“Can Feng Shui change life and destiny ?” It is a big question.

There are a few places on the internet ask: “Can Feng Shui change life and destiny?”

In my opinion, “Can Feng Shui change life and destiny ?” is a heavy question. It need a lot of research to proof it. By summing up more than 10 years of my Feng Shui practice, I would say no to this question: “Can Feng Shui change life and Destiny?” when the change in the question as total change. However I would say yes to the question “Can Feng Shui Change life and destiny ?” in other way. I would say Feng Shui can improve our life in some areas such as wealth,health and relationship.

Everyone lives in this Five Element Feng Shui world is affected by 2 types of Feng Shui, the congenital and acquired Feng Shui. These two types of Feng Shui can affect and improve our fate and destiny.

Congenital Feng shui is the Feng Shui existed before we were born. To be exact, congenital feng shui can be our ancestors’ burial graves and our parents’ house. Good Yin Feng Shui has the power to produce good offspring. To find out more about congenital Feng Shui you can read the last part of this link: what is Feng Shui – About Feng Shui.

Acquired Feng Shui is Feng Shui tailored for someone for his/her study, work, business relationship and other aspects of life.

Feng Shui consultants all understand the acquired Feng Shui. But some of them may not understand the congenital Feng Shui concept.

The acquired Feng Shui is easy to explain. It is the Feng Shui to improve the harmony at the place we live, work and play. By applying Feng Shui principles, Feng Shui Masters can improve the well-being of the occupants or business for a premise.

For those who do not understand congenital Feng Shui or Feng Shui skeptic they often ask, if Feng Shui is so powerful, it brings wealth and fame, how come feng shui masters do not apply Feng Shui to make themselves become a self made Feng Shui billionaire?

Well, of course Feng Shui Masters apply Feng Shui to make their life go smoother. But there is limitation of one thing that a Feng Shui master cannot do. This one thing is that the Feng Shui Masters cannot go back in time to change the congenital Feng Shui for them as it was pre-exist. As from the moment we were born, the destiny is very much fixed. It is very much fixed but it is not 100% fixed. There is always room to improve.

Can Feng Shui Change life and destiny explained

Let’s assume 100 is full mark. We can divide, let say wealth into 10 levels of ranking poor to rich.

Can Feng Shui change life to higher level?

Can Feng Shui change your life to a higher level?

Level 1: 1 to 10,

Level 2: 11 to 20,

Level 3: 21 to 30,

Level 4: 31 to 40,

Level 5: 41 to 50,

Level 6: 51 to 60,

Level 7: 61 to 70,

Level 8: 71 to 80,

Level 9: 81 to 90,

Level 10: 91 to 100

If someone was born at level 7, without knowing or helping of Feng shui, he may be lingering between 58 to 62.  And with the genuine help of Feng Shui, the person can improve and stay at 68 to 72. Due to the congenital Feng Shui limitation, this person cannot reach level 10 or 100 points.

If any Feng Shui masters tell you that he or she can make you become a billionaire, you really need to put a question mark to him/her or ask why he himself is not a billionaire yet.

We all agree:  ‘Nature does not leap.” So does Feng Shui. It is impossible for a Feng Shui master to  improve a level 2 ranking person to level 7 ranking, a jumping of 4 levels, if so, all the predictions based on Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny would be unpredictable. It is because the fate steers away from its original trend.

Applying Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology to our day to day living is to enhance and smooth the process. It cannot make us leap a few levels up.

Acquired Feng Shui can only bring smooth, better results and more opportunities into our life. Feng Shui cannot totally change life, our fate or destiny.

With good Yin Feng Shui, it can change our life, fate and destiny. But it needs time and a good Feng Shui Master to find a good Feng Shui Dragon Den to bury our ancestor’s bones. However nowadays it is very difficult to find good Feng Shui Dragon Den.

Can Feng Shui Change life and destiny totally? No. But Feng Shui can improve our life in some areas.