Feng Shui renovation your house brings big impacts to your family, especially feng shui renovation at the master bedroom area, Feng Shui renovation the kitchen and stove and the main entrance areas. It is because in Feng Shui principal these three areas are the most important Feng Shui spots of a house.

Depending on the sectors to be renovated, there will be long term and short term Feng Shui renovation affect either in good or bad way to your family.

These are the Feng Shui renovation outcomes:

1. Short Term: Good,   Long Term: Bad.

2. Short Term: Bad      Long Term: Good.

3. Short Term: Bad      Long Term: Bad.

4. Short Term: Good    Long Term: Good.

Feng Shui Renovation Plan

It needs a lot of explanation why the above 4 options will happen. I am not going to write them out here.  The good and bad above generally means health, wealth, prosperity and status going up or down. Sometimes Feng Shui Renovation may also affect your pet dog or pet cat. Don’t laugh at it. It is true as China is farming country and farmers keep livestock. Livestock is important part of asset to the farmers.

I was born in a small village in southern China. And in the area where I was born, people now are still very particular about where the pigs should be kept in relation to their house.

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, the main entrance, master bedroom and kitchen are the most important areas of a house.

In relation to the main entrance there is a Feng Shui saying from classical Feng Shui text which states that:


“The main entrance is worth a thousand Kilo of gold, and the house is four grams”

It tells how important the main entrance is.

Kitchen in traditional Feng Shui is related to the health of everyone in the house. Food is cooked in the kitchen then we eat them.

Master bedroom is the area we stay at least 7 to 8 hours each day. It does not only affect the physical health but also links to our well-being mentally.

Have you ever wonder why yourself, your relatives or your friends, after renovation things are worse off?

Of course, if the Feng Shui was done correctly before renovation by a good Feng Shui consultant, then after Feng Shui renovation, it brings harmony, health, wealth and status to your family.