before you build your dream home.

I posted a similar message in my social media yesterday. I got  this good response from a client in Brisbane who  replied / comment to my post.

She wrote: “ We consulted Edgar all the way through our build. Our build went extremely smoothly compared to next door and already my son has a new job earning a lot more money. I am very happy with our new home.  Thank you Edgar.”

Feng Shui design homes for client in brisbane

Below is a screen shot.

This one is just one of many successful cases.


Here are the Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for July 2021. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

If you are planning ahead, I have a good days and bad days worked out for you to the end of the December. You can pay for it here. it is only A$11.95.

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Feng shui pregnancy activation using traditional Feng shui technique for fertility.

In classical feng shui or traditional feng shui, there are ways to help speed up fertility for couples.

I have been witnessing many situations like these. Both husband and wife are healthy and have no medical issues. Body check-up medical reports are all good. After a few years of hard working, there is still not sign of conceiving. So some couples went in to do IVF medical procedures.

Some couples are going to try feng shui to help their pregnancy after all scientific venues run out. Some clients call me before going to do IVF.

Here are a few of clients who engaged my service

This is one of the clients wrote to me in 2019, after I have done feng shui to help the fertility.

“Hi Edgar!!
We love you so much!
I am so excited to let you know that Im pregnant already 🙂 We’ve tried for 2 yrs and did IVF for another 2 yrs, nothing worked and with your calculations for our house fengshui, in less 2 months, it worked like magic and super quick! My husband couldn’t believe it! Thank you so much! You are a fertility feng shui expert!"

Below is the screen of the above Feng Shui fertility testimonial.

Feng shui fertility client feedback Feng shui pregnancy works.

Then in 2020 the same client wrote to me again with a baby photo. Here is what is in the email.
“Hi Edgar!
You said by 2020 we will have a baby boy!! And thank you for your helping achieving our goals sooo quickly through Feng Shui. We had our first baby boy recently!!
Thank you so much for our “Feng Shui baby”!!!

I also want to ask if we…..”

feng shui pregnancy baby

Another Success case Feng Shui Fertility activation.

On the 1st Feb 2020 before the Melbourne Covid lockdown, a couple flew me to Sydney. It was a one day return trip. The goal was to use my feng shui expertise to help them with the pregnancy issue. In the house they live, there were a few areas incorrectly activated after my feng shui calculation I found. The most difficult area was the stove incorrectly placed. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to fix it if they go to renovate it and it will delay the energy. I just asked them to get a portable stove and cook at a sector where is favourable for conceiving. They did. (I remember I help a couple in Hong Kong using the same method – portable cooker back in 2013 and it worked).
Very soon, I was informed that she was pregnant. And toward the end of 2020, she sent me this photo right after she gave birth a baby girl.

feng shui pregnancy works very quick.

As I am writing this article (21 June 2021), the little girl is already turned 6 months old.

feng shui pregnancy baby 6 months old

With correctly feng shui bed placement and correct feng shui qi or feng shui baby qi activation, Feng shui works like magic.
This is another case I have done in April 2021 for another couple in Sydney. They flew me to Sydney on the 20th April 2021.
This couple have great determination. What I have suggested them to implement, they did within 2 days, even relocated the door to another sector of their house.

And this is the client’s feedback with good news

“ Hi Edgar,
We have some exiting news to share with you. After following all your recommendations and instructions, Rachel is pregnant. We are so grateful to you for helping us feng shui our hour with such immediate effect!
We had a scan yesterday all is looking well and on track….”

Here is the original message in a screen shot.

Client tells me feng shui pregnancy energy worked.
Open up feng shui pregnancy or fertility qi to resonate with the house direction.

I am sharing this with you. I am not trying show off my skills. But I hope that I can help more people.
In my opinion, Feng shui fertility is another alternative for couples to try. On the hand, the IVF success rate is clearly displayed here. You can use it as a reference. The IVF success rate is not that high.

In addition, in my opinion, by incorporate with Feng Shui, regardless which path you choose, the chance of conceiving will be increased.

All the best and good luck.

Feng Shui Masters Sydney and Feng Shui Consultants in Sydney area.

There are a lot more Feng Shui consultants or Feng Shui Masters all over Australia than you except. The number of Feng Shui Consultants in Sydney list in AFSC and INTFSA websites is only a portion of the total feng shui consultants in Australia. There are a few more Feng Shui Masters not listed there.

After more than 20 years in the Feng Shui industry, I have found an interesting Feng Shui phenomenon here in Sydney, Australia compares with Asia. That is the gender of the Feng Shui Masters in Sydney, Australia and in the Western countries.

In Asia or in China, Feng Shui masters are mostly male. The ratio is about 25 male masters to 1 female master. I worked this out form My Feng Shui Master’s student list. There are 16 female among 400 students.

Edgar Lok Tin Yung - Feng Shui Master Sydney onsite Feng Shui Audit.

Edgar Lok Tin Yung - Feng Shui Master Sydney onsite Feng Shui Audit.

Greater Sydney Feng Shui Masters

In Sydney, Australia or other western countries Feng Shui consultants or masters mostly are female. In comparison, there are a few more male feng shui masters in Sydney than in Melbourne.

