This is my first Chinese Astrology post. Hope you like my Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Bazi site.

Chinese Astrology Bazi also known as Four Pillars of Destiny. There is another Chinese Astrology system called Ziweidoushu. I will talk about it later. Both system uses a person’s birth data that is the year, month, day and birth hour to construct a natal chart, luck pillars. By using the Five Elements or Wu-Xing (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) theory, Chinese Astrology consultants are able to look into the chart and it luck pillars in order to find out information of the person such as, relationship, wealth, children, career direction, social status and luck cycle….

Chinese Astrology Bazi in Chinese means “eight characters”. Ba is eight and Zi is character. These eight characters are made up by 4 Heavenly Stems plus 4 Earthly Branches. Each Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch carry one of the Five Elements. This is the fundamental of Chinese Astrology Bazi.

Five elements in Chinese Astrology Bazi

Five elements in Chinese Astrology bazi – Birth and control cycle

We are all living in the Five Elements (Wu Xing) world. As a result, we are all affected by the Wu Xing and its cycles. That is why sometimes we are doing well and feeling happy when the elements are on our side. On the other hand, sometimes we are feeling down and things are not going smooth for us when the elements are at the opposite side.

The purpose of reading our Chinese Astrology Bazi chart is to find out the best element or elements for our life to attract good luck. How to attract good luck is by associating our job (Each job has its element), house direction (direction has element), colors (color has element), people (people have their elements) with these favorable elements, our well-beings and quality of life will be improved.