Feng Shui Energy also know as Qi or Chi.

Feng Shui is one of the Chinese Five Arts. Most books mention Feng Shui is from I-Ching (Book of Changes). Some scholars say it is the experience accumulated from ancient Chinese Sages. Some people do not know much about Feng Shui and think that if someone believes in Feng Shui, there is Feng Shui. And if someone does not believe in Feng Shui, there is not Feng Shui.

Let’s not argue about the origin of Feng Shui. Let’s take a look from the big picture.

Feng Shui in Chinese literally means “Wind Water”. We know that wind is the movement of air across the Earth’s surface and Water is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface, covering about 70% of the planet. Wind and Water exist before all we exist. Wind and Water exist before human were born.

No doubt about it, wind and water play an important role in our life. We all live in the Feng Shui (wind water) world. Based on our living on Earth, without wind and water, you and I cannot exist.

One of Feng Shui Energy is air movement

Movement of air and water involves energy. Ancient Chinese Sages called it Qi (Sometimes you may see it translated as Chee or Chi). The English translation of Qi is Energy and energy cannot be seen. Feng Shui energy cannot be seen.
There are three different Chinese Characters describing of three different Chi. And most of the Chinese Feng Shui consultants or even masters do not know how to write the correct Qi character. I will write about the difference between these 3 Chinese Qi characters in my later post.

Movement of air, wind or Qi will affect us because it moves the unseen energy or feng shui energy. In the classical Feng Shui text from “Zang Shu” (The Book of Burial) written By Guo Po (276-324) and “Feng Shui” was first mentioned in his book.

Here are a few sentences from his book:

“Qi is dispersed when it rides on the wind [Feng]”
And is halted when it is bounded by a water course [Shui].”
The ancients were able to accumulate it and prevent it from dispersing.
They could channel it and keep it in one place.
And so it was called Feng Shui.

Something cannot be seen does not mean they do not exist. You cannot see wind, but you see the trees moving their branches. If you stay at a windy place and the wind blowing directly on you, for sure, you feel uncomfortable because your Qi is dispersed. In Feng Shui, strong windy is called Wind Sha Qi (Bad wind energy). Wind Sha blows away your wealth and then health.

Here is an example; Docklands in Melbourne is a windy place, bad Feng Shui energy Sha Qi. It is not a busy place. Because it is windy, visitors do not like to stay for long and is affecting businesses in the area.

Feng Shui energy at windy place

At windy place, the taller of a structure, the stronger of the wind Sha (Bad Feng Shui energy) it faces. A typical example in Docklands is the Melbourne Star observation wheel. You can Google it and find out what happened in the past 5 years about the wheels.

Besides the wind issue, the sitting and facing of the wheels is incorrect. I took some students there a few years ago. We found that the sitting and facing of the wheel also has issue. Sitting and facing of a structure determinates its unseen Feng Shui Energy Qi which can be helpful or harmful to the structure. The structure is sitting on the void direction and void direction in Feng Shui will produce all sorts of troublesome.

The Wheel is expecting to reopen by Christmas 2013. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/docklands-troubleplagued-observation-wheel-set-to-open-in-ten-weeks/story-fni0fiyv-1226746281272 I really hope it will be opened as schedule and run smoothly in the future.

Now you know how to choose your next home. It is to avoid windy place – wind Sha, bad Feng Shui energy.

From the wind and energy concept, the flow of energy can bring positive energy and negative energy to a place. In addition, activation of place can bring positive energy and negative energy to a place too.
If you are experiencing some rough time or good time out of blue, these may be caused by the activation of energy around you, your home or your office. Activation of energy can bring good or bad results.
Energy activation may be renovation, building construction or demolition around your house or office. Moving earth or digging your front or backyard in your own home will activate the energy. Sometimes rearrangement of furniture or bed also can activate the energy too.

If you have activated any Feng Shui energy lately and experiencing rough time out of blue, you should have a professional Feng Shui consultant come and audited your place for you.