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Predictions for the Year of the Snake 2013 Heaven Luck - by Edgar Lok Tin Yung - Dec 2012

Most Chinese Astrology Consultants or Feng Shui Masters nowadays just use the ‘Start of Spring (立春日)’ day and time plus the year and month in Lunar Calendar to construct a Four Pillars chart to predict events for the coming year.

In my opinion, using the ‘Start of Spring day’ and time to predict for the coming year is wrong. The Four Pillar chart is to predict personal luck. It does not predict Heaven Luck or world issues. Yearly prediction should use the Jia zi (甲子) cycles (Sexagenary cycle) and look at three different levels using the elements of heavenly Stem and earthly branch of the year. The three levels are:

1. The Heaven Luck (predicts major issues of the world and weather).
2. The Earth Luck (Arranges home and office using Feng Shui.).
3. The Man Luck (predicts individual luck in the year of snake).

There will be articles for each topic. Here is the Heaven luck.

Year of the Snake 2013 The Heaven Luck

Heaven Luck is to predict major world events and weather in the following year. The energy kicks in when the Earth is passing the Winter Solstice, normally on the 21st or 22nd in December each year.

In 2012 year of the Dragon predictions, I mentioned: “According to calculation, the year of the Snake 2013 will be even worse in term of natural disasters.”

So let see what may happen.

The Heavenly Stem for 2013 year of the Snake is Yin Water Gui (癸).

The Earthly Branch underneath is Fire Si (巳) and its animal sign is Snake. The hidden elements are Earth and Metal.

Yin Water sits on Fire is in conflict. The Fire element underneath is controlled by the Water. So the Fire element is weakening. This means the bottom level will be suppressed by the top levels.

Regardless public or private organizations, the top levels will suppress the bottom levels, especially in the second half of the year in 2013.

With the elements of the stem and branch combine, we get these pictures.

Year of the snake 2013 heaven luck

Year of the snake 2013

There are a few things we can predict from these pictures.

1. There will be fire burning out of control, most likely in South East area.
2. There will be electricity problem.
3. Severe volcano eruption and brings earthquake most likely in South America or Europe.

This is the Chinese character of Si 巳. Its animal sign is snake. Snake is a long animal.

Snake symbolizes a train. So we may see more accidents in relation to trains, such derailing or train crash, railway problems.
There are 177 at-grade rail road level crossings within Melbourne’s metropolitan rail network. There may be more incidents related to railways crossing in the year of Snake.

June 4, 1989 year of the Snake – Ufa train disaster, Soviet Union: 575 people are killed and over 600 wounded when two trains pass near a leaking natural gas line which explodes. (fire)

Snake symbolizes Roller coaster. There are incidents related to roller coaster from theme parks located in Europe or in South America.
In health issue, Fire element could be circulation system, small intestines, and eyes including iris and cornea, and hearts problems. We will see more such incidents happen during the year of the snake. For your own health benefit, I suggest you take health supplements such as Omega 3 fish oil, vitamin C, E to reduce cholesterol and prevent blockage of the arteries.

Snake is a symbol generally used by the medical research fields. So there will be discovery of new drugs or inventions in cure of heart disease or blood circulation system issues.

Snake is the birth place of Metal.

Metal is one of the hidden elements stores inside the Snake. It will be pulled out in the rooster month (September 2013). The metal industries will become active again. Metal industries include mining (gold, silver, iron ore, copper), banking, and finance. Such commodities price will go up.

Metal is also weapons. Metal hidden in the Snake (fire) is related to nuclear explosion, nuclear disasters or nuclear testing. It is most likely to be happened in the Rooster and Dog (September October) month in 2013. There were 2 tests done in October, 1953 Year of the Snake at Emu Field South Australia.

The Joy is suppressed, be kind!

The year of the Snake 2013, Yin water sits on Fire. In Five Element theory Fire represents joy and courtesy. Water is Fear.

