Predictions for 2011 the Year of the Rabbit Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology by Edgar Lok Tin Yung – Dec 2010

Most of the Chinese Astrology Consultants or Feng Shui Masters nowadays using the Start of Spring day and time with the year and month to construct a Four Pillars chart to predict events for the coming year. In my opinion, using the Start of Spring day and time to predict for the coming year is wrong. Yearly prediction should use the Jia zi cycles and look at three different angles. They are the Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

2011 The Heaven Luck

The Heaven luck is looking at the issues catching everyone’s eyes and the social phenomenon. What you should pay attention to.

In Chinese almanac, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. (Mao)

To be exact, the year of the Rabbit starts at 1533, the moment on the “Start of Spring” on the 4th February 2011 Melbourne daylight saving time.

For animal sings, always remember that the cut off point is NOT on the Chinese New Year’s day. It is on the “Start of Spring” and it normally falls on the 4th or 5th February each year.

The year 2011 is year of the Rabbit and its element is Wood.

In Chinese almanac, each year is made up by two Chinese characters, one called the Heavenly Stem and the other called Earthly Branch. Remember that the Heaven is on the top and the Earth is underneath.

When talk about the year of the Rabbit predication, the Heavenly Stem must be take into the equation.

The Heavenly Stem for 2011 is Xin. It is the element of Yin Metal. 2011 is called the Yin Metal Rabbit. (Xin Mao).

The Chinese characters for the Heavenly Stem 2011 written as below:

Feng Shui Year of the Rabbit 2011

Chinese word year of the Rabbit

Yin Metal (Xin) Yin Wood Rabbit (Mao) Yin is slow and secretive

2011, the year of the Rabbit, the heaven luck is somehow very much alike last year 2010, the year of the Tiger, except that the stem and branch are Yin. Yin is slow and secretive.

2011, the Yin Metal sits on Yin Wood Rabbit.

Yin metal is a small metal object. It symbolises a small knife blade, or a dagger. Mao is wood. It symbolises the back, neck, hip, and liver. So in the year of Rabbit, there will be plenty of secretive stabbings or plots. Health issues there will be outbreak of hepatitis in the east coast in USA, China or Australia.

Yin Metal sits on Yin Wood. It all starts from the top levels or the governing levels regardless public or private organizations. Yin is slow and it is the second half of the year in 2011, and 8th September to 7th October is the most impact month in the year of Rabbit.

In 2011, it is the year of top levels still bullying or suppressing the bottom levels. The top levels will secretly plot against the lower levels or giving out some unexpected cunning attack. I forecasted that the top levels are bulling the lower level last year. You may still remember the big bank put the interest rate up much higher than the Reserve Bank increases.

In 2011, it is the year of the yin metal sits on yin wood Rabbit; everything will happen and change in a slower pace at the second half of year from August 2011 to January 2012.

2011, the year of Rabbit is a peach color year which having to do with romance, especially illicit romance, sex scandals and sexual affairs. The year of the Rabbit will have lot more news similar to the year of the Rat in 2008. For example, something like New York Governor Elliot Spitzer prostitute scandal, Jess Origliasso, Carla Bruni-Sarkozi, Edison Chen nude photos cases and so on.

It is very much the same as the year of the Tiger in 2010. The Yin Metal reduces the strength of Earth element. Yin Wood destroys Earth element. 2011 the year of the Rabbit, the Earth element will be hurt. There are a few meanings to this. The direct affect is the property price would have some impact. (I predicted this in 2009 for 2010, as you may be aware that the house price slows down sharply in Melbourne or in Hong Kong). This property price issue will remain very much the same in 2011 especially from August 2011 onward to January 2012.

Last year, I predicted: “The Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of 2010 have no water element in them. Water is the bridge element of Metal and Wood. This means there is lack of communication between the Stem and Branch. Communicate and understand each other are important.”

(Mr. Rudd was dumped due to lack of communication with his colleagues.)

The year of the Rabbit, the growth is suppressed. Be very careful in March, June, September and December 2011 if you are on the share market.

2010 and 2011 “Pine Tree Wood” Year

Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch combine and produce Wood element for 2010 and 2011. It has a special name called “Pine Tree Wood”.

