Chinese Astrology romance compatibilityThere are a few ways to work out the Chinese Astrology romance compatibility.

Chinese Astrology Bazi or Four pillars of Destiny can work out the romance compatibility for couples, partners even the same sex couples. In term of relationship, no matter it is a Yin – Yang (Female & Male) relationship, Yin-Yin (Female & Female) relationship or Yang – Yang (Male & Male) relationship, everyone would love to have a romantic and smooth compatible love life.

One of the most popular ways of looking at Chinese astrology romance compatibility for couples is using the combinations, aka, half combinations and triple harmony combinations. They are:

Monkey compatible with Rat. Rat compatible with Dragon.
Snake compatible with Rooster. Rooster compatible with Ox.
Tiger compatible with Horse. Horse compatible with Dog.
Pig compatible Rabbit. Rabbit compatible with Goat.

Chinese Astrology romance compatibility also apply to the followings animal signs:

Pig compatible with Tiger. Rat compatible with Ox.

Rabbit compatible with Dog. Dragon compatible with Rooster.

Snake compatible with Monkey. Horse compatible with Goat.

All Feng Shui consultants should know this basic formula. let’s look at the Monkey-Rat-Dragon combination. It means the animal sign Monkey compatible with Rat and Rat compatible with Dragon. Dragon is compatible with monkey.

However, the above are the very basic formula and it sometimes does not work well. I think may be that is why some people are very skeptic about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Because in this case it is not 100% accurate.

In relationship Chinese astrology romance compatibility, it is more than just the basic triple harmony formula.

An experienced, well trained Chinese Astrology Bazi consultant will also look at the Date Master or DM in short, the spouse houses, the elements of the natal charts, the luck pillars (both current luck pillars and future luck pillars and the ups and downs of luck cycles), the nobleman signs and so on.

Almost all consultants will oppose partners with a clash animal sign. eg. Horse and Rat, Dragon and Dog, Rabbit and Rooster…

One of mine very good friends he was born in the year of snake and his wife was born in the year of the pig. They are such lovely and adorable couples with 2 children.

I have consulted before a couple were born Dragon and Dog year. They actually did not have any issues. They just wanted to test me because their friend told them I am good.