The Water on top suppresses the fire below (Joy and Courtesy), so people will be easily impatient and rude. There will be lots of rebels or protests all over the world. Protesters may use fire, fuel bombs, setting fire, setting explosive…

The bridge element for the year of the Snake is Wood. As Water feed wood and wood feed Fire. Wood can reduce the conflict between Water and Fire. The wood represents kindness in Five element. So the top levels must be kind to their subordinates. Leaders must implement kind policy for their citizens.

Be very careful in May, August and November 2013 if you are speculating on the share market. Transportation, aviation, logistic, shipping, retail stocks will not be doing well in 2013.

2012 and 2013 “Long Flow Water”

“壬辰癸巳长流水”this means the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch combine and they produce WATER element for 2012 and 2013. It has a special name called “Long Flow Water”. This means that water flows persistently in 2012, 2013.
Again there are water problems.

So, incidents related to water, logistics, transportation, flooding, tsunamis, avalanches will be still on the news a lot in the year of the Snake.

In addition, 2013 year of the Snake, same as the year of the Dragon, it has 10 dragons producing water. Each year the more the dragons (maximum up to 12) produce water, the more rainfall it produces for the year.

In 2013 year of the snake, the annual Feng Shui flying star number 5 (5 Yellow) is located in the centre palace.
Annual star 5 Yellow is Earth element. It represents misfortune and obstacles. Earth is the digestive system. There will be more cases of gastro / food poisoning problem.

When you are travelling, make sure you eat fresh and hygienic food, especially if you were born in the year of the Pig.

feng shui year of the snake 2013Feng Shui Year of the Snake 2013 Earth Luck -- by Edgar Lok Tin Yung Dec 2012

If you avoid the big Sha Qi, activate the number-6 (power) star and number-8 (money) star, you will have a nice year of the Snake to come.

Earth Luck is the Feng Shui components of our house and office in the year of the Snake. It is to deal with the good and bad energy / Qi where we live, work and play. We need to activate the good energy / Qi and balance the bad energy /Qi.

Each year, there are three big Sha (煞氣Bad Energy) and two lucky stars flying around. These three Sha have the power to override any natal flying stars chart combination regardless how good the flying star chart was. These three Sha are called the Grand duke or Tai Sui(太歲), Three-killings (三煞) and Five Yellow (五黃). The two positive energy or lucky stars are number 6 and 8. Here are the positions for the good and bad energy in the year of the Snake around your house.

1. Tai Sui (Grand Duke). It is located at the Southeast South. Snake Position.
2. San Sha (Three-killings) arrives at the East.
3. Five Yellow. It is landed at the middle palace.
4. The power and promotion star number 6 is at Northwest.
5. The money and prosperity star number 8 is at Northeast.

A Feng Shui saying stated that: “Avoid big Sha. Cure medium Sha. Neglect tiny Sha.” (大煞宜避, 中煞可制, 小煞不理)
The number one rule to deal with Sha energy is NOT to disturb it. So “Move Earth”, digging ground or renovating those areas/sectors inside or outside the house is prohibited.

Feng Shui year of the snake 2013 Qi distribution
The Southeast South Si (142.5 – 157.5 巳字位) has Tai Sui Sha.

Tai Sui or Grand Duke is the yearly King. The Tai Sui locates at the South East South in the year of the Snake. The Si belongs to Xun Gwa (巽卦) and it is soft Wood element. It is related to the soft wood system in our body including, hair, the liver, the gall bladder, arms, legs and back, so the health issues related to soft wood element could be hair lose, liver problems (alcoholic problems), gall bladder stone, broken arms and legs if the main door is facing Southeast south. Lady’s age 40 - 59 should pay more attention if living in such facing house.

The best way to minimize bad luck and sickness is not to stir up the yearly bad energy spots/sector. Yearly bad energy is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine if the sleeping tiger has not been disturbed. However, if the tiger is wakening up, it will bite you. “Move Earth”, renovation, will wake the tiger (Bad Energy) up, so DO NOT dig, nailing, chisel and renovate the Tai Sui sector including the floor, ground, garden, and the walls inside and outside.

