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July 4, 2021

Feng Shui Design Homes bring harmony, Wealth prevent misfortune

Feng Shui Design Homes prior to build is very important. Building your dream home is a big investment.  Renovation and extension to your home, the feng shui application is equally important.  

Feng Shui can be applied at any given stage. And the best time to use Feng shui to help bring harmony, wealth, good career is before you build or even before acquire  your land.

I had an opportunity to Feng shui audit two properties on the same street in Keysborough near Cheltenham Road within 3 months.

The first owner engaged my Feng shui service before they moved in. I use my Feng shui knowledge identified some incorrect Feng shui configurations for them and suggested how to mitigate the Feng shui issues before they moved in. They were so happy and gave me good feedback a few weeks after they moved in. (This was in March 2021). He sent me an email on the 12 Apr. See below:

Feng Shui audit before moving in.

Feng Shui Design Homes for good Feng Shui

Two weeks ago, (I wrote this post on the 4th July 20121) I feng shuied a property on the same street. The floor plan is mirror image to the March one. However, they moved in Dec 2020. They have been lived in the house for 6 months. Due to some problem, they asked me to find if anything correlation to Feng Shui. Indeed, it has very similar Feng shui problem to the March one. However, thing has happened. The only thing i can do is to rectify the problem and prevent it happens again in the future. Similar floor plan, different timing of Feng Shui audit comes with different outcomes.

So it is important to have your home Feng shui done before moving in or even before you build your dream home.

I posted a similar message in my social media yesterday. I got  this good response from a client in Brisbane who  replied / comment to my post.

She wrote: “ We consulted Edgar all the way through our build. Our build went extremely smoothly compared to next door and already my son has a new job earning a lot more money. I am very happy with our new home.  Thank you Edgar.”

Feng Shui design homes for client in brisbane

Below is a screen shot.

This one is just one of many successful cases.

Article written by Edgar Lok Tin Yung