feng shui designI came across a Feng Shui design article. This article talks about some very basic Feng Shui design for a house. It talks about the main door, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the living room and the toilet in Feng Shui design. I read through the article. Some information is correct and some is not. I added more information to the article using a ( ) in orange!

Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui design – Main door: The main door should be the largest door (It does not have to be the biggest door in the home. It is more the position of the door in relation to the incoming qi or energy. Ideal position for the main door is at the middle of the house) in the home and the door should not open into a kitchen area. (this is right. If a main door opens to an open kitchen, the occupants will spend more than they earns) Moreover the position of the main door is critical and would vary depending upon the direction and axis of the plot, however doors right on the cardinal directions are considered bad positioning. (Feng Shui Tips for more information on the cardinal directions) Feng Shui design – Kitchen: What we eat, where we eat and how we eat are all part of the science of health and vitality; hence kitchen location is vital to the overall harmony of the home. Kitchen as many elements which operate in tandem or could be conflicting like water, fire (stove /electricity), metal (utensils) etc. In addition locating the stove and sink is of great importance so having the water body away from the fire is quite important. (It is half right here. The most important here is the stove position. Water body sometimes can be beneficial to place between stove to reduce bad fire energy.) Feng Shui design – Master bedroom: This is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is said that deep sleep is when we reunite with the source, hence if we sleep deeply we awaken refreshed ready for the new day. Quality of sleep is far more important than the length of time. Certain locations are more conducive to peaceful sleep than others. Using wooden bed/cot is preferred as wood is benign and warm as against metal beds, which are cold and oppressive, and metal is said to be associated with the planet Saturn. (This is incorrect. If you think about it, mattress was made of iron spring too. It is not a matter of material; it is how you position your bed, bed side tables, tall objects or sometimes TV as well) Feng Shui design – Living room: This room is the sanctuary for relaxation. Feng Shui treatises says that the centre portion or the ‘tai chi’ of the house is not conducive for major activities as it receives least amount of cosmic energy, hence it is beneficial if a major portion of the living room occupies the central zone of the building. Remember to orient your sofas and heavy furniture’s such that they occupy the south and west sectors of the room and avoid furniture or blockages at the northeast sector of the room which is the knowledge sector. (In traditional Feng Shui text, never talks about northeast sector of the room which is the knowledge sector. Sofas and heavy funitures placement do not always occupy the south and west sectors. General Feng Shui rule sofas should place against a solid wall.) Feng Shui design – Toilets: In the earlier days the toilets were away from the main house and later they were made ‘en-suite’ or attached. Toilets should not be too close to kitchen as the food energy and toilet energies are incompatible.(Toilet should be at the bad sector of the house. Toilet Should NOT be on your personal sector) Feng Shui can help create a healthy environment with harmonious living and working environment.