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August 2, 2016

Feng Shui Baby Boy or Girl Gender Improvement

Feng Shui Baby Gender Boy or Girl

If you have already had three sons or three daughters, and you want to have the fourth child with a different gender to the first three children. Meaning that you have already had three sons and you want a daughter. Or you have already had three daughters and you want a son. Then, you should read this Feng Shui article carefully. It is because by applying some Feng Shui technique, it can improve the chance of baby gender you desired.

In my Feng Shui Fertility workshop, I mentioned about the Sun Spot and Moon Spot formula for improving the chance of baby gender. Sun Spot formula is for boy and Moon Spot formula is for girl. For those who attended the Feng Shui Fertility Workshop know to apply the formula. Feng Shui Baby Gender Boy or Girl

However, the Sun Spot and Moon Spot formulas are for experienced Feng Shui consultants to apply for their clients. It is because it needs Feng Shui knowledge to apply the formula to a house. If you are interested in my Feng Shui Fertility workshop, please feel free to contact me.

Now, I am going to reveal a simple formula for improve the chance of baby gender at your wish. (If it can incorporate with the Sun and Moon Spot formulas, the chance of the baby gender you desire will be even higher.)

I wanted to write this Feng Shui Baby Gender article for sometimes. I finally had some time for it. I want to share this simple Feng Shui formula with you. I hope you can benefit from it. Rumour is that this formula is from a highly credible source.

It is from the Ching Royal library. It is not common to general citizen.

The Chinese characters of this feng shui baby formula look like the following line.


A brief translation: “7 times 7 equal 49, ask the mother for the month of conceived, take away mother’s age, and then add 19.”

There are two variables and two constants in this formula. First variable is the age of the mother. Second variable is the month of conceive.

The constants are 49 and 19. So if someone with mathematics knowledge, after simplification there is only 1 constant 68 (49+19). 68 is the constant.

How to calculate this Feng Shui Baby gender formula

The simplest way to use this Feng Shui Baby formula is 68 + the lunar month of conceived – the age of the mother (actual age + 1).

For example: Mother born in October 1988. She is 29 years old. (2016 – 1988 +1) She is pregnant in March. March is the second month in lunar calendar. The Solar terms relate to the lunar months.

Hence: 68 + 2 - 29 = 41, if the result is an odd number, it is a boy. And if the result is even number then it is a girl.

If you already had children, you can check to find out how accurate this feng shui baby formula is and let me know!

Article written by Edgar Lok Tin Yung