Feng Shui Home attracts money, In the Feng Shui Tips section under Feng Shui tab above, I show you many Feng Shui tips on how to choose a Feng Shui home or Feng Shui Home for Wealth.

A Feng Shui home is a very broad concept. The question is what do you need a Feng Shui home for?

feng shui home attracts money

  1. A Feng Shui home attracts Money?
  2. A Feng Shui home attracts health?
  3. A Fneg Shui home attracts offspring?
  4. A Feng Shui home attracts harmony?
Ideal Feng Shui Home Attracts Money and wealth

Ideally, a Feng Shui home should bring in all of the above. If you follow most of the Feng Shui Tips I showed you there. You should find a Feng Shui home which bring all of the above.

Presumed we have found such Feng Shui home which will bring in wealth, health, offspring and harmony. However, things are not always turning out the way we wanted.

Why is it so?

There is Feng Shui reason behind. It is due to the changing of the external surroundings or the external yearly Feng Shui Sha Qi / Chi energy is distributed. For example, an old house next door is being demolished and this old house is exactly located at the yearly Grand Duke / Tai Sui or the Three Killings sector, as a result of the demolition, it brings sickness energy or lawsuit energy to the house and affecting the well-being of the occupants.

Who is affected the most will depends on the direction of the sector corresponding to the Feng Shu Gwa and the animal sign of the person in the family.

Recently, I was asked to audit a plan for a new house. After I have suggested all the changes. The owner asked me about the Feng Shui of their current house.

I said that in term of money this house is good. But if there are animal signs of Snake or dragon person live in this house, their health will be pretty bad. The owner said my daughter always has stomach issue. I don’t know her animal sign. She was born in 1989.

I said her animal sign is snake.

She was surprised and she asked me what can be done to reduce the bad Qi.

I suggested a few things to her to minimize the bad Feng Shui energy for her daughter.