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This Youtube video talks about Chinese Astrology fortune telling from Buddhism point of view. Master Sheng Yen was interviewed in this video. It is not a long video. It lasts only about nine minutes. However, it contains excellent concepts for Feng Shui consultants and Chinese Astrology fortune telling experts. Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny and Ziweidoushu are the most popular Chinese Astrology fortune telling method from China.

Master Sheng Yen admits that Chinese Astrology fortune telling systems such as Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny and Feng Shui (Wind and Water) exist. However, he put a question mark on how accuracy of those systems. He even mentions about Fneg Shui is vital to all livings. As Feng Shui translating into English is "Wind and Water". Sheng Yen mentions without wind and water, there will not be livings exist on Earth. Fneg Shui is important to us.

Chinese Astrology fortune telling expert Edgar Lok Tin Yung

In my opinion, may be Master Sheng Yen had never had visited a fortune teller and had his fortune told before. So he doubts the accuracy of those Chinese astrology fortune telling systems.

When talking about the accuracy in Chinese Astrology fortune telling, I am as a Chinese Astrology fortune teller, I must admit that non of those systems have 100% accuracy. There are a lot of factors affecting our life. (Master Sheng Yen talks about it too.) I cannot read someone's chart and tell them what do they do the next minutes or next day. However I am able to tell someone's destiny trend, good luck, bad luck, health, wealth and relationship based on their Bazi chart. The average percentage of accuracy feed back from clients is about 75% - 80%.  You may want to read clients testimonials about me.

Anyway, the video language is in Chinese. Luckily it has English subtitles. Hope you enjoy it and you be the judge.

Chinese Astrology Fortune Telling video from Youtube.

There are two major fortune telling systems used by Chinese Astrology Masters. The two systems are the Chinese Astrology Bazi and Ziweidoushu.

I am lucky to learn both systems from Chinese Astrology Masters in Hong Kong.

In my Chinese astrology fortune telling consultation, I combine two Chinese Astrology systems together. Clients told me that my reading the accuracy is high. It is about 75% - 80% of accuracy.

Both Bazi and Ziweidoushu fortune telling systems used by Chinese astrology Masters need the same raw data. It is the birthday of a person including the birth hour.

Although, Bazi and Ziweidoushu are the two totally different Chinese astrology fortune telling systems, a well trained Chinese Astrology Master brings similar conclusion if they are given a person's correct Bazi chart and Ziweidoushu chart respectively.

Chinese astrology Masters use Bazi chart with Luck pillars looks like this.
Chinese Astrology Masters Bazi Chart

Chinese Astrology Master Read Bazi Chart

Chinese Astrology Masters use Ziweidoushu chart looks like this.
Chinese Astrology Masters use Ziweidoushu chart

Chinese Astrology Mater Reads Ziweidoushu chart

Both Bazi and Ziweidoushu systems have their strengths and weakness. The Bazi is more focused on the Five Elements and the Ten God interaction in the natal chart as well as luck pillars and yearly pillar. While the Ziweidoushu is focused on the characteristics of the "Stars" in different 12 houses and its transformation with time, typically the 10 years luck cycle and yearly luck stars transformation.

There are total of 115 stars in Ziweidoushu natal chart and based on the birth data, these stars are distributed to the 12 houses. The 12 Houses or palaces in Ziweidoushu tell the particular of areas of the person. namely:

Here are the Chinese Astrology Ziweidoushu 12 Houses

Life House is about the character of the person.

Siblings (Brothers and Sisters) House is the status of Siblings.

Spouse House is the relationship with the spouse and spouse's character.

Children House is about the children and birth.

Money or Wealth House, It is about where you make and spend money.

Health House is about a person's health.

Travelling House is about the travelling direction.

Friendship House is about friends surround you.

Career House is about what career suit you.

Property House is about property.

Happiness House is your inner self.

Parents House is about the parents the name suggests.


Feng Shui renovation your house brings big impacts to your family, especially feng shui renovation at the master bedroom area, Feng Shui renovation the kitchen and stove and the main entrance areas. It is because in Feng Shui principal these three areas are the most important Feng Shui spots of a house.

Depending on the sectors to be renovated, there will be long term and short term Feng Shui renovation affect either in good or bad way to your family.

