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There are twelve animal signs or 12 Chinese zodiac signs in Chinese Astrology. Every one of us was born with an animal sign. 


The animal sign is in 12 years cycle. Each animal comes in every 12 years. 

For example, 2020 is the year of the Rat.  In 12 years, in 2032 the year of Rat comes again.


Before going into the Yang Metal Rat animal sign luck 2020 prediction, a very important Chinese Astrology concept needs to be remembered.

  1. An animal sign of a person is calculated by the year of birth. However, the animal sign does not calculate starting from the first day of the Chinese New Year.


  1. The correct animal sign calculation method is that the animal sign of each year starts at the time of Lichun (立春) – the “Start of Spring”. It normally falls on the western calendar or solar calendar on the 4th February each year.



This year, the Chinese New Year starts on the 25 January 2020.


If a baby was born on any time after the Chinese New Year, from 25th January to the 4th February 2020, even though those days are after the Chinese New Year, the correct animal sign of this baby is STILL Pig. 


A person is born after the 4th February 2020, his/her animal sign then becomes Yang Metal Rat. 


 A FULL Chinese Astrology reading examines NOT only the year of birth (the Animal Sign) but also the birth month, the birth day and the birth hour together. By incorporating with the Luck and yearly pillars, A Chinese Astrologer can see a picture of your destiny from your birth data.


By just using the animal signs or Chinese zodiac signs, it is difficult to completely and fully predict just on how each year will affect each individual at a very details level. It is because such animal sign astrology predictions is only examined 25% and in some cases 37.5% of the four pillars’ natal chart.

For more reliable assessment in all aspects of your life in year of the Yang Metal Rat, I recommend that you have your Bazi chart read by a reputable and experienced Chinese Astrologer.

Based on the Heavenly Stem (HS) and Earthly Branch (EB) of 2020, in the year of the Yang Metal Rat, the animal signs most affected by the Yang Metal Rat are the Horse, the Rat itself, the Rabbit and the Rooster. 

The Heavenly Stem of 2020 is Yang Metal Geng(庚).

The Earthly Branch underneath is Yang water Zi (子). Animal sign is Rat with no hidden element. So the water element Zi or rat is very strong and pure. 


The Horse, the Rat, the Rabbit and the Rooster, 

In the year of the Yang Metal Rat, there are more metal and water elements adding to their animal signs. As a result, it may bring 2 major things to affect those animals. These four signs need to look after the following areas:

  1. Water systems of the body, such kidney, urinary systems, female reproductive systems and male prostate issues.


  1. Fire systems of the body, the heart, the eyes, small intestine and the blood circulation.


  1. The year of the Rat is peach blossom for the mentioned animals. Control yourself and do not get into a love affair, beware of temptation. 


The Tai Sui suppresses these Animal signs in 2020


If you are born in 1969, 1978,1987,1996,1945,2005,1954,2014 should avoid going to the hospitals, funerals, or going to an onsite burial.

(It will be fine if you are already working in the hospital or at funeral industries)

Good news for the Female animal signs, Horse, Rat, Rabbit and Rooster,

For female, the Horse, the Rat, the Rabbit and the Rooster animal signs, age between 18 to 45, if giving birth in 2020  will reduce a lot of bad energy and troublesome in the year of Yang Metal Rat.

For all the animal signs:

Do more exercises and make sure there is sweating for every exercise.

Be more active and think positively. Go out and see more people and make more friends. Be more generous to others.

Donation of blood or having a blood test done in June and December will help to reduce bad energy too.

Be nice to your parents, the in-laws or elderly, even telephone them more often will bring you better luck all year round.

The following is a guide for each animal sign and their luck 2020 in the year of the Rat. It is a guide only. For more details of your whole Chinese Astrology chart, please seek professional Chinese Astrology expert for your yearly readings.


So what is the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020 hold for you?



animla sign luck 2018 - RatRat (Born 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)


It is a busy and pressure year. 

Bad gossip will be around the whole year particularly in July and December 2020.  

Be a bit more flexible. 


For 1984 born Rat, your boss will watch your work performance very closely.  If you are in the legal, finance or jewellery industry, this is a good training for you in 2020.


For 1996 born Rat, they are having a chance to start working, change to a new job or get promoted in 2020.


For 1972 born Rat, the boss will look after them well but with more work load,


For Rats who are still single, this year they have many opportunities to meet their special one. 


Avoid going to night clubs and drink too much. 


Health Issues: Water Systems (Kidney, urinary system, bladder, prostate for man)


Wealth: Good for the 1996 born Rat. Others Rats are stable.




animla sign luck 2018 - HorseHorse (Born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)


The animal sign Horses will clashes with the year of the Yang Metal Rat.

