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June 27, 2013

Feng Shui Tour - Melbourne

Feng Shui Tour - Melbourne

I have run this Melbourne tour a few years back.

By popular demand, I will be running it again in October 2013.  Express your interest now.

Feng Shui Tour Melbourne

The Feng Shui Tour covers:
The traditional way to analysis land forms.
What is a water mouth?
How important of a water mouth in Feng Shui?
What kind of construction to be built at water mouth?
How important of date selection in Feng Shui?
How important are the siting and facing of buildings?
Important of a tower in a city!
What is Wind "Sha"?
Feng Shui of a City and its river.


-         Dockland,

-         Southern Star observation Wheel – site.

-         Water mouth

-         Crown casino (Feng Shui setting of the Fire Pillars)

-         Art Centre

-         Fed Square

-         Town Hall

-         China Town

-         Parliament if time allows.


PS:  Overseas Feng Shui Tour will be going to China, Hong Kong, Macau or South East Asia countries. It is depending on demand. You can email me and tell me where you like go.

Article written by Edgar Lok Tin Yung