Feng Shui coins and how does it work?

Most Feng Shui books state that the most common use of Chinese Feng Shui coins in Feng Shui is to attract wealth, money and protect luck.

Well, in my opinion, these Feng Shui coins material are metal element. They have some metal Wu Xing energy to drain excessive Earth element or control excessive Wood element. At the same, coins promote metal energy such as annual star number 6 or flying star number 6. Strictly speaking the flying star number 6 and annual star number 6 are slightly different.

In term of attracting wealth, money and protecting luck, it is a belief in new age Feng Shui. Why is that so? If you think about this it is not hard to understand this idea was invented in late Ching dynasty or even later. It is not traditional Feng Shui at all.

Feng Shui Coins in Feng Shui Text

In traditional classical Feng Shui text, there is no such thing as using 3,6 or 9 metal coins to attract luck. The traditional Feng Shui is all about forms and the in coming and out going Qi (energy) in relation to the facing and the in coming mountain dragon.

In of the classic Feng Shui text books <<Tian Yu Jin>> it says:

“The Mountain Dragon must harmonize with the Facing and the Facing must harmonize with the water. Water harmonizes with the three auspicious areas.”

No Feng Shui coins were mentioned in Classical Fneg Shui text

Furthermore these Feng Shui coins are counterfeit of Ching dynasty’s currency (1644-1911). They are not real Ching Dynasty’s coins. They are no longer in circulation. What do think you are going to attract by using counterfeit coins?

feng shui coins for annual star number 6Money makes money. So if you need to place some coins in certain sector of your house to cure excessive Earth or Wood energy, I suggest you use the current currency. I normally advice clients using 6 x 20 cents coins to activate the annual star number 6. Here is a testimonial from client I Feng Shui for in 2009.

We are sleeping better at night due to your advice on our bedroom layout. (Now if you just had a remedy for my husbands snoring!)
The 6 coins placement you suggested for promotion have worked already – within a week.
Our whole house has a very calming and good energy feel. We are experiencing many positive influences at the moment. Friends have asked us for your details and we have happily passed them on.
We will see you at the start of the next Chinese New Year.