The Feng Shui kitchen stove or oven position / Sector in a modern kitchen is more important than direction.

However, in the olden days, the Feng Shui kitchen stove’s direction is more important than in a sector. This is because in the olden days the old style stove burns wood, straw, leaves or other material and it has a fire mouth. The fire mouth is for air to flow into the stove for combustion. So the direction of the fire mouth must face the auspicious direction. This facing is depending on different Feng Shui kitchen stove theories or Feng Shui Schools.

Feng shui kitchen stove olden days

Olden days feng shui kitchen stove

Nowadays, the new style gas kitchen stoves, gas burners or oven do not have fire mouth. It only has switches or buttons. So the stove or oven in a kitchen, the position is more important than the facing direction.

In term of modern Feng Shui kitchen stove, the stove position is very important. If the stove was placed at the wrong position, it brings a lot of unlucky issue to a family. On the other hand, if a stove is placed correctly, it brings good wealth, health and status to the family. Of course there is other concern too. Stove is just one of the concerns.


Modern days Feng Shui kitchen stove

Modern Feng Shui kitchen Stove

Most Feng Shui consultants know that kitchen stove should NOT be placed at Qian Qwa. However, for Qian Gwa, it has 3 mountains (Su, Qian, Hai). According to traditional Feng Shui, each of these mountains will bring different effects to the family.

Here are some places you should avoid placing your feng shui kitchen stove.

1. In the middle the house, it affects the hearts. (The middle part of the house is the heart)
2. The Feng Shui Kitchen stove should NOT be seen when the main entrance is opened.
3. Avoid open kitchen. Open kitchen easily makes people spend on credit card that means someone will over spend their money.
4. Feng shui kitchen Stove should not on top of the pipe.
5. Feng Shui kitchen Stove should be at least more 50cm away from the edge of a door.
6. Feng Shui kitchen Stove should not be back to the toilet.