Feng Shui compass or Feng Shui LuoPan, When come to Feng Shui aduit, it is a must. It is hard not to use a Feng Shui Luopan for Feng Shui Audit.

An accurate Feng Shui Luo Pan can save a lot of time and save some mistakes too. It is always good to invest in a good Feng Shui Luo Pan.

Most of the time when a client see the LuoPan, they say it looks beautiful.

Most people think that a Feng Shui Luopan is a compass for direction finding, such as where are the north, south, east and west. In fact, it is more than that.

In a Feng Shui Luo Pan, the basic information is the 24 directions. They are also known as the 24 mountains. Each direction or mountains has 15 degrees span. 24 directions time 15 equals to 360 degrees. It is a full complete 360 circle.

The Earth Ring

The 24 mountains direction is also called the Earth Ring. This is one of the rings in a Feng Shui Luo Pan.

There are two other 24 mountains rings line up a bit differently to the Earth Ring. They are the Man Ring and Heaven Ring.

The Man Ring is for manipulating the forms or in Chinese called 消砂. It comes with its own independent formula.

The Heaven Ring 24 directions match with the 24 solar terms and it is used for date selection.

We will discuss the manipulation of the forms formula and the date selection Ring in another time.

In genuine tradition Feng Shui, the direction of a house or an office is very important. It is the fundamental layer of Feng Shui. If the direction of a premises measured incorrectly, then all the subsequent Feng Shui calculations can be incorrect too. It can bring undesired results to the occupants.

Other than the above mentioned Earth, Man and Heaven Rings, a Feng Shui LuoPan has many other rings. Each ring has its own function. In the other words, each ring engraved with a feng shui Formula in it. Some

Feng Shui Luo Pan can contain up to 36 rings. They have many Feng Shui formula from various Feng shui schools embedded in them.

The most common rings can be found in any Feng Shui Luopan are:Feng Shui compass - Yellow Spring Sha and Basha

  • The Early Heaven Bagua arrangement.
  • The Later Heaven Bagua arrangement:
  • The Natal LoShu number arrangement,
  • The Robbery Sha formula,
  • The Yellow Spring Sha formula
  • The BaSha formula
  • The 64 Gua (Hexagrams)
  • The Heaven Stars
  • The 360 degrees and so on…

How to use a Feng Shui Compass or LuoPan?

There are different layouts and rings of a Feng Shui Luo Pan from different manufacturers. Yet the principals behinds them are the same. The important point is how to use it, read it, understand each ring and apply the technique of it.

There are no such Sha (bad energy) called Yellow Spring Sha in the Eight Mansions Feng Shui System. The Yellow Spring Sha and Basha are also not mentioned in the Eight Mansions or Flying Stars feng shui systems. But the Basha and the Yellow Spring Sha formula both have their own independent compass rings. It means these Sha are important. So regardless what feng shui systems you are applying, the Basha and the Yellow Spring Sha must be looked and cured.

In the world of Feng Shui, there are so many feng shui layers. Most Feng shui consultants say that the Eight Mansions Feng shui system is too simple. The Flying Stars feng shui system is excellent. Some Feng shui consultants argue that San He and the San Yuen are the ways to go.

Actually, these feng shui systems are all correct. It is all depending one thing. It is the fundamental layer to marry them together. Marry means the Yin and Yang intercourse.
In the other words, it is to marry the fundamental layer of the 24 mountains and how to accurately using each formula engraved on the Feng Shui Luo Pan or Feng Shui compass.

The correct method of using a Feng Shui Luo Pan is far more important than arguing which Feng Shui systems are better than the others.

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