Feng Shui formulas to be a successful Feng Shui Consultant!

I went to a Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology seminar held in Melbourne on the weekend. The speaker was Joey Yap. Joey Yap is a young, smart and ambitious Chinese Metaphysics entrepreneur. I went to his seminar because I wanted to thank him for referring me a client a few years back. In addition, I am catching up with him and other fellow Feng Shui practitioners.

Joey has translated a lot of Chinese Metaphysics texts, such as Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology Bazi and face reading into English. He has produced over 110 titles of books. If I were able to read a book a week, it would have taken me over 2 years. I mean just read the books without digest those Feng Shui formulas.

If for a normal person to read and digest the Feng Shui formulas from the books, it may take 3 – 4 times longer. As a result, it may take 6 – 8 years full time to understand all the contents.

Feng Shui formulas

From left to right, Mina, Joey and myself.

Joey is a very good presenter and also very good at promoting his business and selling his books. He is an excellent businessman. I have learnt a lot of marketing techniques form him.

He has evolved old Chinese metaphysics wisdom into modern practice. I agreed some of his new definitions in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. Unfortunately, I did not completely agree with him. (Sorry Joey)

I did not agree with him about who has great potential to study Chinese Metaphysics well and become a Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui consultant.

He mentioned there are one of these 3 Feng Shui formulas found in a person’s Bazi chart or from face reading, then this person will be a potential Chinese Metaphysics practitioner. These three Feng Shui formulas are:

  1. A person’s Bazi chart has a Ding (yin fire) or Gui (yin water).
  2. A person has a big occipital bone stick out at the back of his head.
  3. Has a Taiji Nobleman animal sign in one’s Bazi chart.

Let’s have a details look at these 3 Feng Shui formulas.

Feng Shui formulas number 1.

A person’s Bazi chart has a Ding (yin Fire) or Gui (yin water).

Well, we all know there are 10 heavenly stems. Ding plus Gui is 2. 2 out of 10 stems is 20%. There are four pillars in a Bazi chart, each pillar has 20% chance of having a Ding or Gui. 4 x 20% = 80%. So every Bazi chart has 80% chance of becoming a Feng Shui consultant.

Feng Shui formulas number 2.

A person has a big occipital bone stick out at the back of his head.

Joey mentioned in the old days, Masters would touch his students / disciples’ occipital bone at the back of their head. If it is a big occipital bone stick out, the personal has great potential.

In my opinion, if you think about it, nowadays, we have better food and nutrient. As a result, the occipital lobe develops must better than the people from the old days. I believe in Australia or Western countries almost over 80% of people have good size of occipital bone. I touched my kids’ occipital bone. They all have good size.

The occipital lobe is the visual cortex. Studying Chinese Feng Shui one needs good eye sights.

Feng Shui formulas number 3.

Has a Taiji Nobleman animal sign in one’s Bazi chart.

There is a Taiji Nobleman Feng Shui formula to work out the Taiji Nobleman for the Day Master.

According to the Taiji Nobleman formula, except for stems Yin Earth and Yang Earth, both have four animals as Taiji Nobleman; all other stems have 2 animal signs to be its Taiji nobleman. It is not hard to work out the percentage. There are 12 animal signs in Chinese Astrology Bazi chart. We mentioned above any person has four pillars in their Bazi chart. Using a simple method, 2 out of 12 is 1/6 x 4 pillars = 66.66%.

So to sum up all the three Feng Shui formulas above, almost everyone has great potential to be a Feng Shui consultant. By the way, I did small sampling study. My kids, wife and I are all met the conditions.

So true, everyone can be a Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultant. We don’t need the above feng shui formulas to work it out.

In my opinion, to be a successful Feng Shui consultant, the followings are more important than the above three Feng Shui formulas.

  • One needs moral and ethical conduct.
  • One must be interested in the subject Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology plus Chinese culture and history.
  • One must study hard.
  • One should NOT put money on the first priority.
  • One should have reasonable health and fitness as Feng Shui study requires walking a lot mountains or sites visit.
  • Find a reputable teacher to study with.