If your house facing Southeast South or the main door is located at the Tai Sui sector Southeast south, be sure closing the door slowly and gently when coming in or going out, as loud noise, sound waves vibration, can trigger the bad energy too.
To reduce the impact of the Tai Sui, place a round metal objects such as round metal vase near the Southeast south facing door. If you are hanging a wind chime, make sure you use the metal one with only 4 pipes.

The Three-Killings comes to the East sector (Zhen Gwa 震卦67.5 – 112.5)

The East sector got the Three-killings in 2013. It covers a very big area. Three-killings represent lawsuits, gossips, arguments. It is at the elder son’s area (age 40 - 59).

The East sector is Wood element. In health, it is related to the arms, legs, back, livers, and hips. If a house is facing East or the main door located at the East sector, the Elder son of house would easily have such problems.
In the big scale, the East sector of China is Shanghai and further east is Japan, Korea. In Feng shui year of the Snake 2013, it will not be very stable in these areas. There will be more water related incidents or earthquakes, Tsunamis, nuclear explosions, fire, gas explosions. There will be a lot more lawsuits, arguments or even military actions in 2013.

Make sure the East sector of the house is clean and tidy. Keep this area as quiet as possible. If the Three-killing bad energy is disturbed, there would be 3 unfortunate incidents such as health issues, career problems, traffic accidents or lawsuits.

To minimize bad energy of the Three-killing place a large metal vase or a round metal plate in the east sector of the house. Don’t keep fish tank with motor pump or large green pot plants in the area.

You cannot change the main door position but you can move yourself away from the bad energy areas.

The Five Yellow is at the Heaven heart – The Centre

The Five Yellow is a bad star. It represents misfortune and obstacle. In the year of the Snake it lands at the centre of the house. This will be affecting everyone of a household. The Five yellow star is earth element. It brings issue related to stomach, digestive system, and gastro problems if the centre of the house is disturbed. It is advised not to burn candles or place large red object in the centre area.

The money star 8 and power star 6

The money annual star number 8 which means prosperity is located in the Northeast sector in the Feng Shui year of the Snake 2013. As mentioned above, it is related to finance. There are a few ways you can activate the money star.

You can move to and sleep at this area if there is a room. If there is a doorway, use it more often for coming in or going out. Place a ceramic vase or a ceramic made dog in the area. One thing you need to be aware is that at the Northeast North in the Ox position has a bad energy called “Golden God Sha”. If you accidentally nail the area, it will bring eye problem.

The promotion annual star number 6 star comes to Northwest. Annual flying star number 6 is metal element and it represents power and promotion. To activate this area you need to place 6 x 20 cents coins with the heads face upward in this sector. Make sure you wash the coins first.

All the best and have a prosperity Feng Shui year of the Snake 2013!

When we are talking about Feng Shui Wealth, we must mention about the Feng Shui Wealth Corner.

In Feng Shui principal, there are a lots of Feng Shui formulas can be applied to find out the Feng Shui Wealth Corner. However, in some Feng Shui schools’ theory, the Feng Shui Wealth Corner does not automatically locate at a corner between two walls.

The Feng Shui Wealth corner can be located in one sector of the Feng Shui 24 Mountains. The sector is 15 degrees arc measured from the center of your house. (360 Deg / 24 mountains = 15 Deg.)

This can explain why some houses after non Feng Shui renovation or extension due to shift of the center point of the house; it worsens the wealth, status and prosperity. And if a correct Feng Shui renovation or extension procedure was done, it increases wealth, status and prosperity.

In addition to the Feng Shui Wealth corner inside a house, the outside Feng Shui Qi / Chi flow, such as roads, streets also play an important part to Feng Shui wealth. Most of the time you cannot control what is outside your house, however there is always something can be done to minimize the bad Feng Shui effects.

“You cannot change the wind; you can however adjust the sails!”

Here is a simple way for you to adjust yourself and find out the Feng Shui Wealth corner. You can use it to create Feng Shui Wealth.

