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June 15, 2013

Feng Shui Testimonials For Feng Shui Master Edgar Lok Tin

The followings are Feng Shui Testimonials from Clients over the years. These Feng Shui Testimonials not only came from Clients in Melbourne which had consulted, but also testimonials from interstates and overseas, such as UK, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand. Some Testimonials were from my Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology workshops. All these Testimonials are […]

The followings are Feng Shui Testimonials from Clients over the years. These Feng Shui Testimonials not only came from Clients in Melbourne which had consulted, but also testimonials from interstates and overseas, such as UK, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand. Some Testimonials were from my Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology workshops. All these Testimonials are real.


Blessings Master Lok,

I have deposited the payment today.

Also just an update have changed over the desk etc, put water features in, closed off other toilet and doing much better.

Just have to get the plants now.


Val - August 2019

Hi Edgar,
Thank you so much again for your time coming to our home to assess the Feng Shui. You have certainly alleviated our initial concerns. We greatly appreciate your valuable advice, attention to detail, as well as your patience with answering all of our questions.
Thank you once again!
Kind regards,
Darwin and Rebecca
May 2019

HI Edgar!! We love you so much!

I am so excited to let you know that im pregant already 🙂 We ve tried for 2 yrs and did Ivf for another 2yrs, nothing worked, and with your calculations for our house fengshui , in less than 2 months, it worked like magic and super quick! My husband couldnt believe it! Thank you so much! You are a fertility fengshui expert!

Q. Oanh May 2019

Dear Lok

It was truly wonderful having your association last Wednesday. I learnt so much from you.
So far we have implemented the following at the chemist shop:
We have moved all the fridges to the correct position. As well as turning off the two at the front.
We also put up 3 water fountains in the places you suggested, as well as a plant in the front corner where you suggested.
The energy of the place is feeling a lot better. Things are moving faster now.
I am very happy with your advice about what to do. There has been a lot of theft in the business, so hopefully we can put an end to it now.
The house advice was also helpful. Robbie is so excited with your advice. She is thrilled to be making some important changes.
I also found my astrology reading very helpful.
Thank you again.
Satia - March 2019

Edgar's Feng Shui course has changed my view towards Feng Shui forever and lift my Feng Shui business to another level. I am so very honoured to have the chance to learn from a true Master, who is humble, a man with few words but each of them are true wisdom. If you ever want to do a Feng Shui course, this is it! This is the kind of Feng Shui we need to learn and educate to the mass, because it is changing people's lives on a very grounded and practical level. Most importantly, it produces accurate results in a very short period time. 10 out of 10.

Feng Shui Consultant - Grace Griffin

Oct 2018

HI Edgar,

Thank you for your help with the plans for our new house!

Attached is the first round concept from the architects for your feedback. We are able to make changes where necessary.

Let me know if you require any further information and also how long you will need to review these so I can let the team know.

Thanks so much!


Sept - 2018

p.s. not sure if you remember helping us with our house in Kew? We were trying for a baby for many years. We have one due next month now..yay!!!

Hello Edgar

Hope this email finds you well. It has been since August 2016 since your first visit and January 2017 since your last visit. No more house robbery thank goodness, and further good news is that we had a baby girl in December. We were not fortunate enough to conceive naturally despite resetting the bed but true to your predictions for the year of the rooster, we did IVF and was successful.

Now looking forward to buying a new and bigger house soon for us and baby. So hopefully we can have more babies soon! ☺️
Thought I would share with you the good news.

Many thanks,

March 2018

Hi Edgar,

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice in relation to the positioning of my desk.

I moved it as you suggested (as photographed) and have benefited immensely from the change. I felt motivated almost immediately and have been very productive. Coincidentally (or not) I have also received emails from prospective new clients since working at my new desk.

My ceramic ox also arrived - I have taken a picture for you, which I am keeping on my desk.

Thank you again, I really value your professional and strategic advice, as well as your practical, integrated wisdom. It is such an asset to me!

Thanks also for sending through your payment details - apologies for the delay, I will arrange a bank transfer to you this week.

