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Fertility Case Study April 2021

n the interests of my clients and their privacy, I have omitted/changed personal details and facts from this case study. I have not, however, embellished or fabricated any details in this article to skew the results.

Case Study Details:

Feng Shui case studies like this one, truly reaffirms my life decision to become a Feng Shui master. My life mission is to help (and teach) as many people around the world about the power of Feng Shui.

In April 2021 a couple, Mr and Mrs C, invited me to Sydney to help with their Feng Shui. With the tickets booked I flew to Sydney on the 20th April.

Feng Shui Fertility Case Study

Our main objective was to employ the Feng Shui techniques and strategies to help improve their fertility with the goal of conceiving their first child.

Fortunately, Mr C was organized enough to send me a scale floor plan allowing me to plan and identify some areas of the family house that required improvement.

Below, we will explore the areas of the house that needed attention and the strategies we employed to remedy the flow of energy.

Feng Shui Techniques/Strategies

It was evident from the floor plans that the alfresco attached to the house was an imminent problem that required immediate attention.

The Alfresco

Feng Shui Alfresco Correction

My first recommendation involved the cover for the alfresco.  I suggested they open up the alfresco, and in doing so the center of the house would shift. The center of a house acts like the heart does for our body. It is fundamental within a Feng Shui audit, as it distributes the Feng Shui Qi (or energy) and communicates with other sectors that also produce energy. For example, the kitchen stove, toilet, fridge, air conditioners, etc... All these energy producing elements are important to the flow of energy and your overall Feng Shui health.

FYI - It is important to note with the advancement of technology, more and more elements need to be considered in a Feng Shui audit (compared to a olden times, when there weren't as many elements like air conditioners and fridges).

Once they opened up the alfresco, there were many flow on effects for the positive Qi. This cause the center of the house to shift about half meter to the front part of the house. With the shifting of the center, the sectors changed and the distribution of the Qi was able to be correctly harnessed.

Back Door Placement

Another element that caught my attention was the placement of the back door. It was incorrectly placed and required fixing. I asked Mr C to relocate the back door and surprisingly, they remedied the location of the back door within two days! Often, when clients do not observe results from Feng Shui recommendations, it is because the fixes have not been implemented quickly. It is also important to reassess the changes made, to ensure they have been made correctly.

Feng Shui Alfresco and Water Feature

You can see the above photo, the door was relocated to the right sector on the 22nd April. That was only two days after Feng Shui consultation.

Water Feature

After the back door was relocated, I calculated the position for a water feature to be placed on the outdoor deck. It is important to understand that, when correctly harnessed, a water feature can further enhance the Feng Shui energy for fertility (photo below).

Incoming Qi

Another area that I focused on was the front door area. During a Feng Shui audit it is important to understand the incoming flow of Qi. Sometimes it is important to make adjustments and where require to redirect the prosperity Feng Shui Qi to the house.  To achieve this I suggested to install a panel to change the angle of incoming Qi. Below photo was sent to me after it was installed.

front door Qi correction

We also performed a few other smaller changes inside the house to activate the Feng Shui fertility Qi.

Feng Shui Case Study Outcomes

I am happy to say with Mr. C’s speedy response to implement my Feng Shui suggestions, results were quickly observed.

Two months later, on 16th June I received the following message from Mr. C.

“Hi Edgar,
We have some exciting news to share with you. After following all your recommendations and instructions, Mrs is pregnant. We are so grateful to you for helping us Feng Shui our house with such immediate effect! We had a scan yesterday all is looking well and on track. We just pray the rest of the pregnancy goes well and just taking things a day at a time. Wanted to wait until 12 weeks to break the news to you but could not contain our excitement! Thanks again for everything!”

feng shui fertility case study

It is important to understand, Mr and Mrs C were highly motivated to harness the power of Feng Shui to improve their fertility Qi. They acted quickly and methodically - which helped them to achieve quick results. Not all cases translate this quickly into physical results.

I sincerely wish Mr and Mrs C the best with their family.

******** UPDATE ********

I am delighted to share the wonderful news that Mr and Mrs C have welcomed a beautiful healthy son into their Family.

Fertility Case Study Result