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Good Days Bad Days in July 2015

Feng Shui Elements, what are they and how many kinds are there? From the moment we were born; in term of Feng Shui each of us carry two Feng Shui elements for the whole life. These Feng Shui elements do not include the Day Master element. The Day Master element is for Chinese Astrology Bazi reading or Four Pillars of destiny predictions.

The inborn Feng Shui elements are:

1) The Gua number element.

2) The Melodic Feng Shui elements.

Both Feng Shui Elements are calculated using the birth years.

The Gua number is for working out someone’s favourable direction to sit.

Some Feng Shui Masters use the Gua number to work out the favourable sitting of a house for their clients.

Some Feng Shui Masters use the Gua number to work out the compatibility level for husband and wife.

Some Feng Shui Masters incorporate the Gua number with Flying Stars School of Feng Shui to work out the best area to sleep.

There are a few different applications by using the Gua number from various Feng Shui Masters. It is really depends on different schools of Feng Shui.

From my learnings, nowadays, the Gua number is not the first priority in Feng Shui. The Forms in Feng Shui is the first layer and is the important layer in many layers of Feng Shui.

The Gua number relates to health. It does not relate to wealth. If you want to activate the wealth sector, you don’t activate the favourable direction of your Gua number. On the other hand, the Melodic Feng Shui elements has two applications. It can be used for both sitting and facing.

The bed placement to incorporate with Melodic Feng Shui elements I use it a lots, particularly, when someone wants to speed up fertility. Interestingly, to apply this bed sitting formula, the Husband’s Melodic Feng Shui element is used in the equation, not the wife’s.

To work out the Melodic Element, a birth year is needed.

In the early days, a Grand Feng Shui Master required his students to memorize the Melodic elements by heart. There are 60 sets of stems and branches and each stem and branch carry a Melodic Feng Shui Element. There is a pattern on these 60 sets of stems and branches.

Today, data storage is so easy. Most of the Feng Shui consultants just take a smartphone to their consultations. No need to go through the hard way to memorize the order of the Melodic elements. But what happen if your phone is out of battery and forgot your paper folder. And right then you need to give the formula on the spot.

Is there a good way to remember the melodic elements order? Yes for sure.

you can embed the stems, branches and the elements on to your hand and finger segments so you will never forget it. Here is the method.

1. Open your hand, thumb and fingers.

2. We use the index, middle and ring fingers

3. For the index and ring finger, we use the top and bottom segments. The middle finger uses the top segment.

4. Mark the number as per the following picture.

5. Mark the bottom segment of the ring finger as Yang Yin Wood (甲乙) and the number is 1.

6. Mark the bottom segment of the index finger as Yang Yin Fire (丙 丁) and the number is 2.

7. Mark the top segment of the index finger as Yang Yin Earth (戊己) and the number is 3.

8. Mark the top segment of the middle finger as Yang Yin Metal (庚辛) and the number is 4.

9. Market the top segment of the ring finger as Yang Yin Water (壬癸) and the number is 5.

For the Branches:Melodic Feng Shui Elements on your hand

1. Assign the Rat, OX, Horse and Goat as 1.

2. Assign the Tiger, Rabbit, Monkey and Rooster as 2.

3. Assign the Dragon, Snake, Dog and Pig as 3.

Now, you need to embed all these figures onto your finger segments, and then we can calculate the melodic Feng Shui elements using a very simple equation.


Stay tune… the second part is coming soon.

Here are the Good and Bad days for June 2015. The Horse Month in Goat year.

Good Days and Bad Days in June 2015

Feng Shui Workshops

I will be running two Feng Shui workshops in June 2015: One in Melbourne and the other in Sydney!

1. Use Feng Shui to improve Fertility and Pregnancy for couples

Fertility or pregnancy can be increased by using the correct Feng Shui methods. Particularly the Feng Shui bed placement method can achieve this.

These testimonials from clients. I used this bed placement method to achieve the results. Please read:


Hi Edgar,

We don’t normally write testimonials but would like to personally thank you for your fengshui tips and guidance.

Generally, we have seen improvement in our lives and most importantly, we are having our little bub soon in June!

We are glad we found you and that you provide practical, honest and prompt fengshui advice. Your recommendations on what should be changed in the house are feasible and within our budget. You always try to think of ways to suit what we need and are patient with our numerous concerns.

Thank you so much for your invaluable recommendations that worked for us! Will definitely seek your service again and recommend you to any interested people.

