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Most people mix up Chinese Astrology Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny with Chinese Astrology animal sign luck predictions.

Chinese Astrology Bazi is also known as Four Pillars of Destiny. It is one of the most complicated, however complete and systematic fortune telling system from ancient China.

Bazi literally means “Eight Characters” or “Eight Words”. In short, eight words come from a person’s birth data YY, MM, DD and HH. Then the YY, MM, DD, HH are converted into Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. You can find more information about Chinese Astrology Bazi from the “Chinese Astrology” tab above.

Chinese Astrology animal sign luck prediction is just part of the Bazi system. Animal sign is a person's animal sign referring to the year of the birth. There are total 12 animal signs in Chinese Astrology animal cycle. They are in order starting from Rat followed by Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. After 12 years, it starts again from the Rat.

Chinese Astrology animal sign luck and 12 animal signs

Why 12 animal signs? It is actually the Jupiter position in relation to the year of the birth. The Jupiter is in 12 years cycle. This means that the Jupiter returns in every 12 years to the same Chinese astrology 12 animal signs luck chinese-zodiac position where you were born. So every 12 years the same animal sign repeats. In Chinese Astrology it is called the “Same Animal Sign year”  or Tai Sui year.

Jupiter returns at the age of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and so. This same animal sign year brings a lot of impacts into life that year. For example, at the age of 12, starting high school, new school, new place and meeting new friends, this bring impact into life.

Is it a good impact or negative impact? In order to answer the question, we need to inspect the whole picture. That is why a Chinese Astrology expert need the Bazi natal chart + Luck Pillar + Yearly Pillar to find out.

If you want to find out your animal sign luck in 2013 year of the snake, here is the link Year of the Snake 2013 predictions Part 3 - Man Luck!

feng shui designI came across a Feng Shui design article. This article talks about some very basic Feng Shui design for a house. It talks about the main door, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the living room and the toilet in Feng Shui design. I read through the article. Some information is correct and some is not. I added more information to the article using a ( ) in orange!

Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui design - Main door: The main door should be the largest door (It does not have to be the biggest door in the home. It is more the position of the door in relation to the incoming qi or energy. Ideal position for the main door is at the middle of the house) in the home and the door should not open into a kitchen area. (this is right. If a main door opens to an open kitchen, the occupants will spend more than they earns) Moreover the position of the main door is critical and would vary depending upon the direction and axis of the plot, however doors right on the cardinal directions are considered bad positioning. (Feng Shui Tips for more information on the cardinal directions) Feng Shui design - Kitchen: What we eat, where we eat and how we eat are all part of the science of health and vitality; hence kitchen location is vital to the overall harmony of the home. Kitchen as many elements which operate in tandem or could be conflicting like water, fire (stove /electricity), metal (utensils) etc. In addition locating the stove and sink is of great importance so having the water body away from the fire is quite important. (It is half right here. The most important here is the stove position. Water body sometimes can be beneficial to place between stove to reduce bad fire energy.) Feng Shui design - Master bedroom: This is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is said that deep sleep is when we reunite with the source, hence if we sleep deeply we awaken refreshed ready for the new day. Quality of sleep is far more important than the length of time. Certain locations are more conducive to peaceful sleep than others. Using wooden bed/cot is preferred as wood is benign and warm as against metal beds, which are cold and oppressive, and metal is said to be associated with the planet Saturn. (This is incorrect. If you think about it, mattress was made of iron spring too. It is not a matter of material; it is how you position your bed, bed side tables, tall objects or sometimes TV as well) Feng Shui design - Living room: This room is the sanctuary for relaxation. Feng Shui treatises says that the centre portion or the 'tai chi' of the house is not conducive for major activities as it receives least amount of cosmic energy, hence it is beneficial if a major portion of the living room occupies the central zone of the building. Remember to orient your sofas and heavy furniture's such that they occupy the south and west sectors of the room and avoid furniture or blockages at the northeast sector of the room which is the knowledge sector. (In traditional Feng Shui text, never talks about northeast sector of the room which is the knowledge sector. Sofas and heavy funitures placement do not always occupy the south and west sectors. General Feng Shui rule sofas should place against a solid wall.) Feng Shui design - Toilets: In the earlier days the toilets were away from the main house and later they were made 'en-suite' or attached. Toilets should not be too close to kitchen as the food energy and toilet energies are incompatible.(Toilet should be at the bad sector of the house. Toilet Should NOT be on your personal sector) Feng Shui can help create a healthy environment with harmonious living and working environment.

