Chinese Astrology Wealth, the Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth, Rob Wealth and Self-element are four of the Ten 10 Gods in Chinese Astrology represent wealth or debt.

One thing must be bear in mind is that because of the Yin and Yang (Negative and Positive) theory in Chinese Astrology, Chinese Astrology Wealth under some circumstances, the wealth can change from positive to negative or vice versa. In the other words, depending on the Chinese Astrology four pillars natal chart type and luck pillar, wealth can be changed to debt and debt can be changed back to wealth. It is a very interesting concept and it confuses many new comers.

In a Chinese Astrology Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny chart, the Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth means wealth or debt for both male and female charts.

Chinese Astrology Wealth in Bazi chart also means wife to a male chart

Other than Chinese Astrology wealth (negative or positive), the Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth has an extra meaning in male chart. The Direct Wealth means wife and Indirect wealth means girl-friends. With this Chinese Astrology theory, we can explain why some men are luckier than the others. Some men’s wives are wealth (Wife makes money husband spends it). Some men’s wives are debt (Husband makes money wife spends it).

It also explains why some men have to help the in-law families and why some men are getting help from the in-law families.

Have you ever thought of why that the ten 10 Gods relationship in Chinese Astrology, the wife is the wealth to a man.

One of the Chinese Astrology ten 10 gods rules it states: “我剋者為財”. It commonly translates into English as “I control or conquer is wealth”. In my view “剋” also has a meaning of “overcome or inserting”. Such as tree roots are inserting into the earth. Wood controls earth.

Chinese Astrology Wealth and 10 gods in Chinese Bazi chart

“剋”,(Insertion) It describes the intimate relationship action of husband and wife. If you have got some Chinese Astrology knowledge, it is not hard to explain from the female astrology chart point of view why “剋我者為官為殺”. In English “Control or conquer me is Officier or 7 Killings”.

In a female Chinese astrology Bazi Four Pillars of destiny chart, “Officier” means husband and 7 Killings means boy-friend.

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