These are the Feng Shui renovation outcomes:

1. Short Term: Good,   Long Term: Bad.

2. Short Term: Bad      Long Term: Good.

3. Short Term: Bad      Long Term: Bad.

4. Short Term: Good    Long Term: Good.

Feng Shui Renovation Plan

It needs a lot of explanation why the above 4 options will happen. I am not going to write them out here.  The good and bad above generally means health, wealth, prosperity and status going up or down. Sometimes Feng Shui Renovation may also affect your pet dog or pet cat. Don't laugh at it. It is true as China is farming country and farmers keep livestock. Livestock is important part of asset to the farmers.

I was born in a small village in southern China. And in the area where I was born, people now are still very particular about where the pigs should be kept in relation to their house.

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, the main entrance, master bedroom and kitchen are the most important areas of a house.

In relation to the main entrance there is a Feng Shui saying from classical Feng Shui text which states that:


"The main entrance is worth a thousand Kilo of gold, and the house is four grams"

It tells how important the main entrance is.

Kitchen in traditional Feng Shui is related to the health of everyone in the house. Food is cooked in the kitchen then we eat them.

Master bedroom is the area we stay at least 7 to 8 hours each day. It does not only affect the physical health but also links to our well-being mentally.

Have you ever wonder why yourself, your relatives or your friends, after renovation things are worse off?

Of course, if the Feng Shui was done correctly before renovation by a good Feng Shui consultant, then after Feng Shui renovation, it brings harmony, health, wealth and status to your family.

This Feng Shui Melbourne article was written in 2005. In the article, I used the Feng Shui land form plus the Feng Shui formula to predict Feng Shui Melbourne about population growth. You can look back the last 8 years about my Feng Shui of Melbourne prediction. Here is the Feng Shui Melbourne article for you to enjoy:

An ancient saying in Feng Shui stated that: "Going in a mountain, find the water-mouth, going in a house, locate the Chi-mouth"

A water-mouth is a Feng Shui term. In fact it is the meeting point of the Green Dragon and White Tiger. The Chi-mouth of a house is the main door or the door frequently used.

Water-mouth can be located at real water intersection. For example a river flows to the sea. The water-mouth is where the river touches the sea.

There are also virtual water-mouths. The virtual water-month is the road-intersections or a round-about, imagines that a small street goes and meets a bigger road.

A naturally formed and real Feng Shui water-mouth, it must be at these four locations:





Not only going in a mountain to find water-mouth, but also going into a City need to location the water-mouth. After the water-mouth and mountains are located, then we can apply the Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui to calculate that what period of time this City is booming and what period of time this City is depressed. What period time this City's population is increasing and what period time this City's population reduced.

The Feng Shui Melbourne and its ups and downs in history can be inspected by this Feng Shui principal.

The Melbourne's water-mouth is located at the South-west! The mountain or mountain Dragon is coming from the North-East, the Danendong ranges.

Feng Shui Melbourne Land Form

Feng Shui Melbourne

Feng Shui Melbourne Land Forms and Water

The Time and Space calculation is based on the Feng Shui three cycles and nine periods incorporate with the Luo Shu. The Luo Shu chart as below.

Feng Shui Melbourne Luo Shu Chart

Feng Shui Melbourne Luo Shu Chart - Top is South!

Each number in the Luo Shu is a Gua. It also represents the time and direction. Don't forget this direction the Luo Shu is different from our day to day map. The top of the Luo Shu (9) is south. The bottom of the Luo Shu (1) is the North. The right of the chart (7) is the West and the left the chart (3) is the East.

So the (2) is in the South-west. Number 2 is period 2, Kun Gua. The time is form 1884 to 1903.

To study Feng Shui, we must use or check the actually fact and historical events by looking back the history.

Qing Nang Xu says, "The dragon god on mountain does not go into water, (and) the dragon god in water does not go up (a) mountain."

During the period 2, 1884-1903 in Melbourne , the 2 is the dragon god on mountain. It should go up to the mountain. However, during period 2, the dragon god on mountain went down into the water. You can read Melbourne history here.

On the other hand, during period 2, the number 8 was dragon god in water. It should go into water but it went up to a mountain.

When the dragon god on mountain goes down to water, the population would become decreasing.