Feng Shui coins and how does it work?

Most Feng Shui books state that the most common use of Chinese Feng Shui coins in Feng Shui is to attract wealth, money and protect luck.

Well, in my opinion, these Feng Shui coins material are metal element. They have some metal Wu Xing energy to drain excessive Earth element or control excessive Wood element. At the same, coins promote metal energy such as annual star number 6 or flying star number 6. Strictly speaking the flying star number 6 and annual star number 6 are slightly different.

In term of attracting wealth, money and protecting luck, it is a belief in new age Feng Shui. Why is that so? If you think about this it is not hard to understand this idea was invented in late Ching dynasty or even later. It is not traditional Feng Shui at all.

Feng Shui Coins in Feng Shui Text

In traditional classical Feng Shui text, there is no such thing as using 3,6 or 9 metal coins to attract luck. The traditional Feng Shui is all about forms and the in coming and out going Qi (energy) in relation to the facing and the in coming mountain dragon.

In of the classic Feng Shui text books <<Tian Yu Jin>> it says:

“The Mountain Dragon must harmonize with the Facing and the Facing must harmonize with the water. Water harmonizes with the three auspicious areas.”

No Feng Shui coins were mentioned in Classical Fneg Shui text

Furthermore these Feng Shui coins are counterfeit of Ching dynasty’s currency (1644-1911). They are not real Ching Dynasty’s coins. They are no longer in circulation. What do think you are going to attract by using counterfeit coins?

feng shui coins for annual star number 6Money makes money. So if you need to place some coins in certain sector of your house to cure excessive Earth or Wood energy, I suggest you use the current currency. I normally advice clients using 6 x 20 cents coins to activate the annual star number 6. Here is a testimonial from client I Feng Shui for in 2009.

We are sleeping better at night due to your advice on our bedroom layout. (Now if you just had a remedy for my husbands snoring!)
The 6 coins placement you suggested for promotion have worked already – within a week.
Our whole house has a very calming and good energy feel. We are experiencing many positive influences at the moment. Friends have asked us for your details and we have happily passed them on.
We will see you at the start of the next Chinese New Year.


Feng Shui cure methods applied are various from Feng Shui Consultants who learned from different Feng Shui schools or different Feng Shui Masters.

However, one thing must be in common for all Feng Shui Cures applied by Feng Shui Consultant is that Wu Xing or five 5 element should be used. Wu Xing or five 5 element is the fundamental element to cure or balance the Feng Shui Sha Qi or energy for a house or an office.

Wu Xing in Feng Shui Cure

feng shui cure - Wu Xing CycleIn Feng Shui, there are five kinds of energy. They are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Feng Shui jargon they are called the Wu Xing or Five 5 element. The Wu Xing or Five 5 element theory can be also used in Chinese Astrology Bazi Four Pillars of destiny, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I-Ching divination, date selection and so on…

Wu Xing or five 5 element can be colors too. Such as silver, gold or white are metal element. Black, deep grey are Water element. Green is wood element. You may come across Feng Shui consultant using red carpet to cure excessive wood energy. Water can be used to enhance wood element or reduce metal element.

In term of Wu Xing or Five 5 element of a green pot plant, depending on how skillful the Feng Shui consultant you meet, the pot plant sometimes can be Wood element and sometimes can be Earth element.

On another level, animal statue of the 12 animal signs, except animal signs print on paper, can be used as Wu Xing too. For example, red horse is fire element. Ox made of clay is Earth element. Rooster made of metal is Metal element.

