Feng Shui Consultations delivered by Master Edgar Lok Tin Feng Shui to clients locally and internationally.  
Chinese Astrology readings and consultations based on the Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny combined with Ziweidoushu reading methods. 
Discover the art of feng shui and learn how it can positively influence your life.

Sarah Chan

Sept 2020

Master Lok Tin was ingenious and spot on! After making some small changes to the setting of our current home that he suggested, we noticed improvements with 4 weeks. New business opportunities starting to pour in despite being in the midst of COVID 19 restrictions. Our teenage children are actually spending more time studying than on social medias. The family is more harmonious and able to communicate way better than previously. Thank you for these amazing results!

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Rajeshwara Nand Tandon

Sept 2020

He is the real master in his area. Master is many many generations expert. He helped me by tweaking little water feature in my house. My hats off master. very happy with services. With master you will be in very very safe hands . 10/10. Master has absolutely no greed for money. very genuine prices.

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Cassie Sanghvi

Jun 2021

I’ve know Lok for many years and used his services for both personal and business reasons. He always brings calm to a space and brightens the energy of a space. His methods have worked for me and I will continue to recommend him to friends and colleagues.

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July 2021

We have been seeking Master Yung’s advice for a number of years now, and have also recommended him to our friends and family. Master Yung is very detailed and communicates well. He is also very precise in what we needed to do each year. We found him to be very patience, helpful and kind. He is also a very good listener; making sure he covered all our requirements. We have seek his consultation for our careers, when purchasing our home and also when planning /growing our family. We (as individuals and as a family) definitely would not be where we are today without his help and advise.

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Megan Morris

July 2021

Thank you Edgar for my Chinese astrology reading and Feng Shui consultation. It was very helpful and insightful. I look forward to what my future will bring!

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July 2021

We have received consultation from Master Lok almost two weeks ago. He has been able to diagnose the issues and provided valuable suggestions to help us improve our situation. There is no gimmicks and no ornaments to purchase to improve the chi in our house. He explained it is about wind and water and how we could tweak the positions of certain furniture. As he has highlighted that our home layout is not compatible with us, there are numerous works to be done uto improve the chi flow. We have great faith in him and have been progressively implementing the suggestions. Throughout this improvement journey, Master Lok has been patiently answering our questions as we wanted to get things right. He is the expert anyway and he is around to provide further advice. Some very clever one! We are looking forward to share with Master Lok the improvement in our lives pretty soon!
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Yimmy Kosasih

July 2021

Knowledge doesn't necessarily make someone an expert. True expertise like Master Edgar knows how to apply his knowledge to a specific situation. And that make him special and different from the rest. Thank you Master Edgar who has been of benefit to others and myself.

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July 2021

We are very pleased to recommend the services of Edgar Lok Tin. He helped us in so many ways. I approached Edgar in the year of 2014 when we were having our worst year. He taught me how to read my Bazi and after that fully understood what we were going through that year. We were in touch a few more times after that. We came back to HK end of that year and I asked again Edgar's advise. That time I asked him to read the bazi of my family. He also advised me what to expect for the coming years. When we moved back to our own house in 2017, I asked his advise again and he recommended to change a few things in our house. We felt the change immensely from that year on, my husband and my business did so well in both our businesses. We are are still following the advises of Edgar. We regularly reach out to him be it a big or small change within our family. He has become a good friend and mentor to our family. Edgar, we truly appreciate all your help and we feel blessed to be connected to you. The KLIPS

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S & P

May 2017

By Text.


July 2021


Dear Master Lok,

I hope you have been doing well!

You helped us to design our practice in xxxxx in 2016 and it has been going well. We're looking at purchasing another practice and building and looking at a settlement date sometimes in September.

Could you please help us to choose a good date for this? And once we take over could you please help us to do an audit of the fengshui of the place? Thank you very much!

By Personal Email.

L. Hanson

July 2021

We worked with Edgar from the planning stages right through to the completed build. Edgar was very helpful throughout the process and the build went through without a hitch. We went ahead with all Edgar's changes from our original plan and the house is just fantastic! So far my son has got a new job earning considerably more money and I have increased my business. We would definitely use Edgar again if we ever built or moved house.

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Ana Coppola

Jul 2021

Thank you Master for the feng shui you did in my new apartment during covid. It was a lovely and informative virtual session followed by a face to face meeting once the lockdown restrictions were lifted. My friends and clients always comment about the energy they feel when they visit and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to improve all aspects of life. Check out the Feng Shui Consultation in the case study here.


Jun 2021

Feng Shui reviews

Ying M

Apr 2021

Highly recommend to anyone who's looking for Feng Shui advice. We've engaged Edgar to help when we were looking for a home to buy, as well as after buying our home. While the renovation is ongoing, we've implemented Edgar's advice and we are now pregnant even before moving in. We can't wait to move into our new home and get the positive energy already!