In the Forms Feng Shui Schools, the Feng Shui Wealth Corner is located at the diagonal corner to the incoming Feng Shui Qi / Chi. The incoming Feng Shui Qi / Chi can be the main entrance, can be the bedroom door, and can be the study room door.

Here are the diagram to show you the idea how to locate the Feng Shui Wealth Corner in your house or room.

Feng Shui wealth corner diagonal to the incoming Qi

Feng Shui wealth corner diagonal to the incoming Qi

Chinese Astrology romance compatibilityThere are a few ways to work out the Chinese Astrology romance compatibility.

Chinese Astrology Bazi or Four pillars of Destiny can work out the romance compatibility for couples, partners even the same sex couples. In term of relationship, no matter it is a Yin - Yang (Female & Male) relationship, Yin-Yin (Female & Female) relationship or Yang - Yang (Male & Male) relationship, everyone would love to have a romantic and smooth compatible love life.

One of the most popular ways of looking at Chinese astrology romance compatibility for couples is using the combinations, aka, half combinations and triple harmony combinations. They are:

Monkey compatible with Rat. Rat compatible with Dragon.
Snake compatible with Rooster. Rooster compatible with Ox.
Tiger compatible with Horse. Horse compatible with Dog.
Pig compatible Rabbit. Rabbit compatible with Goat.

Chinese Astrology romance compatibility also apply to the followings animal signs:

Pig compatible with Tiger. Rat compatible with Ox.

Rabbit compatible with Dog. Dragon compatible with Rooster.

Snake compatible with Monkey. Horse compatible with Goat.

All Feng Shui consultants should know this basic formula. let's look at the Monkey-Rat-Dragon combination. It means the animal sign Monkey compatible with Rat and Rat compatible with Dragon. Dragon is compatible with monkey.

However, the above are the very basic formula and it sometimes does not work well. I think may be that is why some people are very skeptic about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Because in this case it is not 100% accurate.

In relationship Chinese astrology romance compatibility, it is more than just the basic triple harmony formula.

An experienced, well trained Chinese Astrology Bazi consultant will also look at the Date Master or DM in short, the spouse houses, the elements of the natal charts, the luck pillars (both current luck pillars and future luck pillars and the ups and downs of luck cycles), the nobleman signs and so on.

Almost all consultants will oppose partners with a clash animal sign. eg. Horse and Rat, Dragon and Dog, Rabbit and Rooster...

One of mine very good friends he was born in the year of snake and his wife was born in the year of the pig. They are such lovely and adorable couples with 2 children.

I have consulted before a couple were born Dragon and Dog year. They actually did not have any issues. They just wanted to test me because their friend told them I am good.

Feng Shui Chinese Medicine are must learn subjects for ancient Chinese students.

In the past, especially during the Confucian time (about 500 BC), students of Confucian, they must learn subjects such as, Li (Ritual), Music, Archery, Driving, History, Literature, Mathematics and of course I-Ching. They learnt the Confucianism I-ching to be exact. The Confucianism I-ching is different from the fortune telling divination I-Ching.

Feng Shui chinese medicine herbsI-Ching, has a few different schools, the difference is between the different arrangements and applications of the Gwa or the Hexagram. Well, this is another article in the near future.

As time evolves, these subjects change according to education policies of Dynasties. However, Confucian set up these syllabus for the posterity scholars.

One of my Feng Shui Masters told me that other than the above subjects, the students also need to learn Feng Shui Chinese Medicine.

Chinese has strong traditional culture, such patriarchal and sons have to be filial son. They need to learn traditional Feng Shui Chinese Medicine in order to look after their parents' life and dead.

Learning Feng Shui Chinese Medicine

Learning Chinese medicine is to look after their parents while they have health issues. What kind of medicine or herbs to give to their parents to cure various illnesses when they felt sick.

Every human being's life cycle is the same: birth, growth, sick and dead. None of us can escape from the cycle. It is a matter of sooner or later.

The Feng Shui aspect comes in is to look after their parents when they are passed away.