Kindest regards,

Hi Edgar,

I hope you are well. Thanks for the consultation a couple of weeks
ago. I just wanted to send you an update of how things went with the
job interview for that job I really wanted and you had advised I had a
good chance due to the timing.

Well, it's very good news and you were spot on! I got the job and will
be starting next week. The salary is also much better than I could have
hoped for in a permanent role so clearly greeting the money god on
Chinese new year as you advised on your website was a very good use of
my time 🙂 The company is an IT system vendor which specialises in
super/insurance systems so hopefully that's enough fire to keep bringing
the luck in. They are already speaking about career progression as the
company is growing rapidly so there might be more opportunities coming
up soon, which is very exciting.

Thank you so much for your excellent advice!

Kind regards,
Vien - Feb 2016

Chinese Astrology Reading Testimonial from Susan - UK

Edgar’s Chinese Astrology reading was excellent. The reading really supports a more fulfilling life with less stress as it flags up how to avoid the obstacles in all areas of life where possible! Edgar is so generous with his knowledge and very understanding as a person so that you feel you can raise any subject with him. I also liked the fact that he concentrated in a positive way on the future, identifying positive trends, but also gave me an understanding and explanation of less supportive cycles/influences in the past and how these would have impacted, some of which can be avoided in the future with this new knowledge gained from him about living with the influences and characteristics of one’s own chart.

Edgar's reading had real depth and focus that enabled me to come away with a clearer idea about where to put my energies for optimum results. In a world of so many choices, it’s sometimes difficult to decide how to balance the options but this reading clearly defined where the better results would likely lie. Edgar’s amazing accuracy in the reading supported my confidence in these choices. Furthermore, Edgar helped me to understand and, therefore, make best use of luck cycles and I came away with a new positivity, not wanting to waste time when my luck would be on the increase.

Susan - UK

Nov 2015

Feng Shui and Date Selection Testimonials from Amy - Pascoe Vale

Hi Edgar,

I hope this finds you well.

Thank you for your help with the sale of our house. We were very happy with the sale price. So, thanks again. We are going to settle on our house this Friday.

Many Thanks!

Amy - Nov 2015

Feng Shui Testimonials From D. Dye CEO Pharmacy Alliance

Hi Lok,

I hope you are well?

We are due to catch up again! Our office has gone through some significant growth in the last 12 months which is excellent, but we are outgrowing our current space.

I would like you to have another look at our current office and also a potential new office which is in the building next door.

D. Dye

Feng Shui Testimonials From Linda - Melbourne

Hi Edgar,
Thank you for your time this morning.  It has put a lot of things into simple clarity for me.
Linda  Aug 2015


Feng Shui Testimonials From N. More - Melbourne

Hi Edgar,
Thank you so much for seeing me this morning, it was very helpful and insightful.
I have now made the payment directly into your bank account.
I hope to work with you again soon.
Kind Regards,
N Moore

Feng Shui Testimonials From Elle Pee - New York, USA

Dear Edgar Lok Tin,

You analyzed my apartment and the changes you suggested were good.
Now I am choosing between two apartments in the same building and I need to know if they are OK.

Elle Pee- New York April 2015

Feng Shui Testimonials From Steven & Bee March 2015

Hi Edgar,

We don't normally write testimonials but would like to personally thank you for your fengshui tips and guidance.

Generally, we have seen improvement in our lives and most importantly, we are having our little bub soon in June!

We are glad we found you and that you provide practical, honest and prompt fengshui advice. Your recommendations on what should be changed in the house are feasible and within our budget. You always try to think of ways to suit what we need and are patient with our numerous concerns.

Thank you so much for your invaluable recommendations that worked for us! Will definitely seek your service again and recommend you to any interested people.

Steven and Bee - March 2015

Feng Shui Testimonials From David 2015

Thank you very much Lok for squeezing me in before your departure overseas, it was very much appreciated.

You will be back now so I trust you had great time away.
My new positions are working very well. I have noticed a very clear shift / change in the sleeping position on my bed. Also shifting my desk to activate the Chi is also positive.

