Date Selection Workshop with Edgar Lok Tin Yung after AFSC 2017 conference

I have these questions for you about my date selection workshop:

Do you want to harvest good Qi or energy to increase the success and smoothness of your events?
Do you want to benefit from the energy of the day?
Do you want to enhance Date Selection techniques to integrate with your Feng Shui practice?

Date Selection workshop after AFSC 2017 conference

Date Selection workshop after AFSC 2017According to ancient Chinese knowledge, each day has its own special energy or Qi which is revealed through the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. To utilise the energy of the day for an occasion is called Date Selection. There are rules for this special skill, depending on what event the date is to be used for. The first three types of Date Selection Methods regarding General Purpose, Weddings and Activation of Romance will be discussed in this workshop.

Traditionally, Feng Shui masters or Chinese Astrology experts MUST learn the date selection technique. It is because date selection for an important event is a must and that is highly regarded and widely used by the Chinese. As people know more about the benefit of the date selection, more and more people, other than Chinese also like to utilise the energy from date selection.

In classical Feng Shui text stated:
“龍虎有一缺之差, 不減真龍之福, 日子有一時之錯, 則有百日之憂!”

It means: “In term of forms, the Green Dragon or White Tiger has some defects; it does not reduce the true Dragon Den’s prosperous energy. However, if the selected date is wrong, it brings in a hundred days of worry.”

Date Selection Workshop Outline

Date Selection for general purposes such as shop opening, launching products, moving house/office, I-Ching Divination and even haircut
Wedding Dates, Activation of Romance for Singles, Moving or installing a stove & new boat or ship entering the water
Burial and hoist or installation of tomb stone and more……….

Date selection workshop details:

Date: Monday 5th of June 2017
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Investment: $458 Early bird pay before 11th May 2017 (Bank Deposit, PayPal accepted), $498 after 11th May
Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches
Venue: Gold Coast after AFSC 2017 conference.
Bookings: Pay or email to Secure your seat

$458 Early bird pay before 11th May 2017

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