Jemima Richards

Feb 2021

Edgar is simply the best! We have worked with Edgar over a number of years with varied family members and different house locations. He is kind, informative, compassionate with a beautiful positive energy and we have seen an incredible improvement in all areas Edgar has analyzed and made suggested changes for. Our yearly updates and check in are ones we look forward to. Thanks so much Edgar for your special gift we get to benefit from!

Thuy Le

Jan 2021

Edgar is such a knowledgeable yet humble and understanding Fengshui Master. His guidance and telling is very very accurate for my personal astrology chart. Particularly, from his guidance, I could make wiser decision, and be more confident about my career. I would highly recommend Edgar to anyone who's struggling with the aspects of their life and seeking guidance to make decisions.


Aug 2019

Blessings Master Lok, I have deposited the payment today. Also just an update have changed over the desk etc, put water features in, closed off other toilet and doing much better. Just have to get the plants now. regards Val

Darwin & Rebecca

May 2019

Hi Edgar, Thank you so much again for your time coming to our home to assess the Feng Shui. You have certainly alleviated our initial concerns. We greatly appreciate your valuable advice, attention to detail, as well as your patience with answering all of our questions. Thank you once again!

Q. Oanh

May 2019

HI Edgar!! We love you so much! I am so excited to let you know that im pregant already 🙂 We ve tried for 2 yrs and did Ivf for another 2yrs, nothing worked, and with your calculations for our house fengshui , in less than 2 months, it worked like magic and super quick! My husband couldnt believe it! Thank you so much! You are a fertility fengshui expert! Q. Oanh


Mar 2018

Hello Edgar

Hope this email finds you well. It has been since August 2016 since your first visit and January 2017 since your last visit. No more house robbery thank goodness, and further good news is that we had a baby girl in December. We were not fortunate enough to conceive naturally despite resetting the bed but true to your predictions for the year of the rooster, we did IVF and was successful.

Now looking forward to buying a new and bigger house soon for us and baby. So hopefully we can have more babies soon! ☺️
Thought I would share with you the good news.

Many thanks,

Grace Griffin

Oct 2018

Edgar's Feng Shui course has changed my view towards Feng Shui forever and lift my Feng Shui business to another level. I am so very honoured to have the chance to learn from a true Master, who is humble, a man with few words but each of them are true wisdom. If you ever want to do a Feng Shui course, this is it! This is the kind of Feng Shui we need to learn and educate to the mass, because it is changing people's lives on a very grounded and practical level. Most importantly, it produces accurate results in a very short period time. 10 out of 10.


Sep 2018

HI Edgar,

Thank you for your help with the plans for our new house!

Attached is the first round concept from the architects for your feedback. We are able to make changes where necessary.

Let me know if you require any further information and also how long you will need to review these so I can let the team know.

Thanks so much!

p.s. not sure if you remember helping us with our house in Kew? We were trying for a baby for many years. We have one due next month now..yay!!!


Mar 2019

Dear Lok It was truly wonderful having your association last Wednesday. I learnt so much from you. So far we have implemented the following at the chemist shop: We have moved all the fridges to the correct position. As well as turning off the two at the front. We also put up 3 water fountains in the places you suggested, as well as a plant in the front corner where you suggested. The energy of the place is feeling a lot better. Things are moving faster now. I am very happy with your advice about what to do. There has been a lot of theft in the business, so hopefully we can put an end to it now. The house advice was also helpful. Robbie is so excited with your advice. She is thrilled to be making some important changes. I also found my astrology reading very helpful. Thank you again.


Mar 2018

Hi Edgar,

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice in relation to the positioning of my desk.

I moved it as you suggested (as photographed) and have benefited immensely from the change. I felt motivated almost immediately and have been very productive. Coincidentally (or not) I have also received emails from prospective new clients since working at my new desk.

My ceramic ox also arrived - I have taken a picture for you, which I am keeping on my desk.

Thank you again, I really value your professional and strategic advice, as well as your practical, integrated wisdom. It is such an asset to me!

Thanks also for sending through your payment details - apologies for the delay, I will arrange a bank transfer to you this week.

Kindest regards,


Feb 2016

Hi Edgar,

I hope you are well. Thanks for the consultation a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to send you an update of how things went with the job interview for that job I really wanted and you had advised I had a good chance due to the timing.

Well, it's very good news and you were spot on! I got the job and will be starting next week. The salary is also much better than I could have hoped for in a permanent role so clearly greeting the money god on Chinese new year as you advised on your website was a very good use of my time 🙂 The company is an IT system vendor which specialises in
super/insurance systems so hopefully that's enough fire to keep bringing the luck in. They are already speaking about career progression as the company is growing rapidly so there might be more opportunities coming
up soon, which is very exciting.

Thank you so much for your excellent advice!