When the dragon god in water goes up into a mountain, the economic become bad or depressed.

Now, let's looking back into the history, Feng Shui Melbourne from 1883 to 1903 in Melbourne to see what was happening then.

By opening the history book, in early 1880s (in period 1) in Melbourne the property was booming. When the time moved into period 2, in about 1888, the property market started to crash. The property price is dropping during this time. Not only that, the population was also decreased.

Nowadays in period 8 (2004 to 2023), the number 8 the dragon god on mountain goes up a mountain, the number 2, The dragon god in water goes down to water. This is a good arrangement. The time is perfectly incorporated with the forms.

And the fact is that, now, every week there are more than a thousand people come into Melbourne . This is the effect of the dragon god on mountain goes up mountain.

And the economic in Melbourne is also booming, the property price is up. This is the effect of the dragon god in water goes down water.

With this theory in mind, Feng Shui Melbourne will be blossoming in the next 20 years.

Written in 2005 C

This article is Copyrighted and Intellectual property of Edgar (Lok Tin) Yung and LokTinFengShui.com.au If you want to use any article in your web site; you are free to do so, however please state in your site that the article comes from my site www.loktinfengshui.com.au

"Can Feng Shui change life and destiny ?" It is a big question.

There are a few places on the internet ask: "Can Feng Shui change life and destiny?"

In my opinion, "Can Feng Shui change life and destiny ?" is a heavy question. It need a lot of research to proof it. By summing up more than 10 years of my Feng Shui practice, I would say no to this question: "Can Feng Shui change life and Destiny?" when the change in the question as total change. However I would say yes to the question "Can Feng Shui Change life and destiny ?" in other way. I would say Feng Shui can improve our life in some areas such as wealth,health and relationship.

Everyone lives in this Five Element Feng Shui world is affected by 2 types of Feng Shui, the congenital and acquired Feng Shui. These two types of Feng Shui can affect and improve our fate and destiny.

Congenital Feng shui is the Feng Shui existed before we were born. To be exact, congenital feng shui can be our ancestors’ burial graves and our parents’ house. Good Yin Feng Shui has the power to produce good offspring. To find out more about congenital Feng Shui you can read the last part of this link: what is Feng Shui – About Feng Shui.

Acquired Feng Shui is Feng Shui tailored for someone for his/her study, work, business relationship and other aspects of life.

Feng Shui consultants all understand the acquired Feng Shui. But some of them may not understand the congenital Feng Shui concept.

The acquired Feng Shui is easy to explain. It is the Feng Shui to improve the harmony at the place we live, work and play. By applying Feng Shui principles, Feng Shui Masters can improve the well-being of the occupants or business for a premise.

For those who do not understand congenital Feng Shui or Feng Shui skeptic they often ask, if Feng Shui is so powerful, it brings wealth and fame, how come feng shui masters do not apply Feng Shui to make themselves become a self made Feng Shui billionaire?

Well, of course Feng Shui Masters apply Feng Shui to make their life go smoother. But there is limitation of one thing that a Feng Shui master cannot do. This one thing is that the Feng Shui Masters cannot go back in time to change the congenital Feng Shui for them as it was pre-exist. As from the moment we were born, the destiny is very much fixed. It is very much fixed but it is not 100% fixed. There is always room to improve.

Can Feng Shui Change life and destiny explained

Let’s assume 100 is full mark. We can divide, let say wealth into 10 levels of ranking poor to rich.

Can Feng Shui change life to higher level?

Can Feng Shui change your life to a higher level?

Level 1: 1 to 10,

Level 2: 11 to 20,

Level 3: 21 to 30,

Level 4: 31 to 40,

Level 5: 41 to 50,

Level 6: 51 to 60,

Level 7: 61 to 70,

Level 8: 71 to 80,

Level 9: 81 to 90,

Level 10: 91 to 100

If someone was born at level 7, without knowing or helping of Feng shui, he may be lingering between 58 to 62.  And with the genuine help of Feng Shui, the person can improve and stay at 68 to 72. Due to the congenital Feng Shui limitation, this person cannot reach level 10 or 100 points.

If any Feng Shui masters tell you that he or she can make you become a billionaire, you really need to put a question mark to him/her or ask why he himself is not a billionaire yet.

