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Feng Shui Fertility Case Study February 2019

n the interests of my clients and their privacy, I have omitted/changed personal details and facts from this case study. I have not, however, embellished or fabricated any details in this article to skew the results.

Case Study Details:

It brings me much joy to know that I have helped many couples become parents. So, since we are celebrating Mother's Day, I thought it would be fitting to write about another fertility Feng Shui case.

However, this time we are travelling overseas to the wonderful country, United States of America.

Back in early 2019, a lady, named Q contacted me for feng shui consultation. Back then, Q and hubby
was trying to buy a property. I asked what was the first priority for them. They said they wanted to start a

I recall towards the beginning of the consultation, they made it clear family was extremely important to them, and they wanted me to select a floor plan that supports positive fertility Qi. They provided copies of 3 floor plans to choose from.

Fortunately, with modern technology, it is possible to perform Feng Shui audits from the other side of the planet! I used Google Earth to analyse the surrounding forms, as well as another program that helps calculate the magnetic declination (not True North - which Google Earth displays).

IMPORTANT - This is an extremely important point to note. In traditional Feng Shui, the magnetic north measurement is used (not True North). Before measuring the direction of a houses' face, I need to know the magnetic declination of that place, so I can calculate the exact direction that the property's face is pointing.

Feng Shui Techniques/Strategies

After many calculations and referencing, I found that one of the plans supplied by Q promoted positive Fertility Qi. I informed Q of my findings, and she promptly proceeded to acquire that house.

I also helped them set up their internal furniture settings in the right position to activate further positive energy for fertility. As I have discussed in other case studies, the position of the bed, fridge and stove are vital for harnessing the correct energy.

After they implemented all the changes, I was confident in telling them they would have a baby boy by 2020.

Feng Shui Case Study Outcomes

After a few months had passed, I received this email:


She was so excited, perhaps overexcited. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was not stable and Q experienced a miscarriage.

It was devastating news.

But I knew the Feng Shui I had advised worked for her, as she explained she had never conceived before. We were not ready to give up, so I conferred with my Chinese Medicine teacher and Feng Shui Master.  They both had similar advice on the situation, which I summarised in point form (below):

  • Keep your feet warm. Do not go barefoot at home.
  • Do not drink ice-cold drinks, beer, soft drinks with ice, and watermelon.
  • Warm water or warm milk is the best.
  • Ginger tea, or red date tea in the morning.
  • If you have a religion (any kind), then chant your beliefs and mantras.
  • When you find the positive news of the pregnancy, be happy but do not over excited.
  • Do not lift heavy items.
  • Do not move / rearrange furniture or renovation
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Do not travel too much in the initial 15 weeks.

I sent the above 10 points for her on the 31st July 2019.

And everything went quiet for a while, until in October 2020, I received an email from her.

Screen shot as below:


And guess what? I received another message from her last month (below).

I am ever so grateful to my master and the lineage masters who passed down genuine Feng Shui techniques.