Feng Shui Effects from a burial site, sometimes it shows interesting correlation.

I went to Hong Kong on the 29 August. I stayed with my parents for 3 weeks. I apologise for not getting back sooner to those who rang and emailed me for Feng Shui consultations or Chinese Astrology readings.

Now I am back. I am ready for your Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Bazi, Four pillars of destiny enquiries and consultations.

During the three weeks in Hong Kong, I did not do much. Other than one afternoon, I went to audit a Yin Feng Shui burial place in New Territories, Hong Kong and went to China for 2 nights also for Yin Feng Shui related matter. (For sure there will be another interesting Feng Shui case study. I will write about these Feng Shui cases study later.)

All other time, I stuck to Mum and Dad as much as possible.

Staying with elderly parents, it is always easier to talk to them about the past. Once again the Feng Shui topic came up during our conversation. Dad said he can still vividly remember the night relocating and burial his grandfather’s bones in a new grave in a December night in 1972. I have written part of this case as a personal story of Yin Feng Shui in What is Feng Shui section.

Now it is time to go deeper into the Feng Shui aspect of this particular burial site, to analysis its sitting and facing, incoming water, water mouth in relation to the time (years) and the clan development after the burial. Sometimes it shows very interesting correlation.

I was born before this burial. So this burial site only has about 15% Feng Shui effects on me. However, this burial site has much big effect on a person who was born after the burial.

Dad quickly pulled out some Feng Shui information about the burial site. He was writing the family history and drawing family trees lately. All information is very handy. He turned to the page of his notes which he re wrote from the scattered old notes.

Feng Shui Effects of Great Grandfather’s Grave

The first thing caught my eyes was the siting and facing of the burial site and date selected for the re-burial.

Dad's hand writing of the burial site and Feng Shui Effects.

In traditional Feng Shui, Feng Shui masters are very particular about the siting and the facing and date selection. In Feng Shui jargon, the siting and facing is called “fenjin”. If you ask a Feng Shui consultant what is “fenjin” and he or she is unable to answer you then this Feng Shui consultant is not a traditional one.

There are lots of techniques, especially in yin Feng Shui, in setting the “fenjin” correct. There are such as “big fenjin” and “small fenjin”, the left “fenjin” and right “fenjin”.

To avoid the void line in Feng Shui sitting and facing, the traditional way of setting the “fenjin” always uses “AND 兼 ” lines.

My great grandfather grave’s “fenjin” is sitting Gen facing Kun AND 兼Ox, Goat. The date selected was in an Ox hour (1-3 am) in one morning in December 1972.

Dad said he can still remember before the ceremony it was raining. When it reached the selected hour, the sky cleared out and during the ceremony he could see clear sky and stars above. He said at that moment, he felt very calm, tranquil and peaceful. After the ceremony it rained again.

Now let’s look the Feng Shui effects of the burial site.

For genuine traditional Feng Shui consultants, they are able to predict what is going to happen to its offspring in related to a particular grave.

By looking at the “fenjin”, the sitting has Ox animal sign. Interestingly, in the year of the Ox, January 1974 before the Start of Spring, my younger brother was born. His animal sign Ox is in line with “fenjin”.

The triple harmony of metal combination is Snake, Rooster and Ox. In the other words, according to this burial site’s data, the significant years for my younger brother are the Snake, Rooster and Ox years.

I asked my brother the significant years in his career. He gave me the answers.

Now, let’s look at the past years, Snake (2001, 2013) years, rooster (2005) year and Ox (2009) year of him.

He told me he joined and accepted into the HK Police force in 2001, year of the Snake. It matches with the Feng Shui effects of the burial site.

He was promoted to Chief Inspector in late 2005, early 2006. (Year of the Rooster) It matches with the sitting and facing feng shui effects of the burial site.

He was transferred from uniform unit to management role in 2007 (year of the pig). No promotion just moved to different area.

He was transferred to another department in 2011 till now.

As 2013 is year of the Snake, I told him while we were having dinner a few weeks ago, according to the sitting and facing of the burial site’s feng shui effects. He would most likely be promoted later or early next year. Let’s wait and see.

He then said he felt that he has been doing well in the year of Snake so far. He had cracked a very difficult case. I believed this is going to give him some positive change. It also matches with the sitting of the Feng Shui Site.

To have good Feng shui effects of a burial site, the site must have good Feng Shui. The sitting and facing must be correct. The date selected for burial must support the dragon.
Besides Feng Shui effects, we as human beings must be humble, good hearted, working hard and doing the right thing contributing to the society.