We all agree:  ‘Nature does not leap.” So does Feng Shui. It is impossible for a Feng Shui master to  improve a level 2 ranking person to level 7 ranking, a jumping of 4 levels, if so, all the predictions based on Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny would be unpredictable. It is because the fate steers away from its original trend.

Applying Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology to our day to day living is to enhance and smooth the process. It cannot make us leap a few levels up.

Acquired Feng Shui can only bring smooth, better results and more opportunities into our life. Feng Shui cannot totally change life, our fate or destiny.

With good Yin Feng Shui, it can change our life, fate and destiny. But it needs time and a good Feng Shui Master to find a good Feng Shui Dragon Den to bury our ancestor’s bones. However nowadays it is very difficult to find good Feng Shui Dragon Den.

Can Feng Shui Change life and destiny totally? No. But Feng Shui can improve our life in some areas.

In the old day, there were only two Feng Shui schools, namely, Feng Shui Forms School and Feng Shui Compass School. The Compass Schools also known as Liqi. 理氣 school or Formula school. These two Feng Shui schools work together as Liqi need forms and forms need Liqi.

In term of Feng Shui Forms School, it is the way of looking at the surrounding forms, such as hills, mountains, buildings, towers, rivers, bridges, roads, streets and so on. Feng Shui Forms school is very consistency among different Feng Shui Masters. A mountain at the left is a mountain at the left. A river flows to the west is a river flows to the west. There are no discrepancies about Feng Shui forms.

However, when come to talking about Liqi, there are so many different styles or formulas schools. To name a few, they are:

Flying Stars 3 Yuen 9 Periods Feng Shui Liqi

Triple Harmony (San He) Feng Shui Liqi

San Yeun Feng Shui Liqi

8 Eight House Feng Shui Liqi

Four Pillars Personal Feng Shui Liqi

Da Gwa Feng Shui Liqi

And many more. You can read more here

Strictly speaking, Feng Shui forms and feng shui formula cannot be applied separately. Just like Yin and Yang, they mutually coexist. No matter which Feng Shui Liqi / formula you are using, the Feng Shui Forms and Compass school relies on each other.

Here is my experience.

The relationship of Feng Shui forms and Liqi

good feng shui forms

Good Feng Shui Forms - good looking Mountain

Good Feng Shui forms need good Liqi to produce good Feng Shui result.

Bad Feng Shui forms with good Liqi never produces positive results.

Good Feng Shui forms can reduce the effect of bad Liqi.

Bad form with bad Liqi brings disaster feng shui results.

From the above, good forms or good surroundings is ultra important in Feng Shui.

In short, Good forms are always the priority to select a good Feng Shui site or Feng Shui house.

There are a few Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne or Feng Shui Masters in Melbourne area.

There are a lot more Feng Shui consultants or Feng Shui Masters all over Australia than you except. The number of Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne list at AFSC website is only a portion of the total feng shui consultants in Australia.

After more than ten years in the Feng Shui industry, I have found an interesting Feng Shui phenomenon here compare with Asia. That is the gender of the Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne, Australia and in the western countries.

In Asia or in China, Feng Shui consultants or masters are mostly male.

Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne - Edgar Lok Tin Yung

Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne - Edgar Lok Tin Yung

Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne area

In Australia or other western countries Feng Shui consultants or masters are mostly female.

It does not mean Female Feng Shui consultants / Masters are no good. I have met very good female Feng Shui Consultants before.

The majority Feng Shui masters in Aisa or in China are male. There are a few reasons behind. Firstly it is due to the traditional patriarchal society in China, the feng shui techniques pass to the sons not to the daughters. “傳男不傳女”.

(There are more reasons why Feng Shui techniques pass to sons not daughters. I'll better not to say it here. Because it will be unfair to a lot of Feng Shui Consultants or Masters.)

Secondly, the traditional Feng Shui in the good old days was mainly applied to Yin Feng Shui. In Yin Feng Shui, during the burying procedures, sometimes a Feng Shui Master has to ride the coffin into the dragon den to get the exact facing.

Female is Yin, Yin Feng Shui is Yin. Yin + Yin are too much Yin. This will bring huge negative effect to the Female Feng Shui Masters.

