Soon we are entering to the year of the Goat 2015.

In the following short article, I will give you some tips on how to acquire the auspicious energy and avoid bad energy on the Chinese New Year Day!

There is also information answer to the hangout video with Vicki and Dr. Mavi. You may want to watch the video first.

In the past, on the Chinese New Year day, in order to receive the good Qi, there were a few activities to be done. And some activities must not do to avoid bad energy.

In traditional Chinese farming society, in order to attract the good luck and hope for a good harvest year to come, there were a few activities to be performed on the first new moon day of the year. And due to the characteristic of the Chinese Almanac, the Chinese New Year day always falls on the first new moon day of the year.

On the Chinese New Year day, any farming activity was put aside. It is a holiday for the farmers. (Most countries in Asia nowadays still keep the tradition – No work on the day)

So what are the do and don’t activities?

Activities to be done: include worship the ancestors, using good words to greet people, wear new clothes, burn fire crackers at certain hour, put up the meaningful good luck wordings stickers on the walls, such as “Gong Hei Fat Choi”, “Good health Good wealth”.

Chinese New Year Day








Activities NOT to be done:

1. Don’t using a pair of scissors (it cuts the luck),
2. Don’t sweep the floor (sweep away wealth and luck);
3. Don’t greet someone while they are still in bed (someone lies down to be greeted means they will be unwell in the year to come). And
4. Ladies don’t hurry their men to get out of the bed. (Meaning the man cannot settle down in the year, always push by someone)

In the video, Dr Mavi asked me how to welcome the Goat,

My answer to her question was we need to go to a certain direction to receive the auspicious Qi. We don’t need to wear red underwear.

Chinese New Year Day Auspicious Direction

The auspicious direction to go on the Chinese new year day on the 19th Feb, year of the Goat or sheep.
You can use:

3-7am, 11-1pm or 5-7pm then;

Drive or walk toward West direction for at least 20 minutes to meet the Money God and the Promotion God. Incidentally, both Money God and Promotion God are coming from the same direction on the Chinese New Year day.

Someone may have read the Earth Luck prediction and they may ask the west direction in the year of the Goat, there are the Three-Killings and the Five-Yellow Sha Qi. How come we are still going to the west direction?

The answers is those Sha Qi are calculated using different levels. The Three-Killings is calculated using the 12 branches, it is related to the ground. So as long as no “Move Earth” or digging ground, you will not activate the Sha Qi. The Five-Yellow is calculated using the stars.

The Money God and Promotion God on the Chinese New Year day are calculated using the Moon. And it is only valid on the Chinese New Year Day.