Pine Tree Wood is forest, paper industry, teaching, forestry and publishing industry. There will be problem of forests and land. (Teaching and education industry has a very big impact in 2010 since the number of overseas students has dropped 40%)

Also for the flying star number 7 locates at the middle of the palace in 2011. Number 7 is associated with young girls, mouths and gossip. The element of number 7 is Metal. Metal cuts the “Pine Tree Wood” that means there will be large scale of forestry destruction or nature disasters.

Number 7 in Feng Shui also represents bandit or robber. We will see more robberies in 2011 around the world. They are using metal objects – knives or daggers.

In term of Feng Shui age 2004 – 2023 is period 8 and 8 for this 20 years which is located in the middle. The annual flying star number in the middle palace for 2011 is 7. 7 and 8 are both located in the middle palace for the year of the Rabbit. 7 is young girl and 8 is young boy. Dui and Gen forms the most lust trigram in I-Chang. So therefore, in the year of Rabbit, we will see a lot romance, especially illicit romance, sex scandals and sexual affairs. But this Gwa is benefit to the entertainment industry.

In terms of weather, temperature in 2011 will be a mild year compare with 2010. But it will have medium rainfall. The average temperature will be slight lower.

The year of the rabbit is four dragons producing water. Dragon is the water storage. Each year the more the dragons (maximum up to 12) produce water, the more rainfall it produces. In 2010 there were 10 dragons produce water, hence we saw flooding everywhere.

2011 The Earth Luck Feng Shui

Earth Luck is to deal with the bad energy where we live, work and play. That is the Feng Shui components of our house and office for the year of the Rabbit.

Each year, there are three major big Sha (Bad Energy) flying around. These three Sha have the power to override any flying stars combination regardless how good the chart is. These three Sha are called the Grand duke or Tai Sui, Three Killings and Five Yellow.

1. Tai Sui (Grand Duke). It is located at the East.

2. San Sha (Three Killings) arrives at the West

3. Five Yellow. It is landed at the East.

The number one rule to deal with Sha energy is not to “Move Earth”, digging the ground or renovating in those areas/sectors inside or outside the house.

A Feng Shui Saying stated that: “Avoid big Sha. Cure medium Sha. Neglect tiny Sha.”

The East 2 Mao (82.5 – 97.5 degree) has Tai Sui

Tai Sui or Grand Duke is the yearly King. The Tai Sui controlling the East 2 Mao sector in the year of the Rabbit. The East 2 sector is Wood element. It is related to the wood system in our body including, the liver, the gall bladder, arms and legs, so the health issues related to wood element could be liver problems (alcoholic problems), gall bladder stone, broken arms and legs if the main door is facing east 2. Man age at mid 40s should pay more attention if living in such facing house.

The best way to prevent bad luck and sickness is not to stir up the yearly bad energy spots/sector. Yearly bad energy is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine if the sleeping tiger has not been disturbed. However, if the tiger is wakening up, it will bite you. “Move earth”, renovation, will wake the tiger up, so do not dig, nailing, chisel and renovate the Tai Sui sector including the floor, ground, garden, the walls inside and outside.

If your house facing East or the main door is located at the Tai Sui sector East 2, be sure closing the door slowly and gently when coming in or going out, as loud noise (sound waves) can trigger the bad energy too as sound waves are energy too.

To reduce the impact of the Tai Sui, place a round metal object beside the east facing door.

The Three killings is at the West (Geng W1, You W2, Xin W3 247.5 ~ 292.5)

The West sector gets the Three-killings in 2011. It covers a very big area. Three killings represent lawsuits, gossips, arguments. And it is at the young girl area.

The West sector is metal element. In health, it is related to the respiratory system including, lung, throat, nose. The West belongs to young girl. This means that if a house is facing west, the youngest girl of the house would easily have such problems.

Young girls, beware of love swindler if you sleep at the west of sector of the house.

In the world scale Feng Shui, the west sector is Europe, 2011 the year of the Rabbit is not a very stable year for Europe. You can see this starting at Christmas time.

Make sure the west sector of the house is clean and tidy. Keep this area as quiet as possible. If the three killings bad energy is disturbed, there would be 3 unfortunate incidents.

Luckily, in 2011 the annual flying star number 9 flies to the west. There will be some joyous events to compensate the misfortunate. But it increases romance for young girls.

