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Fertility Case Study February 2020

n the interests of my clients and their privacy, I have omitted/changed personal details and facts from this case study. I have not, however, embellished or fabricated any details in this article to skew the results.

Case Study Details:

This case study begins on February 1st, 2020, the day I flew up to Sydney to perform a Feng Shui audit for Mr and Mrs G.  Our goal for the visit, was to use Feng Shui to improve the Fertility energy in the household. Mr & Mrs G were both in their late 30's and had been trying to begin their family journey, however had encountered some hurdles along the way.

I recall the day was extremely hot, so a welcoming watermelon treat upon arrival was well received.

Fortunately, Mr & Mrs G had done what I asked for and prepared a house plan for me to use during the audit. Having a scale diagram of the house layout is extremely helpful when it comes to accurately diagnosing the flow of Qi in the space.

Using the methods I learned from my Master Yu from the San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui system, I began to measure the direction that the house faced. This allows me to map out the rest of the sectors, or in Feng Shui terms, the 24 mountains. Using this method provides a strong foundation to easily identify any issues that the space may be experiencing.

I think it is important to highlight, in Feng Shui there are some areas of focus that can significantly impact on the fertility energy and chance of pregnancy. These are the toilet position, stove position, fridge position and the internal sectors within the house.

From my audit, I identified several issues:

  1. a toilet was positioned upstairs within an incorrect sector,
  2. the stove was not ideally positioned for optimal fertility energy flow, and
  3. the bed and desk placements could be improved.

Feng Shui Techniques/Strategies

Toilet in incorrect Sector

First and foremost, I quickly advised Mr & Mrs G to stop using the upstairs toilet. By using the upstairs toilet, they were in effect activating energy in an incorrect sector which would negatively impact their chances of pregnancy.

I advised them to use the downstairs toilet. Even though this was not as convenient (especially at night), it was an easy way to rectify the energy flow.

Moving the Stove

Of course, moving a stove is no easy feat. It involves a complete kitchen remodel - which isn't always achievable for some couples. And even though Mr & Mrs G advised me they had meant to redo their kitchen, it would take planning and time to achieve the desired result.

Rather than rushing a kitchen remodel that could potentially take 3 - 4 months, I advised them to simply purchase a portable gas cook top and place it in the sector that would improve their fertility energy. This way, they can take their time to properly plan out their kitchen and build one that is to their liking.

I always try to provide practical solutions for my clients that achieve the same result in a timely manner.

Furniture Placement and Energy Activation

I also advised to place an active water feature (permanently operating) in a particular sector to encourage energy activation in more favorable sectors of the house and adjust the position of particular items of furniture.

The suggestion to move a few pieces of furniture, like the bed and desk, is minor in comparison to the first two changes. However, it is still important to optimize the flow of fertility energy to provide the best possible opportunity to improve as many aspects of the internal house as possible.

Additional Support

I also referred Mrs G to see my Chinese Medicine teacher. I believe, to provide the best opportunity for a couple to begin their family journey, sound Feng Shui strategies can also be complemented by a strong body that is assisted with Chinese medicine techniques.

Feng Shui Case Study Outcomes

Shortly after my visit, I am happy to report I received a message from Mrs G in April 2020 that she was pregnant.

Feng Shui Fertility Case Study 2020

And on 10th December 2020, a new member of the family arrived safely.


I know I have said it before, however it's moments like these that make sharing my Feng Shui techniques with the world truly rewarding.