This Youtube video talks about Chinese Astrology fortune telling from Buddhism point of view. Master Sheng Yen was interviewed in this video. It is not a long video. It lasts only about nine minutes. However, it contains excellent concepts for Feng Shui consultants and Chinese Astrology fortune telling experts. Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny and Ziweidoushu are the most popular Chinese Astrology fortune telling method from China.

Master Sheng Yen admits that Chinese Astrology fortune telling systems such as Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny and Feng Shui (Wind and Water) exist. However, he put a question mark on how accuracy of those systems. He even mentions about Fneg Shui is vital to all livings. As Feng Shui translating into English is “Wind and Water”. Sheng Yen mentions without wind and water, there will not be livings exist on Earth. Fneg Shui is important to us.

Chinese Astrology fortune telling expert Edgar Lok Tin Yung

In my opinion, may be Master Sheng Yen had never had visited a fortune teller and had his fortune told before. So he doubts the accuracy of those Chinese astrology fortune telling systems.

When talking about the accuracy in Chinese Astrology fortune telling, I am as a Chinese Astrology fortune teller, I must admit that non of those systems have 100% accuracy. There are a lot of factors affecting our life. (Master Sheng Yen talks about it too.) I cannot read someone’s chart and tell them what do they do the next minutes or next day. However I am able to tell someone’s destiny trend, good luck, bad luck, health, wealth and relationship based on their Bazi chart. The average percentage of accuracy feed back from clients is about 75% – 80%.  You may want to read clients testimonials about me.

Anyway, the video language is in Chinese. Luckily it has English subtitles. Hope you enjoy it and you be the judge.

Chinese Astrology Fortune Telling video from Youtube.