Feng shui ebook, after some work, a downloadable version of Feng Shui ebook:

“A guide to designing & building or purchasing a Happy Home” is now available in the Loktin fengshui shop.

The good news is that the price of this ebook is reduced to $24.95. It is very affordable.

This is a win-win for you and me. I no longer need to print and post the physical copy of the book to you.
So, there is saving of printing cost, postage, envelope and a trip to the post office. and last not least, my time and handling. The saving is passed down to you.
Another reason is that with an affordable price, I hope more people having the chance to own it. This ebook contains a lots of good Feng shui information and tips. If you learnt one or two techniques from this ebook, its value is far greater than what you had paid for.

In the past, the book was posted with a transparent template physically for you to work on your floor plans.
This downloadable version, there is no transparent template come with it. There are two ways to overcome this issue.

  1. You can order a plastic transparent template from my feng shui shop. You can find out more details of the template by clicking here.
  2.  Click to enlarge and download the following template image and print it on a paper. Then you can go to any printing shop ask the shop to copy the template on to a transparent sheet. (In Australia, Officeworks offers such service.)

Feng Shui ebook template
The template image is also attached at the end of the ebook.

I strongly believe that the information contains in the ebook can help you get start with your Feng Shui project or house hunting if you are on the market to buy one.

Furthermore, if you are really serious about Feng Shui, you want to have good Feng shui that gives you good health, good wealth, and good career from your new home. You can always contact a professional Feng shui partitioner locally or contact me to assist with your project.


Click here https://loktinfengshui.com.au/feng-shui-shop/  to get your copy.

All the best and happy Feng shui – ing.