So beware of lawsuit but it is good if you are a lawyer.

Beware of relationship clash too because of a love affair.

Control yourself and be calm as your work or study will bring you distress.

Be more flexible and do not argue and confront with others.

Changes is coming for the Horses, like career change, job change, position shuffle, school change, moving house or long period of traveling. 

1954 and 1966 born Horses has the hardest clash. In health, look after your heart, eyes, small intestine and blood pressure. Be clam and don’t get angry easily.

Use your money or budget wisely and carefully. As there is a star named “Da Ho” or “Big spending” for the horses in the year of the of the Rat.

It is wise to buy something which can become more valuable in 2-3 years’ time.

Avoid high risk investments. It is no different to gambling.

Don’t lend your hard earn money to others. It takes very long time (years) to return back.

Good to spend for renovation or new home or office, particular you are horses born in 1978.

Beware of contract terms if contract need to be signed.

For Horses born in 2002, be very carefully when driving after obtained your driving license. As the Horse, it clashes with the year of the Rat. 

An astrological clash easily causes traffic accidents, speeding, especially for horses who have dark and broken left eye-brow. It looks like this one.

year of the Dog Animal sign luck 2018 - Broken eyebrow

Broken eye-brow


It is also a travelling year for the Horses. And it is advice that to avoid going to the very northern direction. 

The north direction is home to the Rat (The Grand Duke) which will increase the level of the clash for the Horses.

Water element Rat clashes with the Fire element Horse bring water and fire element issues in their body, such as Kidney, urinary system, bladder, prostate and heart, eyes, small intestine and blood pressure.

Make sure you have plenty of rest and do more exercises and meditations.

Blood test in mid-June and visit your dentist in mid-December 2020.

Avoid icy cold drinks, hot and spicy food.

Health issues: Heart, eyes, blood pressure and small intestine.

Wealth: Spending year. Budget well.

animla sign luck 2018 - RabbitRabbit (Born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)


Rabbit need to be more caring and polite in 2020.


The relationship of the Rabbit to the Rat is called half penalty (rude or impolite penalty). If you were born in the Rabbit month, (5th March to 4th Appril) or Rat month (7th Dec to 6th Jan), it is double penalty.


The Rabbits will be easily punished by their superiors or by the Law due to their rudeness or impoliteness. Be very careful on your action and what to say in public especially in March, September and December.

Easily break the rules, like traffic rules and get penalty and fine.

Beware of smear or slander and implicated by others due to rudeness or impoliteness.

Luckily, there is a good Star, called “太陰Tai Yin” or “The Moon”, it means you get a lot of help from your female boss or a female person can help you. 

Always politely ask an elderly lady for advice.

It is good to be more caring and polite to avoid penalty.

1975 born rabbit, beware terms and conditions for new projects.


Health Issues: Legs, liver, gall bladder and fingers.

Wealth: Average but Good for 1975, 1999 born Rabbits 


animla sign luck 2018 - RoosterRooster (Born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)


The relationship of the Rooster to the Rat is also called half penalty. More penalties, if you were born in the Rat month between 7th December to 6th January or Rooster month between 7th September to 8th October.


The penalty is very similar to the animal sign Rabbit, so:

The Rooster will be easily punished by their superiors or by the Law. Be very careful on what to say in public especially in these two months September and December.

Easily break the rules, like traffic rules (speeding) and get penalty and fine.

There is a star named 福德 “Fu De”, (Good Fortune) can help reduce some troublesome.

Rooster and Rat penalty is also related to sex and love affair.  To reduce this, rooster can organise a short trip with their partners.

An elderly person in the family may have ill-health.

1993 born rooster will receive some special treatment from the superior. 


Health Issues: Lung, respiratory systems, large intestine, bone and teeth.

Wealth: Average but good for 1957, 1993 born Roosters.


animla sign luck 2018 - Ox Ox (Born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)



The Ox and the Rat are friends. The Yearly King (Tai Sui) is going to look after the Ox. The Tai Sui in real life is your boss.

Ox combines with Rat, therefore new joint ventures, new partners can be set up.

1985 born Ox has a heaven and earth combine configuration. This means new partnership, new relationship or marriage. 

1973 born Ox’s power will be enhancing by the Tai Sui. This means your boss you give you authority to start new projects.

There is also a lucky star 太陽 “Tai Yang” (The Sun) for the Ox. The Sun is a male superior. The boss looks after you. The Oxen are shining in the year of the Rat. However, beware of creating too much jealousy.