A filial son must learn Feng Shui in order to find a good Feng Shui spot to bury his parents. In traditional Chinese culture, when parents reach their mature age. Mature age means over 70 years old. They will ask their children to find them a good Feng Shui spot for them. It is called “Sheng Ji” (生基). It is hard for me to direct translate these 2 characters. But it means a good bury spot ready for someone after they passed away.

Feng Shui Chinese Medicine are both based on the Yin-Yang and Wu Xing (five-elements) theories.

Feng Shui Topics - Taiji and Yin YangThere are so many Feng Shui Topics in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology subject to be learned. Unlike learning other subjects, Feng Shui Subject and Chinese Astrology subject are based on logical deduction and conclusion. It needs a lot of practical works such reading many Bazi charts and Feng Shui audit of existing sites and look at the feng shui affects on those sites.  Feng Shui andoes not involve God, ghost, religious, Buddha and black magic.

Feng shui is to study land forms including mountains,hills, tall buildings, rivers, steams,waters, roads, streets, and related formula.
Chinese Astrology is to study Wu Xing,(Five elements) and related formula such ten gods, combinations and clashes.

To study the formulas of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, there are 12 topics must be studied by a Feng shui & Chinese astrology Sifu (master).

Feng Shui Topics including the followings:

1. Taiji (太極)
2. Yin Yang (陰陽)
3. San Cai (三才)
4. Four Seasons (四時)
5. Wu Xing (五行)
6. Combination (六合)
7. Clashes (七沖)
8. Bagua (八卦)
9. Nine stars nine palaces (九宮/九星)
10. Heavenly stems, Ten Gods (十天干)
11. Patient practice (耐性,實踐)
12. Earthly branches (十二地支)

Learning Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are different from learning other subjects like Taoist, Buddhism or Confucius.
Tao tells us not to compare and be happy what we have...
Buddhism tells us not to be greedy, anger, stupid and be a good person to attract Karma.
Confucius told us be good to the other, study hard, be humble and be a filial son / daughter...

Taoist, Buddhism and Confucius teachings are related to our hearts and within. We don't need to learn complicated formula in order to be a good person. However, Feng shui and Chinese Astrology learning  the way works different.
If you don't learn the above Feng Shui Topics, you will not understand.
If you learn the above Feng Shui Topics, you will not necessarily understand.
If you learn and understand the above Feng Shui Topics, it will benefit your for whole life.

Bazi analysis and number of childrenBazi analysis and prediction number of children in a Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny chart  is a hard topic to discuss.

Chinese Astrology Bazi analysis and prediction is also known as Four Pillars of destiny. It is one of the high accuracy Chinese Astrology fortune telling tools for Chinese Astrology fortune tellers, Chinese Astrology consultants, Chinese Astrology experts, Feng Shui consultant or Feng Shui Master. whatever name or title you want to call them.

In order to help their clients achieve harmony and well-being. A good Feng Shui consultant must be also good at Chinese Astrology Bazi analysis and prediction or Four Pillars of destiny reading and analysing. Feng Shui help identify your house, your office's positive and negative areas and how to active or suppress them. Chinese Astrology Bazi or FOUR PILLARS of Destiny help identify analysing your strength, your weakness and how to improve them.

Analysing a Chinese Astrology Bazi Chart can tell a lot of things about a person's wealth, health, luck, relationship. However Bazi analysis and prediction the number of Children from a Bazi chart is hard to conclude because nowadays there is such thing called "Contraception" and "Abortion"!

When I am reading a Bazi Chart, I look at both the Wu Xing and the Ten Gods interactions in the Natal Chart and luck pillars. I read the Ziweidoushu chart of that person too. By combining Bazi analysis and Ziweidoushu analysis together, I can see more clearly of what is happening for a person from the charts.

Heaven and Earth combine with the Day Master in Bazi Analysis

I read a male chart a few weeks ago, the birth year of the person was 1990. In 2007, he was only 17 year-old. I saw a sign in his chart. In Bazi analyzing jargon it is called "Heaven and Earth combine with the Day Master." It is a very strong signal of meeting a spouse for both male and Female chart. I said you met a girl that year.