In one of my Feng Shui case studies Feng Shui Ox. This ox is located at the Summer Palace in Beijing for large scale Feng Shui cure. This traditional Feng Shui cure is to prevent flooding in big scale Feng Shui or used to reduce excessive water energy. The Ox has to face north.

Chinese Astrology Wealth, the Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth, Rob Wealth and Self-element are four of the Ten 10 Gods in Chinese Astrology represent wealth or debt.

One thing must be bear in mind is that because of the Yin and Yang (Negative and Positive) theory in Chinese Astrology, Chinese Astrology Wealth under some circumstances, the wealth can change from positive to negative or vice versa. In the other words, depending on the Chinese Astrology four pillars natal chart type and luck pillar, wealth can be changed to debt and debt can be changed back to wealth. It is a very interesting concept and it confuses many new comers.

In a Chinese Astrology Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny chart, the Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth means wealth or debt for both male and female charts.

Chinese Astrology Wealth in Bazi chart also means wife to a male chart

Other than Chinese Astrology wealth (negative or positive), the Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth has an extra meaning in male chart. The Direct Wealth means wife and Indirect wealth means girl-friends. With this Chinese Astrology theory, we can explain why some men are luckier than the others. Some men’s wives are wealth (Wife makes money husband spends it). Some men’s wives are debt (Husband makes money wife spends it).

It also explains why some men have to help the in-law families and why some men are getting help from the in-law families.

Have you ever thought of why that the ten 10 Gods relationship in Chinese Astrology, the wife is the wealth to a man.

One of the Chinese Astrology ten 10 gods rules it states: “我剋者為財”. It commonly translates into English as “I control or conquer is wealth”. In my view “剋” also has a meaning of “overcome or inserting”. Such as tree roots are inserting into the earth. Wood controls earth.

Chinese Astrology Wealth and 10 gods in Chinese Bazi chart

“剋”,(Insertion) It describes the intimate relationship action of husband and wife. If you have got some Chinese Astrology knowledge, it is not hard to explain from the female astrology chart point of view why “剋我者為官為殺”. In English “Control or conquer me is Officier or 7 Killings”.

In a female Chinese astrology Bazi Four Pillars of destiny chart, “Officier” means husband and 7 Killings means boy-friend.

The ten 10 gods are variables in a Chinese astrology chart. You may want to read more about them. Here is one of the articles for you to enjoy 10 Gods Bazi Analysis Family Members Relationship!

Feng Shui story - feng shui court caseFeng Shui story - Feng Shui court case. I would like to start by asking female readers a Feng Shui question.

Well it is not so much a Feng Shui question. It is just happen to be about this Feng Shui story.

The question is: "Lady, Who are you more closer to - your father or your husband?"

This is the exact question a magistrate asked a lady in this Feng Shui story - Feng Shui court case more than two hundred years ago.

The story happened in 1770s in XinXing near Guangzhou city. This story was told by one of Feng Shui Masters I know.

A few years back in Melbourne, I met a person. Now we are friends. He came from this place XinXing. One day, when we were talking about Feng Shui. I asked him about this Feng Shui Court case and he told me he had heard about this story before from his father. It was a real Feng Shui Court case story.

Feng Shui story - Feng Shui court case began:

There was a Feng Shui Master in XinXing. He found an excellent Feng Shui Dragon Den. He went home and told his son about his discovery. He said that if their ancestor’s bones were buried there, the offspring would become wealth and get into powerful position in government. The Master also said that he had put a mark on the correct spot.

The conversation was overheard by the Master’s daughter she came to visit. The daughter pretended she had a tummy ache and went home to tell her husband all about the Dragon Den.

The daughter and her husband secretly brought her husband side’s ancestor bone to bury on the Dragon Den.

Her father later found out about it. He was very angry. He asked his daughter to remove the bones from the Dragon. But the daughter insisted she would not remove the bones and give the Dragon Den back.