David - Feb 2015

Feng Shui Testimonials From Melanie

Hello Lok Tin,

Do you still do Chinese astrology for interstate clients ? A while ago you did my Chinese astrology and it was rather accurate. I was hoping for an annual update for this new Chinese year ahead.


Feng Shui Testimonials From Minh - Vietnam Jan 2015

Dear Master Edgar Lok Tin Yung,
Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to analyze my charts, helping me out with some of my confused questions, and giving a lot of good advices. After our discussion, things have been starting to make more sense to me. And I really appreciate you for doing that.
Best regards,
Minh - Jan 2015

Feng Shui Testimonials From Ophil - Jan 2015

Hi Mr. Lok,I would like to thank you for your recent Feng Shui advice.After your visit, we made some changes in our home following your recommendations.
Few months later, I fell pregnant! My husband and I are very excited about this wonderful news.We really appreciate your knowledge and guidance.
Many thanks!Ophil - Jan 2015

Feng Shui Testimonials From Carolyn- Sept 2014

Hello Edgar,
Thank you so much for today.... You are so skilled! And Oh my goodness I'm so glad change is around the corner!
Carolyn- Sept 2014

 Feng Shui Testimonials From Kathy August 2014

Thank you Edgar,

Things are going very well. Since you came to my house/ home business, my business has been very busy.
Thank you! Maybe in the new year I will get you to come and feng shui my Mordialloc clinic!

Kathy - August 2014

 Feng Shui Testimonials From Riz - Aug 2014

Good morning Edgar.

I wanted to let you know the reading we had was very enlightening. It was like a light bulb lit in my subconscious as lot of things started to make sense. It created pathway to unlearn many false imprints I had learnt. Assuring that I was born in the Yin hour was a puzzle being solved as I could not agree to my previous chart with a Mao birth hour. Just learning not to oppose my chart and honoring my useful Gods will open new Avenue and hope. I would like to have another reading with you soon as I could not give my 100% last time due to the situation I was in. I will call you in few weeks and organize comprehensive reading. In the mean while thank you for your wisdom.

Riz - Aug 2014

 Feng Shui Testimonials From Monica Ma

Hi Edgar,
Just want to say THANK YOU for the Feng Shui tips you gave us for our new home.
I've got pregnant within a month after your visit!! Amazing work and knowledge,
my husband and I are very happy!
Thank you!

Monica Ma

Feng Shui Testimonials From Catherine - April 2014

Dear Master Edgar Lok,
I reside in Perth, Western Australia and bought a house in January 2014 and it is giving me a lot of problems so much so I have not move in yet. I should have read your fengshui tips before buying it. My house facing is the facing you said to avoid. It is now leaking and I have to put in grilles and security systems as it has just recently being broken into...... April 2014.Thank-you. The tips were good reading, as I have just bought a house! and am in the process of renovating. so far I have not made any mistakes!!

Catherine - April 2014

 Feng Shui Testimonials From Christine - Feb 2014

Dear Edgar,
I hope this e-mail finds you well.
I wonder if you are coming back to Hong Kong this year? If so, can you spare the time to come & look at my home again?
By the way, I got pregnant. Thank you for the advice you gave last time.
Thank you.
Best regards

Christine Feb 2014

Feng Shui Testimonials From Natasha

Hi Edgar,
I just wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed you workshop. I ordered Yap’s Tong Shu & Ten Thousand Year calendar and have been using the auspicious dates for my personal use.
I also put the “water feature” in the garden with the hose dripping.... I have been looking for a full time job since before Christmas (I’ve been working for a local architect, but barely making half of what I need!) Anyway, it all happened at once last week. I got 5 people wanting to interview me in a couple of days. I went to an interview that I REALLY WANTED on Friday – a Success day, also success time!! They barely looked at my folio and asked me to start on Monday!! Unbelievable for an older person such as myself, in design and architecture that is so youth / image focussed!!! But, because it was a lucky day, I had faith and trust.
So, I start tomorrow at xxxxxxx Architects in the CBD – such a prominent & stylish office! I’m so excited! I also “launched” my new Feng Shui website a week ago, and my new web person was gracious enough to launch it on the “success” day and at the luckiest time!!
thanks so much for your help and I look forward to doing other workshops soon.
warmest regards

Feng Shui Testimonials From Mey - Nov 2013

Thank you Edgar!  I really find your bazi consultation is very useful!  🙂  will definitely recommend you to friends!