Steven and Bee – March 2015


Hi Mr. Lok,I would like to thank you for your recent Feng Shui advice.After your visit, we made some changes in our home following your recommendations.
Few months later, I fell pregnant! My husband and I are very excited about this wonderful news.We really appreciate your knowledge and guidance.
Many thanks!
Ophil – Jan 2015

Here are the details of the Feng Shui workshops:

1. Use Feng Shui to improve Fertility and Pregnancy for couples:

Time: Saturday 20th June 2015

          1:30 – 3:30pm (First session) $199

Early bird $180 by 12th June 2015

           3:30 – 5:30pm (Second session) $399

Early bird $360 by 12th June 2015 (For Consultants)


Venue: Balwyn North, Melbourne


2. Use Feng Shui to improve Fertility and Pregnancy for couples: (Sydney)

Time: Saturday 27th June 2015

1:00 – 5:00pm  $399

Early bird $360 by 12th June 2015 (For Consultants)

Venue: Ryde Eastwood League Club in Ryde Sydney, NSW


Please email me if you will be attending the Feng Shui workshops.lok@loktinfengshui.com.au

Here are the Good and Bad days for May 2015. The Snake Month in Goat year.

Good Days Bad Days in May 2015

One of the most important areas in Chinese Astrology prediction or Four Pillars of Destiny reading is the combinations of the Heavenly Stems, Earthly branches and their Wu Xing transformation.

Bazi chart Wu Xing combinations and transformations also known as Five Element combinations and transformations. It means a single Wu Xing or more in a Bazi natal chart can be transformed into a different element under certain given conditions. The combinations and transformations can also happen during the 10 years luck cycle or during the yearly cycle. On the other hand the combinations and transformations can be reversed back (break the combinations and transformations) to its original elements state during the 10 years luck cycle or the yearly cycle. The transformation of the Wu Xing makes the Chinese Astrology prediction interesting and challenging.

Without Wu Xing transformation, the Chinese Astrology prediction is too straight forward and dull. After the Wood Element luck cycle, it follows by Fire Element cycle and then Earth Element cycles. It is kind of unexciting. With the Wu Xing transformation in a Bazi chart, an experienced Chinese Astrologer is able to examine and predict the outcomes by analysis the combinations and transformation happening in the Stems and Branches both in the Natal Chart, the Luck pillars and the yearly pillars. In other words, the combinations and transformation are the important aspect to correctly predict a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart. It is because the combinations of the Heavenly stems, Earthly Branches, and transformation of the Wu Xing in a Bazi chart giving conflicts by repositioning,rearrangement, increase or decrease the strength of the Wu Xing. As the result, it makes a static Bazi chart into a dynamic one. Chinese Astrology prediction is predicting the dynamic of our life. The combinations and transformation of the Wu Xing or five elements represents by Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. They show what is really happening to the owner of a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart.

Chinese Astrology prediction  Wu Xing Transformation

Someone may ask: Are more the combinations the better for the Chinese Astrology Prediction?

To answer this question, a classic Four Pillar Book 滴天髓 (Dī tiān suǐ) from Ming dynasty (1368 -1644 AD) is considered the Bible of the Chinese Astrology Bazi or Four Pillar of Destiny.

It states: “合有宜不宜, 多合不為奇”.

It means that: “There are good combinations and bad combinations, however, the more the combinations are not outstanding.”

In my experience in Chinese Astrology prediction, if a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart has more than three pairs of combination, the owner of this Bazi chart, most of the time is lacking determination. If someone who is lack of determination, how on earth the person can be outstanding from the crowd. Particularly the Wu Xing in combinations was transformed into unfavourable elements.

Is the combination good for the chart?

Is the combination going to transformation into other Wu Xing good for the chart?

What about the Wu Xing does not transform?

You can read more here: Bazi-Chart-Element-Transformation

Hi All,

Please find my version of Good days and Bad Days in April, 2015. Hope you can benefit from my post. If you are looking for good days beyond April, you can

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Good Days Bad Days April 2015

It is time for good days and bad days in March 2015, the Rabbit Month. The Rabbit month (卯 Mau) combines with the year of the Goat.

This combination produces strong Wood element. Wood element control Earth element. Earth element represents Land and Earth Element is trust.

Land will be stirred up and it symbolizes shaking. In other words, it may be earthquake in March in the Earth Element sectors measures form the centre of the earth. The Earth Sectors are the Northeast, Southwest, and the centre is China.

