Feng Shui Master and tall building Feng Shui!

A well trained Feng Shui Master or A feng shui Consultant will be able to tell the characteristics and the boom and bust of a city (Say Melbourne as I live here) if they know the water flowing direction and the tallest building’s position within that city. To be able to do this, a Feng Shui Master / Consultant must equip with good memory, good observation skills and hand on practice. Let me tell you why!

Feng Shui is a metaphysics subject yet Feng Shui learning is also an observation and practical subject too. Feng Shui has three parts, theories, observation and hand on practice. Unlike other subjects such as history, literature or philosophy, these subjects require only good memory. Learning Feng Shui not only need good memory, but also need good eyes and good hand on practice.

Feng Shui Masters need good memory

A genuine feng shui master / consultant needs good memory to memorize the theories and formula, such as data marks on the Lo Pan aka. Feng Shui compass and how to apply them. Feng Shui master / consultants need good eyes to observe mountains and waters, as these waters and mountains forms come in different shapes. A Feng Shui Master / consultant needs to memorize the characteristics and the Feng Shui effects of these forms.

Waters include steams, creeks, rivers, ponds (swimming pool) and lakes. Mountain forms are physical substance or large objects, small hills, mountain ranges and tall buildings. Water forms and mountain forms are both classified into Wu Xing, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Yes, there are waters in water shapes and mountain in water shape too. Unfortunately, forms are not always purely in one element. They exist in mix elements such wood mix with fire or fire mix with earth. If all the forms are in one pure element shape, learning feng shui will be much easier.

Looking (observation skill comes in) at any city in the world, the most popular building forms we can see often are wood mixing with fire shapes. The reason is the buildings are built taller and taller. The top parts of those buildings are normally pointy. Look at the picture below. We can see most of these buildings have a pointy top. Pointy shape is fire element.

World Buildings Feng Shui Master

So what would be the affects of those tall buildings bring in term of Feng Shui? There are two Feng Shui areas we can inspect into:

1. The individual house feng shui affect by those tall buildings, and
2. The city as a whole in big scale Feng Shui effect by those buildings.

Tall buildings affecting Feng Shui house individually, as you may know Feng Shui is based on Yin and Yang. Yin is negative and Yang is positive. So those very tall buildings can bring good and positive effects to certain houses. Those high rise buildings also can bring bad and negative effects to certain houses. It is all depending on the direction, position, distance and time in relationship to a house or another building.

In term of large scale Feng shui, tall buildings Feng shui effect for a city as a whole is also depending on the position of the tall building in that city. Let’s look at an example; the tallest building in Melbourne is Eureka Tower. I am sure you can google it and find out more information about the Eureka Tower. I am not going to tell you the features of the Tower. I am going to tell you the Feng Shui effect of the Eureka Tower for Melbourne.

EurekaTower Tall building Feng Shui and Feng Shui Master









Feng Shui Master -The-arts-centre-spire-melbourne

The Tower is located at the Southbank, south side of Yarra River. Actually it is not exactly in the south. It is southeast south from Melbourne CBD. In Feng shui theory, southeast area in a city represents culture, education, arts, music of that city. A tall structure or tall building in the southeast area of a city will promote culture related activities. Before the Eureka Tower was built, the Melbourne Art Centre’s Spire helps promote that as well. In term of Feng Shui, both the Eureka Tower and Melbourne Art Centre Spire are at the Southeast area in relation to Melbourne city itself. They both promote culture and culture related activities. Eureka Tower is taller and it has bigger Feng Shui effect.

Interestingly, 2012 census confirms Melbourne as one of the world’s Live Music Capitals. Melbourne has more live music venues than any other capital cities in Australia. General impression of Melbourne to the world, it is an art capital, even graffiti in Melbourne’s lane-ways developed into art too. Here is a photo of it.

Feng Shui Master - Melbourne-Laneways-iLoveGraffiti


You can also visit: City of Melbourne Street Art!

Hand on and practical skills in Feng Shui are very difficult discuss to on paper. There are kills such as how to hold the Lo Pan, where to measure the facing and sitting of a house, how to locate the Taiji of the house, outside water flowing left to right or right to left and so. All these skills need real world practice directed by an authentic Feng Shui master.