Kind regards,


November 2013

Feng Shui Testimonials From Shen - Sept 2013

Dear Edgar,
The last time I went in for a consultation with you, you said that I should wait and see if "partner then" and I could make it through mid-autumn.
Surprisingly enough, on the day of the mid-autumn festival, we broke up. You've been brilliantly accurate with your reading.
All the best with your business.
Kind regards,

Sept 2013

Feng Shui Testimonials From Damien - July 2013

Dear Edgar

I found you to be very professional and knowledgable when reading my Astrology  chart.

My Astrological  chart was extremely accurate particularly with career pathway, relationships and finances. I look forward to the future.

Kind regards,

July 2013

Feng Shui Testimonials From Ivy Tan - June 2013

Dear Edgar Lok Tin,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "A honest, compassionate, reliable and good consultant. A man of integrity and kind heart. Highly recommend to anyone who is in need of his service as a fengshui consultant..."

Service Category: Fengshui consultant

Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity


Ivy Tan

Director at Sunplaza Pty Ltd

June 24, 2013

Feng Shui Testimonials From Ling - March 2013

Hi Edgar,

I wanted to write and express my sincere thanks in helping me to improve the Feng Shui in my home over the past 5 months. It has made an incredible difference to our lives in a short time, and your expertise and effectiveness has been nothing short of astonishing.

Prior to contacting you, my family and I had endured years of very bad fortune in almost every aspect of our lives, and nothing seemed to be going right for us.

When we contacted you, you responded rapidly and provided us with effective yet practical strategies for improving the Feng Shui in our home which we implemented immediately. You also gave us predictions with key dates when our fortune would begin to change, and every one of them has been realised.

Thanks to your help and expertise, my family and I feel that our lives are back on a stable footing, and we are very grateful for everything you have done for us.

Sincerely, Ling & Family


Feng Shui Testimonials From Sofia - Oct 2012

Hi Sir,

This is Sofia from Manila, Philippines.

I just wanted to let you know that ever since you did the Feng Shui of my house, its been able to mitigate some crisis events.

A few weeks after you told me to install the fountain, pendulum clock and the lucky bamboo, I unfortunately lost my job as manager to a band. But it wasnt as bad as I feared. We parted ways quite well. They and their new manager told me that they want me to continue handling the booking of events for them. And they will honor whatever events I had lined up for them in the following months. I was surprised as well as a little suspicious.  I lost my income as manager, but I get a commission for each event I book.

That was in late July and since then I have been able to earn a little from the events I had booked. Its not much but at least I am not completely without income.

You said that by September onwards  things would be better and you were right. My health is better, and I am exploring possibilities to join a friend in a new business. People have even been kinder to me.

I am looking forward to my birthday in December as you said that  things will be smoother for me after that. This has  probably been one of my worst years in so many areas of my life. I  think what saved me from a very bad situation was your feng shui recommendations.

Bless you!



Oct 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From Bruce - Oct 2012


You will be pleased to know the Sept 28th new headstone dedication

went very well.  It was a sunny day however no sooner had the Reverend

finished his ceremony then the heavens opened up and it rained down quite

strongly!   (Good Luck I think?)


Oct 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From Dinh - Sept 2012

Dear Edgar,

Thank you for your times to help us to do the house audit, we have not changed anything yet but however we got a good feeling after your advise. I keep your contact in a safe place for future need.

I hope you are well and doing good to help people.