If you look back the Feng Shui histroy, there was none Female Feng Shui master in China.

Nowadays the society is changing. People are more fucus on Yang Feng Shui. At the same time, we see more Female Feng Shui Consultants.

Feng Shui Consultants Melbourne area are mostly female.


This is my first Chinese Astrology post. Hope you like my Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Bazi site.

Chinese Astrology Bazi also known as Four Pillars of Destiny. There is another Chinese Astrology system called Ziweidoushu. I will talk about it later. Both system uses a person's birth data that is the year, month, day and birth hour to construct a natal chart, luck pillars. By using the Five Elements or Wu-Xing (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) theory, Chinese Astrology consultants are able to look into the chart and it luck pillars in order to find out information of the person such as, relationship, wealth, children, career direction, social status and luck cycle....

Chinese Astrology Bazi in Chinese means "eight characters". Ba is eight and Zi is character. These eight characters are made up by 4 Heavenly Stems plus 4 Earthly Branches. Each Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch carry one of the Five Elements. This is the fundamental of Chinese Astrology Bazi.

Five elements in Chinese Astrology Bazi

Five elements in Chinese Astrology bazi - Birth and control cycle

We are all living in the Five Elements (Wu Xing) world. As a result, we are all affected by the Wu Xing and its cycles. That is why sometimes we are doing well and feeling happy when the elements are on our side. On the other hand, sometimes we are feeling down and things are not going smooth for us when the elements are at the opposite side.

The purpose of reading our Chinese Astrology Bazi chart is to find out the best element or elements for our life to attract good luck. How to attract good luck is by associating our job (Each job has its element), house direction (direction has element), colors (color has element), people (people have their elements) with these favorable elements, our well-beings and quality of life will be improved.



Individual animal sign luck prediction for the Year of the Snake - by Edgar Lok Tin Yung - Dec 2012

In this part, it is the Man Luck prediction. Man luck is about each and everyone of us how we do in 2013 the year of the Snake.

Animal sign is calculated by the year of birth.

A very important concept to remember is that FULL Chinese Astrology reading examines NOT only the year of birth but also the Month, the Day and the birth hour. It is difficult to completely and fully predict just by using the animal signs or Chinese zodiac signs on how each year will affect each person individually at a very details level. Such animal sign astrology is not totally reliable as the system is only examined 12.5% (1/8) or in some cases 25% (1/4) of the four pillars natal chart.

Furthermore, the animal signs astrology prediction does not automatically start on the Chinese New Year day. It starts at the individual’s birthday.  For example, a person was born in July 1980 (year of the Monkey), the year of the Snake starts on this person’s birthday in 2013 and ends at next birthday July in 2014. It is like an insurance policy calculation - always starts on the birthday of the year.

For more reliable assessment in all aspects of your life, it is recommended that to check your Four Pillars of Destiny fully with a reputable Chinese Astrology consultant near you.

Based on the yearly heavenly stem and earthly branch, some animal signs are more sensitive than the others. The most sensitive animal signs affecting by the Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太歲) in 2013 the year of the Snake are the animal signs below:

The Snake, the Pig, the Tiger and the Monkey!

The Heavenly Stem for 2013 year of the Snake is Yin Water Gui (癸).

The Earthly Branch underneath is Yin Fire Si (巳) and its animal sign is Snake. There are hidden Earth and Metal elements in the Snake.

Yin Water sitting on Yin Fire is in conflict. The Fire element underneath is controlled by the Water. So the Fire element is weakening as well as the Water element.

In health issue, Fire element could be circulation system, small intestines, and eyes including iris and cornea, and hearts problems. If there were more clashes and penalty with Day Master in the Four Pillars natal chart, it may be a heart attack or eyes problems signal.

The Si (巳Snake) is part of the Xun Gwa (巽卦) and it is soft Wood element. It is related to the soft wood system in our body including, hair, the liver, the gall bladder, arms, legs and the back. The Yin fire element brings issues more for female.

For all animal signs firstly, as wood element is the bridge element for the year (see 2013 prediction part 1 for more explanation), so eat more fruit, vegetables and drink more water. This will help the digestive system to clear out some unwanted residues from the body. As the result it will make you healthier.

More exercises, but not intenseness.