Fire prevention is important too.

Don’t place any moving objects there including fish tanks with motor pump.

You cannot change the main door position but you can move yourself away from the bad energy areas.

To reduce the impact of the three killings place a black vase at the west and keeps 80% full of clear water in it. If the water gets dirty or greasy, change the water.

The Five Yellow also at the East (67.5 ~ 112.5)

The Five Yellow, representing misfortune and obstacle arrives at the east sector in the year of the Rabbit too.  The East sector has double Sha Chi. the five yellow together with Tai Sui is the worse combo. If your east sector of the house or office is an important area such as bedroom or entrances, it is recommended that place a motionless round metal object to dissolve this bad energy or move away from this area.

The money star number 8 which means prosperity is located in the northwest in 2011. As mentioned above, it is related to incoming money. There are a few ways you can activate the money star.

You can move to and sleep at this area if there is a room. If there is a doorway, use it more often for coming in or going out. Please six coins or some metal object in the area.

Human Luck Individually in 2011 Animal signs astrology

Chinese Astrology examines not only the year of birth but also the Month, the Day and the Birth hour. It is difficult to exactly predict by the animal sign how each year will affect each person individually at a very details level. Such animal sign astrology is not totally reliable as the system is only examined 12.5% (1/8) of the four pillars chart. For more reliable assessment, it is recommended that to check the Four Pillars of Destiny fully with a reputable Chinese Astrology consultant.

Just based on the yearly heavenly stem and earthly branch, some animals are more sensitive than the others. The most sensitive animals affecting by the Grand Duke in 2011 are the Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat.

The Heavenly Stem of 2011 is Yin Metal (Xin). The Earthly Branch underneath is Yin Wood (Yin Rabbit). Metal controls Wood. In health issue, Wood element could be liver problems (alcoholic problems), hepatitis, gall bladder stone, broken arms and legs.

So for animal signs of Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat, especially Rooster make sure drive carefully and drink moderately.

It will be very interesting to see what happen to Mr. Tony Abbott. Nicknamed Rabbit (called by Gillard) and was born in the year of Rooster.

Another public figure born in the year of Rooster is Mr. Rudd.

Both Abbott and Rudd will have big impact in the coming year in September 2011.

Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat should also avoid going to the hospitals, funerals, erotic bars, pubs or night clubs.

For female (age 18 – 45) of Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat giving birth in 2011 will reduce a lot of bad energy and troublesome.

Do more exercises and make sure there is sweating for every exercise.

Swimming, sauna and walking down the beach is beneficial too as the year has no water element in the stem an branch..

Be more active and think positively. Go out and see more people and make friends. Be more generous to others.

Donation of blood or having a blood test done in March and September will help reduce bad energy too.

Be nice to your parents, father or mother-in-law or other elderly, even telephone them more often will bring you better luck.

The following is a guide for each animal and their luck in the year of the Rabbit. It is a guide only. For more accurate reading, please seek professional Chinese Astrology consultant for consultation.

Rabbit (Born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)

For animal sign Rabbit, in 2011 other than the above mentioned issues, they will have a busy schedule, big pressure from every direction, especially from their boss. Rabbit born in 1975, the heavenly stem clashes with 2011’s stem. They will be the busiest Rabbit in 2011.

Health issues, arms, legs and liver, hepatitis, gall bladder stone, may have some major problem need to be operated.

Avoid going to Casino or pokies, pub, bars, nightclub, disco or any erotic place. Drink moderately.

Rooster (Born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

2011 the animal sign Rooster is clashing with the year of Rabbit. Clash means confrontation with others. Beware of lawsuit and relationship issue. There will be big change for the Roosters, like career change, job change, position shuffle, school change, moving house or traveling.

“Da Ho.” in English means “Big spending” which is located in the Rooster’s palace this year, so Rooster uses your money wisely and carefully. It is wise to buy something which becomes more valuable in the future. Avoid high risk investments.

Beware of contract terms if contract need to be signed.

For Rooster born in 1993, be very carefully when driving after obtain the driving license. As clashing with the year of the Rabbit easily causes traffic accident especially for people who have dark and broken left eye-brow.

