In Chinese Face Reading, a good fortune teller or Feng Shui Master does not only read the face contours of their clients, but also read their words, the way they talk (in order to identify their internal Qi), their movements, their responses, the body languages, face colours, so called “氣色” “Qi Colour” in English.

“Qi colour” is very difficult to read. It must be read in person and under natural sun light to get the best result. So it is impossible to read someone’s face using Skype video call or face time in great details, especially when it comes to “Qi colour”.

Using Skype or Face time, a Feng Shui consultant or fortune teller can only see the face outlines and some special facial features of a person.

One thing can be clearly seen from the Skype video call or Face time is the person’s teeth. When someone talks or smile, most of the time they reveal their teeth, sometimes their gum as well.

A Feng Shui Master will definitely pay attention to the teeth of their clients. When someone talks, if you can see their teeth and gum, and the teeth are not neat and tidy, this means this person cannot keep any secret. If you tell them something, the next minute they will tell someone else, especially when you said this is between you and me.

Neat and Tidy Teeth Bring Good LuckThere is a saying in face reading text which states: “牙齊衣食能豐享”. The meaning in English is something like this: “Neat and tidy teeth have abundant food and clothes.”  In the other words neat and tidy teeth bring good luck.

In the old time, when food and clothes were scarcity, the formation of teeth was bad. So when a feng Shui master saw a kid or a person with neat and tidy teeth, he would say that they had abundant food and clothes. The logic behind is that this person from a wealth family and he got food and had good nutrition to develop his teeth.

Well, can this face reading sentence used by Feng Shui Master be applied to our today’s modern society?

In my experience, yes, the sentence still can be applied to our today’s modern society. And here is the evidence to support it.

According to a poll conducted last year by VisionCritical. Results found that people see whiter teeth as an indication of wealth.
The survey result showed that people with whiter teeth were thought to earn £10,000 more on average than they actually did.
Sparkling teeth also made them look up to five years younger and improved their employment potential by 10 per cent, results showed.

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