Sept 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From YT Choong - Aug 2012

Dear Edgar,

Hi how are you? My sister was very satisfied with her consultation with
you last time. I have since referred you to my other friend
because of the good comments that my sister have made =) I'm very happy to have
found you and your services online.
I would also like to book a consultation with you......

YT Choong

Aug 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From Noor - April 2012

Hi Lok,

Thank you very much for the reading , it really resolved alot of
issues and surely gave me a positive outlook for the future.

Thanks heaps for all your help, definitely take all your advise and
recommend you to further.


April 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From Elise Elliott - Feb 2012


I was looking for some serious recalibration in my life when I stumbled across the amazing Lok.

I was unsure of the power of Feng Shui so I approached his visit with a little trepidation.   When he suggested I paint my existing red front door to blue, and change the orientation of my bed I had a little chuckle to myself.

But who was I to be sceptical?

Lok not only predicted that I would meet the future man of my dreams on my birthday that year (which I did), he knew the year of his birth (correct!) and the fact I would fall pregnant the following year (also stunningly correct!).

I enjoyed relaying this story at our recent wedding.

I will forever be grateful for Lok’s guidance.

p.s. the front door looked better blue, anyway!

Elise Elliott

Feb 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From A. Yazji - Feb 2012

Good morning Mr Edgar,

Hope my email finds you well.

I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have given in your consultation at my house in Sunbury.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

I have made the changes in my house as you advised me and on a quick note the court case was in my favour on Monday th13 (as you thought), hope the next good news for me would be the sale of the land.

Looking really forward to receive your email with my chart and the feng shui reading.

Many many thanks again.

Kindest regards,


Feb., 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From Vicki Jan 2012

Hi Edgar,

I hope this email finds you well. I imagine you are well prepared for new year tomorrow. I have been cleaning for two days to prepare. I have an update for you. Do you remember when you came to see us and i asked you about my job prospects ?, well I followed everything you said and two weeks later my boss took me to lunch and offered me the Executive Officer Position within the Company. Very unexpected and before the 8th of December which is the date you said it would be roughly around. Needless to say, I accepted, there was no monetary increase but an increase in my holidays from 4 weeks to 5 weeks per year so i am very happy the be in good stable employment.



Jan 2012

Feng Shui Testimonials From Alice - Jan 2011

Hi Edgar Lok Tin,
My mum wants to send her thanks to you as she was told by the doctor yesterday that her blood test, ultra sound and x-ray results were normal and just a tiny little "water pops" around her chest which are no harm to her at the moment.  (years b4 she was told that they should be the bad cells and she have to do the chemo - But she refused to do it ) .

Anyway, she is happy with that and she and my brothers think it must be your Feng Shui do something good on her health.  When your next trip to HK my brother & mum wants to see you again.

Thanks again!

Jan 2011

Feedback from the Four Pillars of Destiny Workshops: 

 “Edgar possesses a great wealth of knowledge and teaches it in a clear
and precise manner so that it benefits people at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels”
J. Laird- Professional Feng Shui Consultant

 “I very much benefited from the unique approach Edgar uses to analyse charts using the Ten Gods as the key. I had read some books previously but they did not cover the Ten Gods in Depth. I learnt a lot from this course! Thank you Edgar”
L. Taliga  -Four Pillars Enthusiast

 “Master Edgar is very professional in his Chinese Astrology and teaching.
I find my knowledge of four Pillars has improved a lot of this weekend.”
                                                                                             M. Ho  -4 Pillars Enthusiast

Edgar is A wealth of Knowledge and a very patient teacher!
I thoroghly enjoyed the course and can’t wait for the next one!"
                                          A. Wong, Anjela Wong Associates – Professional Feng Shui Services

"Very informative, time to ask questions, well put together"
C. DiBella - Feng Shui Consultant.

                           "Excellent contents, Well instruct program, Easy to follow"                                                                                                      D. Tam - Business Owner.

"Edgar teaches in a very personable way, He is responsive to 
the students and expalins the material carefully.

The notes support the teachings. At the time it was a little too 
fast for me but with questions time it became clearer.

Thank you. It has been inspiring!"
                                                   F. Gleeson - Feng Shui Consultant.