Very good wealth year if you work in the logistics, training, design or education sector.


Health issue: Digestive systems, Stomach, muscle, Skin

Wealth: Good and better for 1973 and 1985 born ox.



animla sign luck 2018 - TigerTiger (Born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)


The worries and agonies from last year slowly disappear. Stable work starts from the second half of the year.

Smear or slander and implicated by others should subside soon,

The Tiger will gain some fame this year.

A travelling horse (驛馬) is for the Tiger this year.  Tiger has more chances to travel personally or for work. 

For 1986 born tiger, if there is an opportunity for you to become self-employ, take it up. Otherwise, there will be a promotion or work change.

For the self-employ Tiger, second half of the year will be even better, smoother and better income.

1962 born Tiger, the Tai Sui will show you some direction,

1974 born Tiger, busy, beware of a small legal issue. 

A sudden business trip or personal travels in April or August, 


Health Issues: Arms, Gall bladder, Hair loss, lung.

Wealth: Good if you are self-employ. Particularly benefits the 1986, 1974 Tigers


animal sign luck 2018 - DragonDragon (Born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)


The Dragon and the Rat has a combination relationship in 2020 year of the rat.

There are good opportunities to start a new business in partnership for the 1976 born dragon,

The Tai Sui Rat is water element. The Dragon is Earth element. The Water element (Rat) is the wealth to the Earth (Dragon). It means someone from higher level comes to help, supports the Dragon and gives the Dragon financial benefit.

It also benefits to the dragon work in sales area. They meet a lot of new clients and sales target.

April, August 2020 are good months for all the Dragons.

Health: Digestive system, muscle ache, Kidney, urinary system, bladder, prostate.

Wealth: Excellent. It is exceptionally good for 1976 born Dragon.


animla sign luck 2018 - snakeSnake (Born in 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)


The bad gossips, clashes and troubles at work (including health issues) are fading away slowly and will be completely gone from your birth month in 2020.

If you have already spent big amount of money in the year of Pig, there is still some minor spending to come. Otherwise, be prepared to spending big in May or November 2020.

For Snakes work in the legal, finance, accounting, insurance and health care sector, they will have better opportunity to make more money.  It is because they have a new position.

1965 born snake has a very good rat year ahead. 

1989 born snake has an opportunity to further study. 


Health issue: Tooth, throat, Blood pressure, shoulders.

Wealth: Good. Better if work in the legal, finance or health care.


animla sign luck 2018 - GoatGoat (Born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

The Goat is the nobleman to the Tai Sui in the year of the Rat. The goat has the blessing from the Tai Sui. Therefore, the goats will be well recognised or well looked after from their boss.

The Goat has a (紫微) Ziwei star in his palace. It means the goat will be gaining some power or fame too.    

1955 born goat, they may have some new projects opportunities.

1967, 1991 born goat have a good year ahead if they are working in finance and logistics industry. 

Be sure to budget well for the year of the rat. There is big spending coming in the Year of the Ox.


https://loktinfengshui.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/2013monkey.pngMonkey (Born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)


The Relationship between the Monkey and the Tai Sui is half combine. Combination brings new projects, new joint venture, new relationship, new love or marriage.

A star named (祿勳) “LuXun”, meaning receiving an award or winning a competition is coming to the Monkey’s palace in the year of the Rat. 

1980, 1992 monkeys have good chance of getting marry.  

There are two bad stars called (白虎) “White Tiger” and (指背) “Zhi Bei” in the Monkey’s palace. 

“White Tiger” may bring blood, cut, wound or medical operation or caesarean section for female monkey.

(指背) “Zhi Bei” means to be aware your own language and action, otherwise, people will gossip and point to your back. 


Health issue: Digestive system and respiratory system.

Wealth: Good.



Animal sign luck 2018 - DogDog (Born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)


The Dog can relax this year after some setbacks from 2018, 2019. The Dog has (天解) “Tian Jie” star in the year of the Rat. “Tian Jie” can help solve problems for the Dogs in the year of the Rat. “Tian Jie” is a problem solver sent from the Heaven.

The Dogs has good wealth in Rat year. 1970, dog and born in May, June, July will have even better wealth. 

However for all the Dogs, they also have the “寡宿” “Gua Su”star. “Gua Su” means sleep alone. This can be for you or your better half to work more time interstates or overseas.

Make sure you manage your relationship with care.


Health issue: Digestive system, Muscle and kidney, urinary system

Wealth: Good.


animla sign luck 2018 - pigPig (Born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007),


The impact from the year of Pig, such as health issues, love agony and relationship problems will slowly stabilize from now to your birthday.