The other Earth Element aspect is trust, faith and religious. These areas will face challenge as well. So It is important is to keep your promises and actions in line, practice what you preach.
Anyway, here is the good days and bad days for the March 2015.

Hope you can benefit from this post.

Good days and Bad days in March 2015






John and Ross 3AW Interview













3AW John and Ross Year of the Goat 2015 Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Interview with Edgar Lok Tin Yung on 17 Feb., 2015







Chinese Zodiac Animal sign“Where does the Chinese zodiac come from?” I was asked.

This is a simple question. However it is not easy to answer it in simple way. Perhaps, the simplest answer is: "The Chinese zodiac come from China". lol.

There are a few version of folk tales about where the Chinese Zodiac come from. The folk tale told various from different regions in China. The most popular tale is about the Heaven Emperor and the animal race.

One day, the Heaven Emperor decided to call all the animals on Earth to have a race. The prize was the first 12 animals won the race will be named in orders to represent the years. Then the tale goes on tell why the Rat was the first to arrive and why the cat is not there and so on…

I believe that the scientific version is that the Chinese Zodiac is related to the planet Jupiter. The Jupiter rotates around the Sun in 12 years cycle.  Each year the Jupiter is also related to certain direction / sector of the earth and it moves 30 degrees. (30 deg x 12 = one complete circle)

The ancient Chinese astronomy divided the sky in to four sectors also known as the four celestial animals and 28 constellations. Each of the sectors has 7 constellations. When the Jupiter is passing the sector in 12 years cycle, each sector is give a name. In 2015 the direction is South South west. In Chinese it is “未” “Wei”. The Chinese Zodiac or animal sign is Goat. It is quite complex. As in the old time, not everyone had the chance of going to school. There was a lot of illiteracy. So the Chinese Sage invented a simple system using the animal sign for people to remember or relate the Jupiter of that particular sector of Chinese Zodiac belonged.

Most people think Chinese Astrology is just about one’s animal sign. It is incorrect. The animal sign is derived from the birth year and it is only 1/8 of a complete Chinese astrology birth chart. By just using the Chinese Zodiac or animal sign, it is difficult to tell someone’s destiny.

It is because a full Chinese Astrology birth chart consists of the Year, the Month, the Day and the Hour of a person was born. As in the Chinese calendar, the year, month, day and hour carry different elements, such as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

By calculating the interaction of the elements in a chart, an experienced Chinese astrology consultant can decode the turning points, favourable direction, career path, the ups and downs, health, and wealth of a person.

In my practice, clients found my Chinese Astrology readings benefit them very much.  Clients can make better decision based on their own chart which leads to good outcomes.

With the above in mind, Chinese Astrology is not only can help someone made good decision, but also brings good outcome. Chinese Astrology can ease someone’s mind and help a person who is standing at the cross road.

Despite the Animal sign cannot tell our destiny, but it can tell a small part of our character.

Here is the summary character of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals: (However, it is not absolute correct.)

1. Year of the Rat:  Adapt well to the changing environment and can easily integrating themselves to others. However, they are impatient. They can change their mind or interests easily.

2. Year of the Ox:  They work hard like an ox. They are responsible. However, the Ox sometimes can be very stubborn. the Ox are loyalty and diligence but sometimes worry too much.

3. Year of Tiger: They are powerful. They have confident in themselves. They like to control the situation and the others. They work hard to create success to show of.

4. Year of the Rabbit: They are witty, tidy and beautiful. They are gentle, and honest. They are good observant and very aware to the environment.

5. Year of the Dragon: They got exceptional qualities. The only animal can walk, run, fly and swim. They are easy to get along. They are willing to take risks.  More stubborn than the Ox.

6. Year of the Snake: They are intelligent, ambitious, normally think a few steps ahead. They can easily change situation for their own benefit.

7. Year of the Horse: They have compassion. they are very independent. They work well in a familiar environment.  They are very competitive.

8. Year of the Goat: They are patient, easy to adapt new environment and loyal. They have positive attitude to face harsh conditions and not easy to give things up. sometimes can be very stubborn.

9. Year of the Monkey:  They are smart and have quick thinking. They have strong ability to read the situations so more easy for them to be a leader.

10. Year of the Rooster:  They are trustable, sporty and interested in arts and music. Normally they can get out of the bed early.

11. Year of the Dog: They are helpful to friends and family, quick minded and have a sense of humour. However, they are easy convinced and take advantages by others.

12. Year of the Pig: They only believe what they think. They like to enjoy every moment. They are kind. However change their mind easily.