It does not mean Female Feng Shui consultants / Masters are no good. I have met very good female Feng Shui Consultants before.

The majority of Feng Shui masters in Aisa or in China are male. There are a few reasons behind.

Firstly: it is due to the traditional patriarchal society in China called: “傳男不傳女”. It means the feng shui techniques pass to the sons not to the daughters.

Secondly: the traditional Feng Shui in the good old days was mainly applied to Yin Feng Shui. Yin Feng Shui is for the deaths and burials. In Yin Feng Shui, during the burying procedures, sometimes a Feng Shui Master has to ride the coffin into the dragon den to get the exact facing line.

As Female is Yin, Yin Feng Shui is Yin. When Yin + Yin are equare to too much Yin. This will bring huge negative effect to the Female Feng Shui Masters.

By looking back into the Feng Shui history, there was no Female Feng Shui master in China, even just 50 - 60 years ago.

Nowadays our society and things are changing. People are more focus on Yang Feng Shui. Yang Feng Shui is for the livings. At the same time, that is why we see more Female Feng Shui Consultants.

Today, female can learn Feng Shui too now. One of my daughters told me she would like to learn my Feng Shui skills after she completes her Master degree at the end of the year. I am so happy. There will be one more female Feng Shui Consultants in Australia.

The biggest kept secret in Feng Shui industry is the combination of 5, the combination of 10, the combination of 15 and the combination of the Hetu, particularly in San Yuen Feng Shui system.

These combinations are not derived from the Flying star Feng Shui system. The flying star feng shui system does not have such combinations. The most unfavorable combination in Flying star system, perhaps, it is the 2-5 combination. However, it is not going to be discussed here.

I am going to discuss the combinations of 5, 10, 15 and Hetu here in the eight mansion system or 8 house system here.
Most Feng Shui masters know the eight mansion system, however, may be they do not the theories behind or they are unwilling to tell you.

In fact the 4 auspicious sectors in the Eight House feng shui system comes from the combinations of 5, 10, 15 and Hetu. I will show you how these come about.
These four auspicious sectors are:

  1. The Sheng Qi (生氣) is the combination of Hetu (16 water, 27 Fire, 38 Wood, 49 Metal)
  2. The Yan Nian (延年) is the combination of 10
  3. The Tian Yi (天醫) is the combination of the 5 and 15.
  4. Fu Wei. (伏位) is the self-position or the same family.

You may be discovered the Earth element combination in Hetu is located at the center. And the center is the Wu 戊 and Ji 己.
There is a saying in Chinese “有土斯有財”. This means “have got earth have got wealth”. So the combination in to 5, 10, and 15 are to create 5, which is the earth element. As the result the Feng Shui wealth follows.
Now let give you the explanation the combination in eight house feng shui system.
The 8 mansion feng shui system comes from the Early Heaven Bagua order and the Loshu chart sequence.
Here is the diagram of the Early Heaven Bagua and Loshu chart showing how the Sheng Qi were derived
If you understand this diagram, you can work out other combinations.

The ShengQi in 8 mansion feng shui system dervies from Hetu combinations

You can also heading to my youtube channel to watch it. The explanation in a video brings clearer to you.

Hope you enjoy my video and happy learning.

Feng Shui for beginners

Feng Shui for Beginners, there is so much free information on FengShui and Chinese Astrology on the internet. They are in various formats, such as YouTube videos, facebook group, discussion page and personal website articles.

There is a lot more and more Feng Shui for beginners videos produced and uploaded to video broadcasting platform, particularly youtube.com.

If you search “feng shui for beginners” in youtube.com, there will be hundreds even thousands of FengShui videos come up for you to watch.

After almost 20 years in the Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology industry, I decided to create two playlists on my youtube channel.
1) Feng shui for beginners.
2) Bazi Chinese Astrology for beginners.

There are four reasons behind my decision to produce these feng shui videos.

a) Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne Australia last year, in the year of the Rat 2020, I have plenty of time to record and edit the videos.

b) There are not so many feng shui videos for begionners organised in systematic way.

c) I found most of the feng shui videos were designed to attract views. And do not explain in traditional feng shui manner.

d) To help someone who is very serious about Feng Shui and Chinese astrology to gain some foundation in the traditional feng shui and Bazi or Chinese astrology.

As the result, I have been uploading feng shui videos for beginners and Bazi Chinese Astrology videos to my youtube channel since 28th July 2020. As up to date (6th June 2021), I have uploaded 48 videos for Feng shui and 10 videos for Bazi Chinese astrology.

Both playlists will keep growing. New videos will be uploaded to my youtube channel regularly for you to enjoy.

Here are the playlists:

Bazi Chinese Astrology playlist: 10 videos now and I will keep uploading.

Feng Shui Playlist: 48 videos now and I will keep uploading.

I hope my youtube channel can benefit your feng shui and Chinese Astrology journey.

Lastly, do remember to subscribe to my lok tin feng shui yourtube channel

All the best and happy Feng Shui ,,ing.

Here are the Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for June 2021. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

Good days bad days June 2021

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