There is a big question for the female Pig born in 1983. It is to be or not to be. 

For 1983 born female Pig, to be promoted at work or to be a mother, it is a big choice in the year of the Rat.

There is chance to further study either for work or personal interests. 

The 1959 born Pig, they will have great achievement and rewarded after some effort input in 2019. 

Health: excretion system, kidneys, urethra, prostate gland for male, bladders etc.


Wealth: Good, Better if you were born in 1995.

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year. Wish you have a great year of 2020.

Here are the Feng Shui Good days and Bad Days for January 2020. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

Hope you and your friends can benefit from this.

All the best and Happy Feng Shui ~ing!

Feng Shui Good Bad Days January 2020

Year of the Yang Metal Rat - Feng Shui 2020 Earth Luck


Earth Luck is about the annual Feng Shui Energy or Qi coming around to our houses and offices.

Earth Luck is to deal with the good and the bad annual Feng Shui energy at where we live, work and play.

We need to activate the good Feng Shui energy and supress the bad Feng Shui Qi.

Suppression of Bad Feng Shui Qi comes first.

If you have read my Earth Luck articles previously, you may know that each year, there are three big Sha Qi (煞氣 Bad Energy) and three lucky stars flying around regardless of the facing and sitting of the house.

There is also a couple of medium Sha Qi rotating each year. These good Qi and bad Qi shift to different locations or sectors of the house each year.


In this article, I will give you some Feng Shui tips to deal with these annual Feng shui Qi.


The year of the Yang Metal Rat has bad Qi at the North, South and East of the house and office.


Here are the three big Sha, two medium Sha Qi and their names for each year as below:

1.     The Grand Duke or the Tai Sui (太歲)

2.     The Three-killings (三煞) and

3.     The Five Yellow annual star (五黃)

The two medium Sha Qi are called:

4.     The Wu and Ji Sha (戊己煞).

5.     The Sui Poh Sha (歲破煞) (The direction opposite to the Tai Sui).

6.     The Three 3 Annual favourable stars, #6,#8 and #9.


These three Sha Qi have the power to override any natal flying stars chart combinations regardless how good the flying star chart is. So we need to treat these 3 Sha Qi very carefully.

The three positive energy or lucky stars are annual flying stars number 6, 8 and 9.


Here are the directions and positions of the good and bad energy in the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.


1.     The Tai Sui (Grand Duke) in the year of the Rat, It is located at the North (zi) sector. (子字位 352.50 – 7.50 degree*)


2.     San Sha (the 3-killings) arrives at the South (Li Gua 離卦157.50 – 202.50 degree)


3.     The Five Yellow. It is landed at the East (Zhen Gua. 震卦67.50 – 112..50 degree)


4.     The power, travelling and promotion star number 6 is at Southeast sector. (Xun Gua 震卦 112.5-157.5 Degree)


5.     The money and prosperity star number 8 is located at the Northwest sector (Qian Gua乾卦 292.5 – 337.5 Degree)


6.     The Flower of Romance star number 9 is at West (Dui Gua 兌卦247.5 - 292.5 Degree)


7.     The Wu and Ji Sha (戊己煞) is located at the Northeast sectors (Yin 寅52.5 -67.5 and Mao卯82.5-97.5 Degree)


8.     The Sui Poh Sha(歲破), It is at the direction of the Horse(午 172.5-187.5 Degree) opposite to the Tai Sui.


This Earth Luck diagram, it is different from the normal map. The top is south and the bottom is North.



There is a Feng Shui saying: “大煞宜避, 中煞可制, 小煞不理”

Direction translation is:

“Avoid the biggest Sha. Cure the medium Sha. Neglect the tiny Sha.”


The number one rule to deal with the Sha Qi is: “Respect them DO NOT disturb them or activate them”.

Do not activate the Sha Qi. Therefore, “Move Earth”, which means digging ground or renovating the sectors inside and outside of your house, is prohibited. (Unless you are not living in the house when you are renovating it)


Yearly bad energy is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine without any activation. With strong activation, the tiger will be wakening up and if you are nearby, it will hurt you.

THE NORTH (352.50 – 7.50 degree) 子字位ZI OR RAT SECTOR HAS THE TAI SUI

The Tai Sui is also known as The Grand Duke.


It is the yearly King. The Tai Sui locates at the north Zi, Rat sector (子字位) in the year of the Rat.

In traditional Feng Shui, there is a way to activate the Tai Sui in order to make the yearly King to be your friend and he can help achieving our goal quicker. But first we do not disturb it.