Feedback from the Intermediate level Four Pillars of Destiny Workshop

"Edgar's Intermediate Four Pillars of Destiny workshop was very informative
and provided some great guidelines for analysing four pillar charts.
I look forward to learning more from Edgar in future workshops."

                                                                               Warm regards,  Ange


“I found this to be very stimulating and well paced. Edgar is very patient & committed.
The discussions are wonderful & the analysis detailed.
The course is very beneficial for my work.”

                                                                                Fran Glesson

                                                                                            Feng Shui Consultant

“Thanks for making your knowledge available and for the detailed handouts.”


Feng Shui Testimonials From Ling - Dec 2010

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for seeing my cousin, for such a young person, she's so spiritual and eager to know her future path. She's seen a few fortune tellers before but I think Chinese Astrology has a bit more science then going by the fortune tellers hunch.

Thanks again, have a merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.

Dec 2010

Feng Shui Testimonials From Sonia Rawat - Oct 2010

Hi Edgar,
Thanks for your wonderful session. We really enjoyed it and in spite of the
rains, crowd turnout was good. I will send you the session photos once we
collate them.
Thank you once again,

On behalf of Moral Fair Ground,

Sonal Rawat


Dec 2010

Feng Shui Testimonials From Stella - Feb 2010

Hi Edgar,

Hope you and your family are well.

Happy new year to you all, and goodluck & good health always.

I wanted to touch base with you.

I am working at xxxxxxx real estate in Camberwell, where one of the main

colors is gold. exacltly as you had predicted. thank you for your tailsman

you gave me too.

All seems to being going good at work , the kids are finding their work well


Thank you

Kind regards,


Feb 2010

Feng Shui Testimonials From Sanjay - Feb 2010

Hi Edgar,

I hope you are doing fine.

This is Sanjay, from Lysterfield, Vic. I am currently in Canada.....have been here since May last yr.

And just like you said in Jan. 2009, I was moving quite a lot for the rest of the year.

I was wondering if we can get a reading from you for the both of us.

We now have our 2nd child as well - born in Nov. and are looking for an insight as to what may lie ahead and what should we be doing for the best of our family.




Feb 2010

Feng Shui Testimonials From Kim - April 2009

Dear Edgar,

Just want to convey my utmost appreciation for your guidance and advice from my life reading in particular in regards to marital problems. I have found you not only to be honest but caring enough to provide me with sensible solutions to my problem. I agreed with your “Ren Ming” (fate recognition) interpretation where you explained the true meaning lies where it is not all about knowing and accepting our fate but more so to understand and learn to manage or rectify our path through our actions and mindsets.

After you detailed consultation, I felt my sense of direction is clearer. Many thanks for your patience and your time spent in answering all my questions.

I will certainly recommend your service my relatives and friends.

Best Regards,


North Melbourne

April 2009

Feng Shui Testimonials From David & Vicki - April 2009

Dear Edgar,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the advice given by you at our recent home consultation. Whilst we had a little knowledge about Feng Shui you have “tweeked and fine tuned” our house and the results were noticeable within a week.

We are sleeping better at night due to your advice on our bedroom layout.  (Now if you just had a remedy for my husbands snoring!)

The 6 coins placement you suggested for promotion have worked already – within a week.

Our whole house has a very calming and good energy feel. We are experiencing many positive influences at the moment. Friends have asked us for your details and we have happily passed them on.

We will see you at the start of the next Chinese New Year.

All the best, and we will keep you up to date.

David & Vicki

St Leonards, Vic 3223
April 2009

Feng Shui Testimonials From Alwin 

We would like to thank you very much for all your kind help and advises. It has definitely helped and improved our family greatly with respect to business and career advancements, educational achievements, family harmony and relationships. The readings and recommendations were very insightful and surprisingly quite accurate. We have used them as guides and motivations in planning our individual futures and will definitely seek your consultation and help again for more advises. We will certainly recommend you (for both 4 Pillars and Feng Shui) to our extended family and friend, and hope they, like us, will also speard the good word on your work. Thank you once again for everything.