Feng Shui Year of the Rabbit - broken eyebrow

Broken eye-brow

If Roosters have planned overseas traveling, it is advice that to avoid going to the east direction. The east direction is the Grand Duke (Rabbit) direction which will increase the level of the clash.

Blood Donation is encouraged and is one of the best ways to reduce bad luck and on the hand attract good luck in 2011 by saving life.

If blood donation scares you, try to do a blood test or visit a dentist in March and September in 2011.

Health issues: respiratory systems, coughing, throat, large intestine.

Horse (Born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002)

Beware of lawsuit or argument with your business partners.

For working class, if you have a female supervisor or boss, your work will be appreciated and you will be easily getting a promotion.

Keep yourself clam as you will be very moody this year. Do not speeding, drink driving as Horse has penalty star with the authority.

Do not be greedy. Progress slowly. Enough is enough and know when to stop.

Female horse born in 1978, 1990 will get pregnant easily.

Parents or grand parents may have some health problems. There may be funeral affair in the family.

Health issue: Eyes, hearts,

Rat (Born 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

There are three romantic stars in the Rat’s palace. This will make the Rat meeting a few new opposite sex friends and will be very emotional and confused by this in the year of the Rabbit. Do not sway by your emotion. Be very rational in deal with your affection in the year of Rabbit.

Remember silent is golden.

Do not join adult erotic club and take part in sexual activities.

Health issue: excretion system of your body, including, kidneys, urethra, prostate gland for male, bladders ect.

Ox (Born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

There is no single lucky star in the Ox’s palace. It will be a challenge year for the ox in 2011. He or she will become very moody or emotional, therefore easily making wrong decision and cause arguments and fight.

Ms Julie Gillard was born in 1961, the year of the ox and in the rooster month. It will be a tough year for her. It will be some changes in March and September 2011 for her.

Ox bewares of friends who you trust the most. They may turn back on you.

Health: digestive system.

Tiger (Born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

Your gossips and troubles (including health issues) around you are fading away slowly and will be completely gone by your birthday month in 2011.

2011 year of the Rabbit is the Noble man year for the Tiger which means that Tiger is getting help hand from Friends or someone who is powerful.

Health issue: Arms, liver and back.

Dragon (Born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

It is good improvement compare with the last few years. The “lucky star”, the sun is on for the Dragon this year. This means in the 2011 there will be a lot of external help hands, especially from the male supervisor or boss.

Dragon will feel dull in 2011, so be more active and take part in outdoor activities.

Make sure budgeting your expense and save up for 2012.

Snake (Born in 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

The travelling star is in the Snake’s palace which means snake in the year of the Rabbit has a lot more opportunities to travel. It is related to a new job or internal reshuffle. There is a lucky star call “Nation Seal” for the snake. The “Nation Seal” gives the snake some power and control in 2011.

The bad stars are called “broken” and “Song Moon”. It means there may be one in the family sick or may pass away.

Goat (Born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003),

The goat combines with the year of the Rabbit which means the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke loves the goat. Grand Duke is also representing the boss. The boss likes your work.

Combine with the Grand Duke also means co-operation with the others, new friends or getting a soul mate.

“Three Tables” star in Goat’s palace will help their study, however the “Five Ghosts” star which will influence your concentration also in the goat’s palace. In order to have good study result more focus is needed.

Learn communication skills as it will help reduce a lot of misunderstandings.

Monkey (Born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

Monkey is having a clash with the Tiger in 2010. Clash means confrontation. There was big change for the Monkey, like career change, job change, position shuffle, school change, moving house or traveling in 2010. There was also the “Big Spending” star in the Monkey’s palace in 2010. All these will still be validate until the birthday month in 2011.

Monkey should pay more attentions to your clients or customers in 2011. Otherwise someone may take some business away from your existing clients.

Dog (Born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

The dog also combines with the Grand Duke. The Grade Duke loves you. Very much like the goat, your boss likes your work. Your luck continues from the year of the Tiger. Be humble and budget your finance as there will be “Da Ho” for the Dog in the year of the dragon.

Pig (Born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007),

The Pig, this year is a bit like the year of the Tiger, The pig is bonding with the Grand Duke. This means that may be some more join ventures for the pigs. Make sure you can manage the risk before going ahead.