The Zi sector is within the Kan Gua area (坎卦). It is the middle son’s sector.
Tai Sui relates to Health and Emotion.

In your house or office, if the main entrance locates at the North (Zi sector 子字位), do not disturb the area. If so, it may bring issues to the water areas of your body. They are the Urinary system, prostate gland and Kidneys.


The Zi子 Rat sector is also related to the Middle son and people born in the year of the Rat (1948,1960,1972,1984…).


If the main entrance is at the north sector, please keep the Tai Sui area as quiet as possible. Don’t slam the door as sound waves can activate the Sha Qi too. Make sure opening and closing the door slowly and gently at the Sha Qi sector.

To reduce the impact of the Tai Sui of the year, place a ceramic ox, head facing out, near the entrance,




In the year of the Rat 2020, the Three-Killings Sha lands at the south sector, the Li Gua area.

The Three-killing Sha Qi represents lawsuits, gossips, theft, robber and arguments.

The Li Gua, Fire element represents the eldest daughter, the eyes, the hearts and the blood pressure.


The eldest daughters or any person born in the year of the horse (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990…) need to take care the above mentioned areas.


Do not disturb the 3-Killings Sha. 


In global Feng Shui scale, the Three-Killing Sha is at the South. The south sector is Australasia, Australia and New Zealand.


South is Fire element. As at the moment, December 2019 of writing this article, bush fire burning non-stop in most area of Australia. White Island eruption killed 19 people. And 9 is the Li Gua too.


To minimize the bad effects of the Three-Killings Sha in your house and office, in the south sector if there is a doorway, place a black ceramic vase with 80% full of water. Do not forget to change water every 3 to 4 weeks.



The 5-Yellow Qi represents misfortune, obstacles and sickness.
The 5-Yellow lands at the east sector. (Zhen Gua 震卦 sector)
Zhen Gua 震卦 belongs to the eldest son or the Rabbit (1951,1963,1975,1987…) person of the house.

Zhen Gua also represents the head, the leg, the fingers, the gall bladder, the liver…


The eldest son and the rabbit person of the house need to take extra care of the above mentioned body areas. Reduce alcohol consumption.


Keep the East sector as quiet as possible. Do not renovate inside or outside of this sector.

To reduce the effect of the 5-Yellow Sha Qi at the east sector, if there is a door or entrance, you can place round metal objects (metal vase, metal disc, metal cylinder) next to the door. Do not put water in the vase.





The annual flying star #8 represents wealth and prosperity is located at northwest of the house in the year of Yang Metal Rat 2020.

If you have a main door or a side door open to northwest, use it as much as possible. It brings wealth to the house for the father and person born in the year of the Dog (1958,1970,1982,1994…) and Pig(1959,1971,1983,1995…)


To bring in more wealth, you can place a water feature or fish tank to further activate the area.


The annual flying star number 9 means romance and happy event is coming to the west of the house, in the Dui Gua area. It is the youngest daughter sector.

The annual star #9 also can increase people luck meaning if it is activated, it bring you to meet more people. It is a good star for networking people.

Therefore, 2020 in the year of the Yang metal Rat, west facing house with west main entrance, the youngest daughter will do very well.


The number 9 is Li Gua (fire element) and the Dui Gua is 7 (early heaven fire). If the number 9 and Dui Gua area is over activated by candles or fire place it may bring fire accidents into the house. Need to be well aware of this.


There are techniques to activate the flying star number 9 for romance and fertility. However, it is too complicated to explain here.


The Power Star #6 also is known as the promotion and travelling star, the annual star #6 comes to the southeast sector of the house (the Xun Gua 巽卦).


If your house’s main entrance is at this sector –southeast. It brings good power, travelling and promotion energy to your house.

Xun gua is the eldest daughter’s area and person born in the year of the snake (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001) and dragon (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000).

There are many opportunities in the year of the rat for the eldest daughter, the dragon and the snake to travel regardless leisure or work related. There may be a promotion at work for them.


To bring in more power, promotion and travelling Qi, a water feature or tall plant (at least 1.3 mtr tall), can be placed next to the entrance at or at southeast sector of the house.




The Sui Poh Sha is opposite to the Tai Sui sector. It is located at Wu (午字位172.5-187.5 Degree) in the south sector.


The Wu and Ji Sha (戊己煞) is located at the northeast and east sectors (Yin 寅52.5 -67.5 and Mao卯82.5-97.5 Degree)


Both Sui Poh and the Wu Ji Sha areas, “Move Earth” or “Digging” the areas is prohibited. If the areas are disturbed, it brings health issues to the heart, eyes, blood pressure, finger, liver, gall bladder and hairs.




