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February 27, 2015

Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs luck Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Animal sign“Where does the Chinese zodiac come from?” I was asked.

This is a simple question. However it is not easy to answer it in simple way. Perhaps, the simplest answer is: "The Chinese zodiac come from China". lol.

There are a few version of folk tales about where the Chinese Zodiac come from. The folk tale told various from different regions in China. The most popular tale is about the Heaven Emperor and the animal race.

One day, the Heaven Emperor decided to call all the animals on Earth to have a race. The prize was the first 12 animals won the race will be named in orders to represent the years. Then the tale goes on tell why the Rat was the first to arrive and why the cat is not there and so on…

I believe that the scientific version is that the Chinese Zodiac is related to the planet Jupiter. The Jupiter rotates around the Sun in 12 years cycle.  Each year the Jupiter is also related to certain direction / sector of the earth and it moves 30 degrees. (30 deg x 12 = one complete circle)

The ancient Chinese astronomy divided the sky in to four sectors also known as the four celestial animals and 28 constellations. Each of the sectors has 7 constellations. When the Jupiter is passing the sector in 12 years cycle, each sector is give a name. In 2015 the direction is South South west. In Chinese it is “未” “Wei”. The Chinese Zodiac or animal sign is Goat. It is quite complex. As in the old time, not everyone had the chance of going to school. There was a lot of illiteracy. So the Chinese Sage invented a simple system using the animal sign for people to remember or relate the Jupiter of that particular sector of Chinese Zodiac belonged.

Most people think Chinese Astrology is just about one’s animal sign. It is incorrect. The animal sign is derived from the birth year and it is only 1/8 of a complete Chinese astrology birth chart. By just using the Chinese Zodiac or animal sign, it is difficult to tell someone’s destiny.

It is because a full Chinese Astrology birth chart consists of the Year, the Month, the Day and the Hour of a person was born. As in the Chinese calendar, the year, month, day and hour carry different elements, such as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

By calculating the interaction of the elements in a chart, an experienced Chinese astrology consultant can decode the turning points, favourable direction, career path, the ups and downs, health, and wealth of a person.

In my practice, clients found my Chinese Astrology readings benefit them very much.  Clients can make better decision based on their own chart which leads to good outcomes.

With the above in mind, Chinese Astrology is not only can help someone made good decision, but also brings good outcome. Chinese Astrology can ease someone’s mind and help a person who is standing at the cross road.

Despite the Animal sign cannot tell our destiny, but it can tell a small part of our character.

Here is the summary character of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals: (However, it is not absolute correct.)

1. Year of the Rat:  Adapt well to the changing environment and can easily integrating themselves to others. However, they are impatient. They can change their mind or interests easily.

2. Year of the Ox:  They work hard like an ox. They are responsible. However, the Ox sometimes can be very stubborn. the Ox are loyalty and diligence but sometimes worry too much.

3. Year of Tiger: They are powerful. They have confident in themselves. They like to control the situation and the others. They work hard to create success to show of.

4. Year of the Rabbit: They are witty, tidy and beautiful. They are gentle, and honest. They are good observant and very aware to the environment.

5. Year of the Dragon: They got exceptional qualities. The only animal can walk, run, fly and swim. They are easy to get along. They are willing to take risks.  More stubborn than the Ox.

6. Year of the Snake: They are intelligent, ambitious, normally think a few steps ahead. They can easily change situation for their own benefit.

7. Year of the Horse: They have compassion. they are very independent. They work well in a familiar environment.  They are very competitive.

8. Year of the Goat: They are patient, easy to adapt new environment and loyal. They have positive attitude to face harsh conditions and not easy to give things up. sometimes can be very stubborn.

9. Year of the Monkey:  They are smart and have quick thinking. They have strong ability to read the situations so more easy for them to be a leader.

10. Year of the Rooster:  They are trustable, sporty and interested in arts and music. Normally they can get out of the bed early.

11. Year of the Dog: They are helpful to friends and family, quick minded and have a sense of humour. However, they are easy convinced and take advantages by others.

12. Year of the Pig: They only believe what they think. They like to enjoy every moment. They are kind. However change their mind easily.


Article written by Edgar Lok Tin Yung