The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is finally reopened.

According to the, the Melbourne star observation wheel opened for guests at 12 noon on Monday December 23rd 2013.

It is good news to Melbourne, especially the retailers at Docklands. After five years of setbacks finally, it reopened. Hope it brings good business to them.

I opened my date selection calendar this morning after I learned the news.

23rd December 2013 was Yin Water Pig day. We are in 2013 year of the Yin Water Snake.

Date Selection

Unfortunately, the date 23rd December 2013 selected was not a good day.

The day Yin water pig clashes with the year of the yin water Snake. It is a clash day or it is a year breaker day. It is not a good day to preform important event such as opening, moving, launching products and so on…

In my article, the good days and bad days for the Rat month 2013, I stated that 23rd December was not a good day. It is not suitable for major event.

The opening of Melbourne Star observation wheel is using the clash day, so according to the date selection rule, using such day will bring unsmooth result and bring bad consequence within 100 days.

I am confused. I hope my prediction is not going to happen.

On one hand, I hope I am wrong. I really hope that the Melbourne Star observation Wheel can bring more visitors to Melbourne and the retailers at Docklands have better business.

On the other hand, if it is going to be very smooth for the Melbourne Observation Star wheel, then I have to revisit some of the date selection rules.

Anyway, time will tell.

The following is a summary of an article I wrote for

Five years ago, the opening date of the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel was on 20 December 2008.

The day is Yang Wood Horse. It clashes with the month (Rat) and the year (Rat). It is also the day before the Winter solstice which has no energy at all. Using such a day to perform any major event or opening a new facility is likely to bring a disastrous result.

You may remember what happened to the Southern Star Wheel five years ago.

Back in April 2010 I had a chance to take a few fellow consultants for a Melbourne City Feng Shui tour. At that time the Wheel was being re-constructed and I explained about the opening day to them.

We then measured the sitting and facing (Facing and sitting is very important in Feng Shui) of the Wheel and to our astonishment it was on a Void line! I remember vividly telling my fellow consultants that if the base of the wheel is not rectified there would be more troubles to come. Unfortunately my prediction was correct. The Southern Star Wheel project again ran into trouble in December 2011 and in fact the project is now idle and remains unfinished.

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