The above summed up the important areas for your house and office. As each house and office are different. The occupants have different animal signs. There are lots can be done to activate the good energy specifically for a particular person.

If you are not sure what you are doing, you can always contact a Feng Shui Master near you.


All the best and have a prosperity Year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.

Remember Good Feng Shui brings you good luck.


*All degree is measured from the centre of the house.


For yearly predictions, I was taught to use the Jia zi (甲子) cycle or sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches system, is a cycle of sixty terms used for reckoning time.


Generally, yearly predictions should look at three different levels (Heaven, Earth and Man) using the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the year.

1. The Heaven Luck predicts major issues of the world and weather.

2. The Earth Luck manages the Feng Shui for homes, offices, cities and countries.
3. The Man Luck Predicts individual animal sign luck for the coming year.


Yearly predictions can be useful information for you to make good decisions in the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.

The year of the Yang Metal Rat officially starts on the 4th February 2020. However the Heaven energy surfaces from the winter solstice, generally on the 22nd of December.

I wish you all have an excellent year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.




Heaven Luck is to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters. So people can well prepare for it. For example, people can increase their insurance premium in the areas where may affect them.

Let’s look at the characteristics of the Heavenly Stem (HS) and Earthly Branches (EB) in 2020 for The Year of the Yang Metal Rat.

The Heavenly Stem for 2020 is Yang Metal Geng (庚).

The Earthly Branch is Zi (子). Its element is water without hidden element and it is represented by the animal Rat. That is why it is called the Year of the Rat.

To be exact, the Stem and Branch add up to make the Yang Metal water Rat year.

The Earthly Branch Zi (子) has no hidden element. It is purely water element.

The traditional way of arranging the Heavenly Stem (HS) & Earthly Branch (EB), it is the HS on top of EB. So this creates a picture of Yang Metal Geng (庚) sits on Water Zi (子).

庚 (Geng)  is Yang Metal
子  (zi) Rat is Water element. (No hidden elements)


The Melodic element for 2020 is Earth. (庚子辛丑璧上土). It is property related,

In Feng Shui, the annual Purple White Flying Star, the Number 7 flies to the Centre. The number 7 is the Dui (兌) Gua. Centre of the palace is the most eye catching issue.

7 is the Dui Gua. It is Metal element. It represents metal, finance, insurance, banking, youngest daughter, gossip, flighting….


Yang Metal Geng庚 represents Yang Metal, Heavy Metal, Sword, Law, Justices.

In human body, 庚Geng represents the Large Intestine, the Umbilical, the abdomen area, Lung, Nose and Throat.

子 (Zi)  is Water. The animal sign for Zi is Rat. It represents actual water, the Seas, the Oceans, Waterways, Bladders, the Ears, the Kidneys and in emotion Fear in human body.


Here is an image representing the year of the Yang Metal Water Rat 2020. (It may not be the best image. It is very close the Energy in the year of the Rat). 2020 has a very similar element configuration as the year of Rat in 2008. 

With above information, image and combinations, we can see these issues in the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.

1.     In the year of the Yang Metal Rat, the top level (Metal) and bottom level (Water) are in producing or enhancing cycle. There is no conflict relationship between the top and bottom level. It looks like that the top level will look after the bottom level.



2.     The top stem which is the heaven (Metal) produces water. Water becomes very strong. There will be many issues related to water, waterways, rain storms, the seas and the ocean, such as flooding, tsunamis, tidal waves, boats, cruise ships.


3.     Metal melts into liquid, water. It matches a Chinese saying “見財化水”. (Watching the wealth turns into water.) Please budget your Year of the Rat well.


4.     Metal sits on Water. It is lack of support. It symbolizes metal structures over water or river. We may see collapse of bridges, Metal Structure Bridge particularly.


5.     子 (Zi) Rat is one of the peach blossoms branches. It represents love affairs and sex scandals. In the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020, there are many underground love affairs and sex scandals will come to surface.    


6.     子 (Zi) Rat, in 2020, there will be more incidents of Plague. In Australia, there may be more cull or slaughter of Kangaroos.


7.     Directors in Companies have logos relate to Rat or Kangaroos symbols will experience strong impact in the year of the Rat, stronger impact in June July 2020.


8.     子 (Zi) Rat,  clashes with the 午 (Wu), the Horse. 午(Wu) symbolizes the horse, the eyes and the hearts, fires and explosions  there are more incidents in these areas in the year of the Rat. Make sure your hearts and eyes are well looked after. Implement a fire plan,


9.     The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” for the year of the Rat 2020 and year of the Yin Metal Ox. (庚子辛丑壁上土). As suggested the words “Wall Top Earth”. It is property related.  The property price or physical buildings may collapse due to strong water element.


