There are two major fortune telling systems used by Chinese Astrology Masters. The two systems are the Chinese Astrology Bazi and Ziweidoushu.

I am lucky to learn both systems from Chinese Astrology Masters in Hong Kong.

In my Chinese astrology fortune telling consultation, I combine two Chinese Astrology systems together. Clients told me that my reading the accuracy is high. It is about 75% – 80% of accuracy.

Both Bazi and Ziweidoushu fortune telling systems used by Chinese astrology Masters need the same raw data. It is the birthday of a person including the birth hour.

Although, Bazi and Ziweidoushu are the two totally different Chinese astrology fortune telling systems, a well trained Chinese Astrology Master brings similar conclusion if they are given a person’s correct Bazi chart and Ziweidoushu chart respectively.

Chinese astrology Masters use Bazi chart with Luck pillars looks like this.
Chinese Astrology Masters Bazi Chart

Chinese Astrology Master Read Bazi Chart

Chinese Astrology Masters use Ziweidoushu chart looks like this.
Chinese Astrology Masters use Ziweidoushu chart

Chinese Astrology Mater Reads Ziweidoushu chart

Both Bazi and Ziweidoushu systems have their strengths and weakness. The Bazi is more focused on the Five Elements and the Ten God interaction in the natal chart as well as luck pillars and yearly pillar. While the Ziweidoushu is focused on the characteristics of the “Stars” in different 12 houses and its transformation with time, typically the 10 years luck cycle and yearly luck stars transformation.

There are total of 115 stars in Ziweidoushu natal chart and based on the birth data, these stars are distributed to the 12 houses. The 12 Houses or palaces in Ziweidoushu tell the particular of areas of the person. namely:

Here are the Chinese Astrology Ziweidoushu 12 Houses

Life House is about the character of the person.

Siblings (Brothers and Sisters) House is the status of Siblings.

Spouse House is the relationship with the spouse and spouse’s character.

Children House is about the children and birth.

Money or Wealth House, It is about where you make and spend money.

Health House is about a person’s health.

Travelling House is about the travelling direction.

Friendship House is about friends surround you.

Career House is about what career suit you.

Property House is about property.

Happiness House is your inner self.

Parents House is about the parents the name suggests.