He said: "Yes, How do you know? I met my partner in late 2007. We are still together."

"If you are not careful, you are father now." I said.

"Amazing," he said "at the beginning, we did not pay attention to contraception. We did not have any prevention, thinking of not that easy of having a baby. But she was pregnant, then she had an abortion. We now pay 100% attention to that."

From this example, nowadays, due to social trend and medical advancement, it is hard to read the number of Children from a Bazi chart. However, from a Bazi analysis and prediction, a good Chinese Astrology consultant is able to tell if the children are good to their parents or not. In addition, Bazi analysing and prediction can find out which year has better change of getting pregnant.

The Feng Shui kitchen stove or oven position / Sector in a modern kitchen is more important than direction.

However, in the olden days, the Feng Shui kitchen stove's direction is more important than in a sector. This is because in the olden days the old style stove burns wood, straw, leaves or other material and it has a fire mouth. The fire mouth is for air to flow into the stove for combustion. So the direction of the fire mouth must face the auspicious direction. This facing is depending on different Feng Shui kitchen stove theories or Feng Shui Schools.

Feng shui kitchen stove olden days

Olden days feng shui kitchen stove

Nowadays, the new style gas kitchen stoves, gas burners or oven do not have fire mouth. It only has switches or buttons. So the stove or oven in a kitchen, the position is more important than the facing direction.

In term of modern Feng Shui kitchen stove, the stove position is very important. If the stove was placed at the wrong position, it brings a lot of unlucky issue to a family. On the other hand, if a stove is placed correctly, it brings good wealth, health and status to the family. Of course there is other concern too. Stove is just one of the concerns.


Modern days Feng Shui kitchen stove

Modern Feng Shui kitchen Stove

Most Feng Shui consultants know that kitchen stove should NOT be placed at Qian Qwa. However, for Qian Gwa, it has 3 mountains (Su, Qian, Hai). According to traditional Feng Shui, each of these mountains will bring different effects to the family.

Here are some places you should avoid placing your feng shui kitchen stove.

1. In the middle the house, it affects the hearts. (The middle part of the house is the heart)
2. The Feng Shui Kitchen stove should NOT be seen when the main entrance is opened.
3. Avoid open kitchen. Open kitchen easily makes people spend on credit card that means someone will over spend their money.
4. Feng shui kitchen Stove should not on top of the pipe.
5. Feng Shui kitchen Stove should be at least more 50cm away from the edge of a door.
6. Feng Shui kitchen Stove should not be back to the toilet.

I am a Chinese Feng Shui Master. I live in Melbourne, Australia but I was 100% made in China.

I was born in China in the mid-60s when Feng Shui practice was banned at that time during Culture Revolution. However, the village I was born is remote and far away from the Capital - Beijing. Due to popularity of Chinese Feng Shui, people in the area at that time were still practicing Feng Shui but of course at very low key. I have written a few lines about my personal Yin Feng Shui story in What is Feng Shui. I explained why the tomb stone erection ceremony for my great grandfather was done at midnight.

Nowadays, Feng Shui is still so popular in the area I was born. Traditionally, when a person grows older than 70 of age, he/she will ask their children to find themselves a good Feng Shui resting place. They are all well prepared. There is no taboo at all. It is all natural. It is part of the human life cycle. (Birth, Growth, Sick, Die)

A filial son or daughter will hire a Chinese Feng Shui Master to find good Feng Shui dragon den for their parents. By doing so, parents can rest at a good Feng Shui place after they passed away. In return, good Feng Shui dragon den can bring good Feng Shui energy Qi back to their offspring.

In Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, most of the rich businessmen were from the nearby areas I was born. The richest in Hong Kong Mr. Li is from this area. Mr. Yeung in jewellery and entertainment industries, Mr. Lau in investment finance market and Mr. Lam in garment business were all from this area. Here is the link you can find more people in Asia from Teochew area: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teochew_people

In my opinion, other than the hard working and dedication of these people, Feng Shui is also another factor of contributing to their success.