10.  The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” (庚子辛丑壁上土). The Earth element controls Water element. Therefore, there are many issues for the water industries, such as logistics, airlines, shippings, cruise ship, pirates, healthcare….


11.  The子 (Zi) Rat is Water element and water’s characteristic is going downward and in emotion represents fear. The year of the Yang Metal Rat its elements composition is very similar to the year of the Earth Rat in 2008. If you were hurt a lot during 2008, you need to pay more attention not to repeat the same mistake in the year of the Rat 2020.


12.  The庚 (Geng) Yang Metal represents finance, banking, share market and insurance. The子 (Zi) Rat underneath is water. It symbolizes melting down of wealth or the finance market.


13.  In the year of the Yang Metal Rat, the number 7 annual star comes to the centre palace. Number 7 is metal element too and it presents argument, dispute, gossip and its Chinese name is “Broken Army”. The centre palace is the centre stage of the world. In 2020, we can see many arguments, disputes and gossips. Many rules will be broken.



14.  The子 (Zi) Rat is North sector of our mother Earth. North sector is Russia area. Year of the Rat is not a very stable year for this part. June and December 2020 are the most unstable months for this part.  Beware if you have business in these areas. Avoid these two months traveling to the north, if you are born in the year of Horse particularly.


15.  The Three Killings Sha is located in South sector in the year of the Rat. Please make sure the South sector of your house, office is clean and free from any activation. South area in the big scale Feng Shui is located in Australasia.





The庚 (Geng) is Yang Metal element. Yang Metal transforms into water Rat. Water element goes downward. The last Rat year was 12 years ago in 2008.

If you are in the Share market, please pay extra attention. Do not make the same mistake

Be very careful in March, June, September and December 2020.

March means from early March to early April 2020.

June means early June to early July 2019.

September means early September to Early October 2020 and

December means early December 2020 to Early January 2021


2020 AND 2021庚子辛丑壁上土   (WALL TOP EARTH)


The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” (壁上土) for 2020, 2021. The Melodic element stays the same for every two years.

From melodic element point of view, “Wall Top Earth” relates to properties and physical buildings. It shows 2020, 2021 will have more incidents of collapse of buildings, landslide and the drop of property price.

“Wall Top Earth” (壁上土), Earth element controls Water element of the year, There will be more accidents relates to the Water industry, logistics, shipping, airlines, pirates….   




The annual Feng Shui flying star #7 will be located in the centre palace in the year of the Rat. It is the Dui Gua and it is Metal. It represents metal, finance, insurance, banking….It also presents argument, dispute, gossip and its Chinese name is 破軍 “Broken Army”. The centre palace is the centre stage of the world. In 2020, we can see many arguments, disputes and gossips. Many rules will be broken.

Flying star #7 in the centre also represents the youngest daughter, Large Intestine, Lung, Nose and Throat. We need to taking care these areas.



In short, in 2020, the yearly elements, the melodic element, the annual flying stars Qi are all pointing to a very similar direction. So it is worth to plan and budget for the year of the Yang Metal water Rat 2020 carefully.

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Here are the Good days and Bad Days for December 2019. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

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Good and bad Days in December 2019

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Here are the Good days and Bad Days for November 2019. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

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Good and Bad Days in November 2109

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Here are the Good days and Bad Days October 2019. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

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Good days October 2019 Feng Shui Date selection

Feng Shui Yellow Spring Sha - Killing, Save poor, Speed up careerYellow Spring Sha is a Feng shui article; I have had the honor of having it published in the Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine recently.

I was invited to write an article on Killing Yellow Spring Sha for the 2019 IFSC November edition of Feng Shui for Modern Living magazine (FSML).   This magazine was first published in 1998 by GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and was the world’s first full-color Feng Shui magazine.   FSML is now available free online at www.fengshui.net 20 years after it was first published in the UK.

My article explains the Feng Shui Killing Yellow Spring with an example – UN Headquarter in Geneva.

Strictly speaking, the Killing Yellow Spring Sha is only one of the three Feng Shui Yellow Spring Sha configurations.

As matter of the fact, in the Yang Gong San Yuan Yuan Gua Feng Shui System, there are three different Yellow Spring Sha Feng Shui configurations.

The other two Feng Shui configurations are called Save Poor Yellow Spring and Speed up Career Yellow Spring Techniques.