Balwyn North

Feng Shui Testimonials From Panda Chu

What the profession you are in Chinese astrology. Thank you very much for helping me out by giving right direction and constructive advice based on 4 pillars reading and Feng Shui of my house. Your profession brought our family life into another level of happiness. Strongly recommend.. Thumbs up for you. Thanks again.

Panda Chu

Feng Shui Testimonials From Melanie (Qld., Australia)

Hi Edgar,

I am writing to say a huge thank you for my recent Chinese astrology reading I have done with you via email. It was concise and to the point and I received clear answers to my many questions! I feel so much better now and more confident in being able to move ahead with my life in the direction of my dreams.

I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wishing to explore the ancient realms of Chinese astrology and I hope others receive the same benefits also.

Thanking you kindly and all the best,

Melanie (QLD, Aust.)

Feng Shui Testimonials From Sheila Oct., 2008

Hi Edgar

Things are going very well. Everyone loves the shop and the feel of it. We
are very busy and still putting some finishing touches to it all. Pete is
very pleased with it all and Mary Anne loves it.

Hope things are good with you

Bairnsdale, Vic
Oct., 2008

Feng Shui Testimonials From K. Fraser & N Bailey 

Dear Edgar, (Lok)

We would like to thank you for your fantastic 4 pillar reading that you recently did for our family.

It has certainly helped a lot with our direction.

You also gave us a feng shui consultation on our family home.

As Nick & I both work from home it was very important for us to have business operating smoothly and profitably as well as having harmony in the house.

You gave us advice on some changes you thought we needed to make and seriously after we put them in place we soon started to notice the difference.

Nick is a share trader on a monthly basis and I run  the property side of our portfolio. I have a couple of short term holiday accommodation places and have several long term residential investments.

Since having you come to our home we have been booked solid for the Noosa property and Coastal properties until next year.

I have even had 2 of the long term investment leases renewed without even having to advertise.

The share market being bearish also was a rough ride and you have supported us through a certain trade with much valued advice.

Thank you for all your help Lok,

I will have no hesitation now in having you do further readings on our building plans and investment properties.

Your expertise in fengshui and Eastern astrology is a very valuable tool for any business or family.


Kindest Regards

K. Fraser & N. Bailey.

P.O Box 5071

Middle Park 3206.

Feng Shui Testimonials From John Jell 

"Thanks so much for that reading Edgar. I believe that what I've learned will help me make better decisions and that's what's its all about I guess. Have a fun and safe Christmas".

John Jell


Feng Shui Testimonials From Peter M

Feng Shui Testimonials


I  have implemented what Edgar (Lok Tin)  taught me. They are very simple things. I enacted them in no time at all and by the following weekend I could already see my business improving. It has been five weeks now and, generally speaking, my business continues to improve - especially last weekend; the takings were unbelievable. I have made Edgar a plaque (pictured) in his honour".


Peter M - Restaurant owner


Feng Shui Testimonials From Hsin Hsin

"Thank you, Edgar....I must say that I am very lucky to have found you on the internet. You are very genuine and an expert in your field".

"Thanks again and wish me luck".

Hsin   28-Feb-2007

 1 year later

Hi Edgar,

Nice to receive your email.

Well, you are the king of prediction.  With your help, I have had a baby boy on 18/12/2007.  Born at 9:16am.  Thought he has a bad tempter and cries a lot but still WE love him.  As what you said (but I didn't believe), I have a PIGGY boy.  Thank you so much again.

Happy Chinese New Year.  Wish your dream all come true in the coming year.


Hsin  05-FEB-2008

Feng Shui Testimonials From Adam

Hi Edgar,

Wishing you and your family a happy and successful 2008. I am in England and will be back in early January so let's try and catch up as there have been a lot of positive progress since your visit.


Feng Shui Testimonials From KL

Hi Edgar,

We now live in Ivanhoe and are happily married.
Thank you for your advice.


Article written by Edgar Lok Tin Yung