Feng Shui Consultations delivered by Master Edgar Lok Tin Feng Shui to clients locally and internationally.  
Chinese Astrology readings and consultations based on the Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny combined with Ziweidoushu reading methods. 
Discover the art of feng shui and learn how it can positively influence your life.
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Learn what your future holds

Chinese Astrology consultation using Bazi. Bazi is also known as Four Pillars of Destiny.

Chinese Astrology Consultations for Melbourne locals can be done face to face in my office in Balwyn North. For those who does not live in Melbourne area. Chinese Astrology consultation can be done via SKYPE. A good way to communicate. Clients from overseas were very happy.

Bazi predictions is one of an ancient Chinese fortune telling systems based on the Chinese calendar (Hsia Calendar) and allows a trained Chinese Astrology consultant to reveal the inborn components of a person and analyze the Wu Xing (Five elements) that impact in their life.
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Based on your date of birth, year, month, day and birth hour and converts it to Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches, a well trained consultant is able to evaluate the character, appearance, behavior, relationships, potential, achievements, health and wealth in one’s life. With combining the Luck Pillars and Yearly pillars, it helps a consultant to pinpoint when the potential in a particular area will peak.

I am so lucky to learn Chinese astrology consultation fortune telling from traditional Chinese Bazi Masters in Hong Kong. The art of Bazi can help individuals to make important decisions, such as career path, love and relationship, business and partnership when standing at the cross roads.

Who would benefit from my Chinese Astrology consultation service?
Someone who seeks some guidance with their personal life or career direction
Someone who wishes to find out more about their health, career potential, relationships and luck cycles.
Someone who wishes to make more informed decisions regarding their studies, career or business
Someone who is in a dilemma situation and wishes to find out more….
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Client Testimonials
  • "Ahhhhhh, Master Edgar hi!  We spoke a few weeks back and I mentioned we were looking for a home to buy and if you would like to help with consultancy.  You may also remember that I mentioned the last time you did a consultation for me it made the most extraordinary happy difference in my life and brought me so much luck for which I’m eternally in appreciation..."
    June 2020
  • "Blessings Master Lok, I have deposited the payment  today. Also just an update have changed over the desk etc, put water features in, closed off other toilet and doing much better. Just have to get the plants now. regards
    August 2019
  • "Hi Edgar, Thank you so much again for your time coming to our home to assess the Feng Shui. You have certainly alleviated our initial concerns. We greatly appreciate your valuable advice, attention to detail, as well as your patience with answering all of our questions. Kind regards,"
    Darwin and Rebecca
    May 2019
  • "HI Edgar!! We love you so much! I am so excited to let you know that im pregant already :) We ve tried for 2 yrs and did Ivf for another 2yrs, nothing worked, and with your calculations for our house fengshui , in less than 2 months, it worked like magic and super quick! My husband couldnt believe it! Thank you so much! You are a fertility fengshui expert!"
    May 2019
  • "Edgar's Feng Shui course has changed my view towards Feng Shui forever and lift my Feng Shui business to another level. I am so very honoured to have the chance to learn from a true Master, who is humble, a man with few words but each of them are true wisdom. If you ever want to do a Feng Shui course, this is it! This is the kind of Feng Shui we need to learn and educate to the mass, because it is changing people's lives on a very grounded and practical level. Most importantly, it produces accurate results in a very short period time. 10 out of 10."
    Grace Griffin
    Ocy 2018
  • "As an Accredited Feng Shui Master there's not methods that I do not know in both Traditional schools of Feng Shui as I have studied most of them. However many times my implementations did not work as I presumed it was their Destiny. Knowing this system I now know why they did not work. Thank you Master Edgar for your willingness to share the oldest original Feng Shui method handed down from the Founder of Feng Shui, Grand Master Yang Yun Song. Feng Shui Master -"
    Lizette Akouri
    Nov 2018