Yellow Spring Sha for Speed up Career


Jia Facing Gen incoming water gets good exam results (Scholarship, win competition)

(I implemented this configuration at my own home to help my son gets his dream job)



Gen facing, Kun water produces Heroes (Military officers),



Bing Facing, Xun coming water brings a lot treasures.



Ren facing Meets Qian water produces political officers,


Third Arrangements for Save Poor


Xin goes into Qian Sector; bring million houses (Wealth creation via properties)



Gui goes into Gen sector writes good article (Become a scholar)



Yi facing,  Xun Water becomes rich (Becomes a teacher)

I implemented this one too at my home, now I started teach more.



Ding Facing, Kun incoming water creates ten thousand boxes (Becomes medicine related, herbs, and boxes)

(I implemented this configuration for a client and the company has been exporting many container boxes overseas.)


Please note that the above configurations need certain conditions to activate the desired results. If you want to know the techniques / configurations, you are welcome to take part my Feng Shui course.

Here is the link for more details of my Feng Shui Course!


Feng Shui Luopan Man Ring and how it works will be discussed in this article.

One of the important Feng Shui tools for a Feng Shui Master is the Feng Shui compass (風水羅盤) or Feng Shui Luopan.

A Feng Shui Luopan has many rings. It can be varied from 10 to 49 rings. A decent Luopan should have at least 28 rings.

Most Feng Shui Luopans, varying  the Feng Shui School they are belonging to, generally, they come with common Lopan rings, such as:

Early Heaven Bagua arrangement

Later Heaven Bagua arrangement

Robbery Sha formula

Yellow Spring Sha Formula,

Basha Formula

The 24 Mountains Earth Ring / The 24 mountains’ Yin and Yang

24 mountains Man Ring

24 Mountains Heaven Ring and

The 360 degrees, it is made easier for reference in degree.

Variations of Feng Shui Luopan Rings

Most Feng Shui LuoPan has 3 different 24 mountains rings.
The inner 24 mountains ring is called Earth Ring (地盤).
The 24 mountains ring at the middle is called Man Ring (人盤).
The outer 24 mountains ring is called Heaven Ring (天盤).

The Man Ring is 7.5 degrees to the left of the Earth ring, the Heaven Ring is 7.5 degrees to the right of the Earth Ring when the Feng Shui Luopan pointing forward.

In Fneg Shui Jargon, these 3 twenty-four mountains rings named in short: Earth, Man and Heaven Ring. Each of these 24 mountains rings serve different Feng Shui functions. They are catered for different formulas.

The Fneg Shui Luopan Man ring is discussed here.

The Man ring is for external land forms (消砂 Xiao Sha). It is to measure whether an object is benefited to the house or not. An object can be a power pole, tower, pylon, lamp pole a small hill or a tall and skinny building.

The Man Ring's 24 mountains, its element is different from the Earth ring.

Here are the elements assigned to the Fneg Shui Luopan Man Ring.

乾坤艮巽是木鄉Qian Kun Gen Xun    --> Wood Element
寅申巳亥水神當Yin Shen Si Hai         --> Water Element
甲庚丙壬本屬火Jia Geng Bing Ren    --> Fire Element
子午卯酉火依相Zi Wu Mao You         --> Fire Element
乙辛丁癸土相雙Yi Xin Ding Gui         -->Earth Element
辰戌丑未屬金堂Chen Xu Chou Wei   -->Metal Element

Some Feng Shui compasses come with colour coded Man ring.

Fneg Shui Luopan Man Ring There are a total of Eight Mountains are fire element.

If you know about Chinese Astrology Bazi the 10 Gods theory, you will understand the man ring formula straight way.
It works as the 10 gods’ principal using the five elements control and enhance cycles.

This technique of the Man ring formula uses the 5 elements enhance and control cycle.  The I or Me is the Sitting of the house in the following sentences.
a) What I control is wealth.
b) What controls me is Power (suppress me)
c) What I produce is drain (Eating God)
d) What produces / enhances me is resource.
e) Same as me increases my strength in wealth.

For example: Let say a house Sitting Wu午 Horse facing Zi子 Rat.

There is a power pole is at Hai 亥 Pig sector in the Man Ring sector.

Using the formula above, the Wu horse is Fire. Hai Pig is Water.
Hence, Water element controls Fire Element.
What controls me is Power, Suppress me.

Hence external people come to suppress the people in this house. This can also cause accidents, legal issues. Particularly happens in the year of the pig.

You can read more info on Feng Shui luopan by clicking here.

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Here are the Good days and Bad Days in September 2019. It is free. Please feel free to share to your friends.

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