Snake, Pig, Tiger and Monkey should also avoid going to the hospitals, funerals. Especially for those who were born in these years:  1938, 1962, 1998, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1947.

So what is the year of Snake 2013 held for you?

2013 year of the snakeSnake (Born in 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

Have a busy schedule, big pressure from every direction, especially from the boss.

Heavy workload brings resentment and mental distress.

Very high chance of having a lawsuit and lose significant amount of money.

Luckily, there is a Nobleman star for the Snake in the year of the Snake. It means someone will finally lend you a hand.

Avoid travelling to Southeast direction.

1977 year of the Fire Snake and 1989 year of the Earth Snake, those who born in these two years must pay more attention to the above issues.

1989 year of the Earth Snake, they are turning 24 years old and will face a dilemma, to continues study or not?

1977 year of the Fire Snake, they are turning 36 and will also face career change decision especially for female Snake, to pursue better career or become a mother? (In such cases, it is worth to consult with a Chinese astrology expert)

Health issues: Circulation systems, small intestines, eyes and hearts problems.

Wealth: Hope for better reward.

2013 year of the pigPig (Born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007),

Animal sign Pig clashes with the Snake, especially for those born in 1947, 1959. Clash means easily confrontation with others, especially clashes with the Snake. The reason for that is that the animal sign Pigs this year will be very much doing things for their own benefit and without respecting the others. Pig becomes selfish.

Beware of lawsuit and relationship issue. There will be changes for the Pigs, such as career change, job change, position shuffle internally, school change, moving house or intensive traveling.

There is the “Da Ho” (大耗) star for the Pig in the year of Snake. Da Ho means “Big spending”. So use your money wisely and carefully in 2013. It is wise to buy something which will become more valuable in a few years’ time. Avoid risky investments in the year of the Snake.

Beware of contract terms, Check paperwork thoroughly if contract need to be signed.

Avoid travelling to Southeast direction.

For 1995 born animal sign pigs, be very carefully when driving after obtain the driving license. Clashing with the year of the Snake easily causes traffic accident particularly at railway crossing. People who have dark and broken left side eye-brow are in higher risk.

Broken eye-brow looks like this:


Health issues: eyes and hearts problems, bladder, prostate, urethra.

Wealth: Hard to avoid the Da Ho (big spending), purchase something will become valuable in the 3 to 5 years’ time.

2013 year of the tigerTiger (Born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

Tiger is Penalty with the Snake. Easily make mistakes in the year of the snake. An elderly family member may be sick or pass away.

Beware of someone you helped turns back on you. So be low key. Don’t show off and make noise about you have helped someone.

7th August - 7th September in the year of Snake is a full penalty month. Think twice before you taking action.

Health issue: Hair, the liver, the gall bladder, arms, legs and back.

Wealth: 1974 born Tiger is better.

2013 year of the monkeyMonkey (Born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

Monkey not only combines but also penalty with the year of the Snake. There will be more opportunities turn up and meeting new friends.

There is a lucky star call “Nation Seal”國印 in the Monkey’s palace. The “Nation Seal” gives the Monkey more power and control in the year of the Snake. Particularly, for those monkeys got a female supervisor or boss.

Combine means new partnerships and new joint ventures.  However, don’t be greedy, otherwise, you gain money and lose your friend and may lead to a lawsuit.

Beware of smear or slander and implicated by others in Feburary.

Health: Liver, back, respiratory system

Wealth: Recovering

2013 year of the ratRat (Born 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

The changes and new opportunity came up in the year of the Dragon keep going nicely into the year of the Snake. However, be prepared and budget well for 2014. It is big year for the Rat in 2014.

In the year of Snake, Rat may win or given an award.

For Winter Rat, born in November, December, Be very careful in May and June month.

Health issue: excretion system of your body, including, kidneys, urethra, prostate for male, bladders…

Wealth: Improving.

2013 year of the oxOx (Born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

Smear or slander and implicated by others in the year of the Dragon will be slowly fade away. (President Obama, Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia both are Ox). It is not hard to see what had happened to them in 2012.

Coming up in the year of the Snake, for the animal sign Ox, there will be new joint venture or cooperate with new partners, as a result, it brings in benefit to the Ox.

