IFSC 2014

11th International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC)

International Feng Shui Convention

This year we are proud to have Melbourne as the host city for our industry’s single largest event; the 11th International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC), to be held on the weekend of the 15th & 16th November.

Located on the shores of Port Phillip Bay and just 6km from the city centre, our feng shui convention venue is the St Kilda Novotel. Overlooking the seaside playground of St Kilda beach with its bay views, palm-lined boardwalk, gorgeous sunsets, beautiful parks and fantastic range of restaurants and cafes; this is your chance to enjoy all the great lifestyle benefits that this truly exciting city has to offer.

Themed ‘Feng Shui & Destiny – Generating Health & Prosperity’, IFSC 2014 also provides an ideal platform for Feng Shui enthusiasts from all walks of life and from many countries around the world to be inspired by new ideas, practical tips, advice and application. Learn from the greatest line-up of senior masters and experts ever seen all together at the one time!

In addition the International Feng Shui Convention this year will feature two lecture rooms running concurrently; allowing our speakers to present on a more diverse range of topics which cater to the different interests and levels of understanding of our participating delegates.

Some of the worlds most respected Grand Masters, Masters and practitioners from various disciplines have signed on to share their experience and knowledge, leading you on the path to achieving prosperity, good health and harmonious balance in your life.

I am delighted to be invited to present a topic “Health and prosperity on your Face” at the Feng Shui Convention with some the worlds most respected Feng Shui Grand Masters, Masters and practitioners.

These are Grand Masters, Masters and practitioners will be also present at the Feng Shui Convention 2014:

• Grand Master Vincent Koh – Keynote Presentation: Destiny & Feng Shui
• Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong – Feature Presentation: Delving Down Under: A Feng Shui Exploration of Australia’s Destiny
• Grand Master Raymond Lo – Feng Shui & the Stock Market
• Dr. Stephen Skinner – Tibetan 5 Element Divination
• Master Yap Boh Chu – Feng Shui Indicators for Health
• Master Jacek Kryg – Exterior Feng Shui Techniques versus Interior Techniques to generate Health & Prosperity
• Master Goh Guan Leong – Bazi & Health
• Master S BS Surendran – Vibe Right: The Study of Universal Energies
• Master Lim Eng Cheong – Amazing Wonders of Qi Men Dun Jia Divination in Feng Shui & Destiny
• Master Petra Coll- Exposito – Jewel Heist in the KaDeWe Department Store:A Case Study
• Master Aparna Agarwal & Mr. Vijay K. Bansal – Good Health using Mudra Vigyan (yoga) Finger Postures
• Master Victor Garza – China’s Prosperity (Metropolitan Diamond) & China’s Health Destinations
• Master Cristina Groza- Architecture versus Feng Shui
• Mark Tan & Grand Master Tan – Destiny Decoded: Be Ahead of Time & All
• Master Khor Tong Nee – Your Destiny is in your Hands (Astro-Palmistry)
• Master Juliana Abram – A Perfect Connection: Feng Shui & Sustainability
• Jerry King – I Ching and the IV Pillars of Destiny: Looking Behind the Numbers
• Dr. Chong Jin Peh – Love & Liaisons with Bazi
• Dr. Mauro Rahardjo – Architecture Design for Better Destiny
• Tyler J. Rowe – What was in the Blue-Green Satchel? Secrets of the Qingnangjing…
• Edgar Lok Tin Yung – Health and Prosperity on your Face
• Melynda Munro – Successful Selling in Real Estate
• Master Ruanna Segal – Fortune & Tarot
• Vic Ketis – Psychological & Philosophical Aspects of Prosperity
• Master Salwa Abboud – Feng Shui & Destiny: Magic or Science
• Jancy Tan Lew – Symbols of Good Fortune with Feng Shui
• Mark Sheppard – doTERRA Essential Oil Lunchtime Workshop

You can visit www.intfsa.org.au for more information on how to purchase your tickets.