They ended up see each other in Court. This Feng Shui story was the Father vs. daughter for a Dragon Den. The magistrate was not sure what to do initially. He ended up asked the daughter this question: ‘Lady, Who are you more closer to - your father or your husband?’ thinking of using family ties to resolve the conflict.

Unexpectedly, the daughter said: “穿衣見父, 脫衣見夫” meaning that ‘I wear clothes in front of my father. I naked in front of my husband!”

Immediately, the magistrate ordered the Dragon Den belongs to the daughter.

Chairman Mao zédōng Banned Feng Shui in China?

During the mid-60s to mid-70s in the last century, in China the Culture Revolution destroyed a lot of traditional Chinese cultures. One of the slogans those Red Guards shouted for Culture Revolution was “Destroy Four Oldies, set up four newbies.” That means destroy old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits, then set new ideas, new culture, new customs and new habits.

A lot of old books, history books, Feng Shui books, Feng Shui classical texts, Chinese Astrology books, old paintings were burnt. A lot of temples, worship places, Buddha status were demolished. A lot of graves were dug out including the Confucius’ grave. Feng Shui activities were banned. Even the business sign of “Quanjude”, from a famous 70 odd years old Beijing Duck restaurant were broken into pieces. The Red Guards replaced a sign just written “Beijing Duck Shop”.

To give you an idea how much of these oldies were destroyed. In 1958, the heritage department had first recorded in Beijing alone there were 6843 cultural or historical relic places. However there were 4922 places were destroyed during August, September in 1966.

Chairman Mao Banned Feng Shui
Chairman Mao grand Father's Tomb - Chairman Mao banned Feng Shui in 1960S

Chairman Mao grand Father's Tomb

In my opinion, one of the main oldies Chairman Mao wanted to destroy was Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Chairman Mao banned Feng Shui, however, Chairman Mao himself was very much benefited from his grandfather’s Feng Shui “Dragon Den”.

In a book written by one of his Guards, “Zhang Yaoci memories of Mao Zedong” mentioned Chairman Mao said that his ancestors’ Feng Shui Dragon Den was in “Tiger Resting Hill”, to looking for such good Feng Shui Dragon den, a Feng Shui Master was hired for 11 days. (According to one Feng Shui Master I know from Hong Kong. This is true. The Feng Shui Master Chairman Mao’s farther hired was Bu Guo Wu. This is another article for other time. )

With Chairman Mao's own experience, he deeply understood that traditional Chinese Feng Shui is able to make someone become wealthy, powerful or even become an emperor. Chairman Mao was worried about if someone applied Feng Shui and produced a potential emperor to take his throne.

IMHO, this was why Chairman Mao banned Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Home attracts money, In the Feng Shui Tips section under Feng Shui tab above, I show you many Feng Shui tips on how to choose a Feng Shui home or Feng Shui Home for Wealth.

A Feng Shui home is a very broad concept. The question is what do you need a Feng Shui home for?

feng shui home attracts money

  1. A Feng Shui home attracts Money?
  2. A Feng Shui home attracts health?
  3. A Fneg Shui home attracts offspring?
  4. A Feng Shui home attracts harmony?
Ideal Feng Shui Home Attracts Money and wealth

Ideally, a Feng Shui home should bring in all of the above. If you follow most of the Feng Shui Tips I showed you there. You should find a Feng Shui home which bring all of the above.

Presumed we have found such Feng Shui home which will bring in wealth, health, offspring and harmony. However, things are not always turning out the way we wanted.

Why is it so?

There is Feng Shui reason behind. It is due to the changing of the external surroundings or the external yearly Feng Shui Sha Qi / Chi energy is distributed. For example, an old house next door is being demolished and this old house is exactly located at the yearly Grand Duke / Tai Sui or the Three Killings sector, as a result of the demolition, it brings sickness energy or lawsuit energy to the house and affecting the well-being of the occupants.

Who is affected the most will depends on the direction of the sector corresponding to the Feng Shu Gwa and the animal sign of the person in the family.