In Yin Feng Shui, by measuring and calculating the incoming mountain and water dragons, the sitting and facing of the tomb stone and the surroundings, a genius traditional Chinese Feng Shui Master is able to predict what and when is going to happen to the family after the burial.

Chinese Feng Shui Master find feng shui dragon den

In traditional Feng Shui, provided that a Chinese Feng Shui Master is an authentic and qualified one, he is able to find a special feng shui dragon den, after burial with Feng Shui date selection; it has very high change of producing an emperor, a billionaire or a scholar in years. However, there are very limited such dragon dens in China. According to one of Chinese Feng Shui Masters I know in Hong Kong. He told me that there are total seven such emperor dragon dens and five were used in China.

This Chinese Feng Shui Master I know, his Master’s Master, Bu Gou Wu was the Feng Shui Master who buried Chairman Mao’s grandfather in an excellent Feng Shui Dragon Den in mid-Autumn 1904. Bu Gou Wu predicted in 31 years’ time Mao Zedong (He was 11 years old at the time) would be in a very high power position.

You may doubt that this is history; this Chinese Feng Shui Master can say anything he wants to promote himself. Well, one thing to proof is that this Master has got the hand written notes of Bu Gou Wu mentioned about this burial.

Chinese Feng Shui Master draws mountain mapMountain and Water Dragon map, incoming water, incoming dragon, water mouth, passing gorge, facing and sitting of the tomb stone, tomb stone erection date, prediction of the offspring, rich, powerful, leader, scholar or…all have to be written down. This is general practice of an authentic Chinese Feng Shui Master practising Yin Feng Shui. When a person is learning from an authentic Chinese Feng Shui Master, he is also learning how to draw Feng Shui mountain map. It is a 360 degree bird eye view of the dragon den. However, nowadays, mountain maps are replaced by photos or Google map.

With such big Feng Shui Dragon Den, it can turn an ordinary person into an emperor. Chairman Mao grandfather’s Feng Shui dragon den was a typical feng shui example. Chairman Mao was directly benefited from this Dragon Den by Chinese Feng Shui Master Bu Gou Wu.

Professional Feng Shui consultants use feng shui compass or LuoPan

Feng Shui Compass is a tool for Professional Feng Shui Consultants

Professional Feng Shui Consultants and Feng Shui Consultants, there are about 7 million results returned when “Feng Shui Consultants”  was typed into Google Search Engine in my Melbourne office. It is so amazing. By typing “Professional Feng Shui Consultants” in the same Google Search Engine, it returns more than 11 million results. I have no idea why. Because I don't understand how Google search engine works. Anyway I will learn a bit more how Google search engine works later when I have more time. Now lets talk about the difference between them.

Why are there more search results of Professional Feng Shui Consultants than Feng Shui consultants?

Well, In my opinion, may be the word “Professional” that gives Feng Shui Consultants a better status.
Other than better status, what is the difference between Professional Feng Shui Consultants and Feng Shui Consultants?

I noticed the difference between them is that Professional Feng Shui consultants mostly works full time and Feng Shui consultants mostly works part time. I noticed a lot of Feng Shui consultants in Melbourne area have a second job or may be other way round. Feng Shui consultation is their second job.

Professional Feng Shui Consultants Sell Feng Shui Products

Some professional Feng Shui consultants are multi-professionals too. It is because I found that some them are also selling Feng Shui cure products to make more money. They should call themselves Professional Feng Shui products merchants.

Some Professional Feng Shui consultants teach subjects other than Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Some Professional Feng Shui consultants teach subjects such as Kungfu, Tai Chi, QiGong (QiGong is kind of breathing techniques and meditation) and traditional Chinese Medicine. Some Professional feng shui consultants can even emit Qi (energy) to cure or heal serious sickness. Obviously these consultants are very talented. They have multiple skills. Good on them.