For the working class ox, you will see more appreciation from your superior.

An elderly person in the family may have some health problems.

There is a “White Tiger”白虎 star in the Ox palace. There will be minor medical operation or caesarean section for female if giving birth.

Health: Digestive system, respiratory system, teeth.

Wealth: Pay rise or benefit from new partnership.

2013 year of the rabbitRabbit (Born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

The Nobleman star (天乙貴人) in 2013 the year of the Snake will still stay with the Rabbit. It helps reduce some bad energy and bring in someone to help. “Nobleman” is our protective angels and will make everything smooth and positive.

The hidden travelling star (驛馬) is also in the Rabbit’s palace which means animal sign Rabbit in the year of the Snake has a lot more opportunities to travel. It may relate to a new job or internal reshuffle.

There is the study star (Wenchang 文昌) for the Rabbit too. This will bring good study result for the rabbits.  Rabbit will be given a chance to study something new or learn a new skill.

Health issue: Hair, the liver, the gall bladder, arms, legs and back.

Wealth: Average.

2013 year of the dragonDragon (Born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Health issues, love agony and relationship problems initiated in the year of Dragon will slowly stabilize.

Still feel a bit depressed due to the year of the Dragon’s impact. Need to laugh more and do more exercises.

There is a sickness star for the Dragon. It brings health issue such as flu, tiredness, fatigue or hormone issue.

Health: Digestive system, hormone, blood sugar, kidneys, urethra, prostate for male, bladders…

Wealth: Becoming positive after Birthday!

2013 year of the snakeHorse (Born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002)

2013 year of the Snake will bring double “Flower of Romance” to the horse. It is a good love life year for those are still single. However, do not exercise your romance luck to extreme. It may turn sour.

For married animal sign horse, it is advised to avoid going to night clubs, erotic bars and so on. Need to manage relationship wisely as there are 2 romance stars in palace. It is better to date your spouse for dirty weekends.

Be hygienic, it seems a lot of insects come to your house.

Health issues: Circulation systems, small intestines, eyes and hearts problems, especially, summer born person. (North Hemisphere)

Wealth: Much better than the year of the Dragon.

2013 year of the goat Goat (Born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003),

The hidden travelling star (驛馬) is also in the goat’s palace. In the year of the Snake, it brings the goats more opportunities to travel or move to a new place for a few years. It may relate to a new job or internal reshuffle or migration.

Don’t argue or dispute with your spouse, friends, colleagues or neighbours.

Health issues: Digestive system, skin,

Wealth: Good in first 6 months, then average or vice versa.

2013 year of the RoosterRooster (Born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

In the year of the Dragon 2012, the Rooster combines with the Dragon; it brings more opportunities, new friends, or having a good chance to tie the knot.

In the year of the Snake, the rooster also combines with the Snake. As a result, there still will be new joint venture or cooperate with new partners and brings good result. It brings new clients too.

For the working class rooster, you will be more appreciated from your superior or may be a promotion.

The lucky star“San Tai”, 三台, will bring you fame and money in the year of Snake.

Health issues: respiratory system, teeth, bones.

Wealth:  very good.

2013 year of the DogDog (Born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

The impact of the clash with the year of the Dragon is still on. However, it fades away once your birth month arrives.

In the year of the Snake, animal sign Dog, still need to spend some money. It is relatively small amount compare with the spent in the year of the Dragon.

Health issues: teeth, digestive system and heart.

Wealth: better thank in the year of the Dragon.

Here are a few things for the sensitive animal signs (Snake, Pig, Tiger and Monkey) to reduce bad energy in the year of snake 2013.

If a female has animal sign Snake or  Pig or Tiger or Monkey  between 18 – 45 years old and is giving birth in the year of Snake, this will reduce a lot of bad energy and troublesome for her naturally.

Do more exercises and make sure there is sweating for every exercise.

Be more active and think positively. Go out and see more people and make new friends. Be more generous to others.

Donation of blood or having a blood test done in May and November will help reduce some bad energy.

Be nice to your parents, father or mother-in-law or other elderly, even telephone them more often will bring you better luck. Especially for the money, there will be great help from an elder female.

Be more flexible and open minded to yourself and others, be respectful, don’t just think of yourself. Change the word Ego. Equal.