Recently, I was asked to audit a plan for a new house. After I have suggested all the changes. The owner asked me about the Feng Shui of their current house.

I said that in term of money this house is good. But if there are animal signs of Snake or dragon person live in this house, their health will be pretty bad. The owner said my daughter always has stomach issue. I don’t know her animal sign. She was born in 1989.

I said her animal sign is snake.

She was surprised and she asked me what can be done to reduce the bad Qi.

I suggested a few things to her to minimize the bad Feng Shui energy for her daughter.


Yin Yang Feng Shui is referring to Yin Feng Shui and Yang Feng Shui. Both Yin Yang Feng Shui are important to us.

Yin Yang Feng Shui Mountains map

ideal Yin Feng Shui Dragon spot

Yin Feng Shui is applied to choose good Feng Shui places aka Feng Shui "Dragon Dens" to build graves for ancestors to rest. The "Dragon Dens" can be found in the mountains by experienced Feng Shui Masters. In Yin Yang Feng Shui, mountain ranges are called Mountain Dragons. The rivers, steams are called Water Dragons. A good Feng Shui "Dragon Den" must not located at a windy place. At the same time, the water must flow slowly toward the Dragon Den and stays as long as possible in front of it. The "wind" and "water" which is exactly what Feng Shui means in Chinese.

Both Yin Yang Feng Shui need water

Yang Feng Shui often means houses, offices for human activities. Yang means active. So it is the Feng Shui for the livings. The Feng Shui principals for Yang Feng Shui is pretty much the same as Yin Feng Shui, avoiding windy places, water flows in front of the house / buildings. In addition to Wind and Water issues, there is another very important Feng Shui requirement for Yang Feng Shui. (read on)
Regarding to Wind Feng Shui issue, Melburnians, have you been to Dockland? Dockland is a windy place. I noticed that businesses in dockland area change hands quite often.

Yarra River flows throught South Yarra / Toorak area slowly. The Feng Shui water Qi / Chi in the area is good. It is not hard to observate about what kind of people live in the areas.

Ok, Let me tell you that very important Feng Shui requirement for Yang Feng Shui now.

It it the Kitchen Feng Shui, the main entrance and the master bedroom.

Kitchen is one of very important areas for living human, other than Wind and Water to breath and drink, we need food.

Food need to be cooked. Kitchen is where we cook our food. What we eat and what we cook reflects our health and wealth.

Activate Feng Shui Wealth corner using office desk Activate Feng Shui Wealth Corner. In one of my previous posts, I talked about Feng Shui wealth corner and how to find it. now, here is one of the ways for you to activate Feng Shui wealth corner at home or in your office.

There are many ways of activating Feng Shui Wealth corner. Activation is about activities inside the Feng Shui Wealth corner. Activities such as human movements, plants growth, water features, telephone / mobile phone ringing, computer power supply fan spinning, brightening up the area can activate Feng Shui Wealth corner. So the most direct way of activating the Feng Shui wealth corner is to set up your work desk at the Feng Shui wealth corner. After the desk is set up, you sit within the area can activate feng shui wealth corner.

Another way to activate Feng Shui wealth corner

Another way to activate Feng Shui wealth corner is that you need to measure the wealth corner in relation to the Feng Shui 24 mountains. Finding out the Wu Xing (five element) of the sector of the Feng Shui Wealth corner, then activate it according to its element. For example, if the Feng Shui wealth corner is located at the East sector which is wood element, then water and green pot plants can be used to activate this area. You don't need to know Bazi or Four pillars of destiny to do it. But you do need to know the we xing of the 24 mountains.

One thing important to beware of is that when activating the Feng Shui wealth corner, the yearly Feng Shui Sha Chi / Qi or bad Feng Shui energy need to take into consideration. We do not want to activate the Feng Shui yearly bad energy at the same time. Those areas are the Grand Duke or Tai Sui, Three killings and Five Yellow. I wrote about those areas at the begging of each year. you can read more about those areas in Current Year Predictions Categories.