Feng Shui cure methods applied are various from Feng Shui Consultants who learned from different Feng Shui schools or different Feng Shui Masters.

However, one thing must be in common for all Feng Shui Cures applied by Feng Shui Consultant is that Wu Xing or five 5 element should be used. Wu Xing or five 5 element is the fundamental element to cure or balance the Feng Shui Sha Qi or energy for a house or an office.

Wu Xing in Feng Shui Cure

feng shui cure - Wu Xing CycleIn Feng Shui, there are five kinds of energy. They are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Feng Shui jargon they are called the Wu Xing or Five 5 element. The Wu Xing or Five 5 element theory can be also used in Chinese Astrology Bazi Four Pillars of destiny, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I-Ching divination, date selection and so on…

Wu Xing or five 5 element can be colors too. Such as silver, gold or white are metal element. Black, deep grey are Water element. Green is wood element. You may come across Feng Shui consultant using red carpet to cure excessive wood energy. Water can be used to enhance wood element or reduce metal element.

In term of Wu Xing or Five 5 element of a green pot plant, depending on how skillful the Feng Shui consultant you meet, the pot plant sometimes can be Wood element and sometimes can be Earth element.

On another level, animal statue of the 12 animal signs, except animal signs print on paper, can be used as Wu Xing too. For example, red horse is fire element. Ox made of clay is Earth element. Rooster made of metal is Metal element.

In one of my Feng Shui case studies Feng Shui Ox. This ox is located at the Summer Palace in Beijing for large scale Feng Shui cure. This traditional Feng Shui cure is to prevent flooding in big scale Feng Shui or used to reduce excessive water energy. The Ox has to face north.