Free Feng Shui workshop online, you can study at your leisure, totally free in my youtube channel. I have been uploading feng shui videos to my youtube channel since 28th July 2020. I named the series of free Feng shui videos “Feng Shui 101”.

I did upload some videos before but it was not as systematic as this time.

I have been uploading free feng shui videos every  2 – 3 days since 28th July 2020.

A series of free Feng Shui workshop videos for people who likes to know more about traditional Feng Shui. And what Traditional Feng Shui can do for them ? In addition, if you are serious about Feng Shui and like to use this skill to help other people, The feng shui videos give you the fundamental traditional feng shui knowledge and prepare yourself for more Feng Shui study.

I am one of the 39th generation Yang Gong Feng Shui San Yuen Yuen Gua lineage holders. I run San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui workshop 2-3 times a year in Melbourne or Sydney, Australia. For more information and workshop contents, date and venue, you can always visit the following link.

Traditional Feng Shui has many areas to study. Traditional Feng shui is about Heave, Earth and Human.

There are Yin Feng Shui and Yang Feng Shui. Yin Feng shui is about how to find a good Feng Shui place for burials. Nowadays, urban living does not support this practice, particularly in western countries.

Yang Feng shui is for the livings, including pets. Some of student’s feedbacks, after applying the Yang Gong San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui for clients to remove negative energy, even pets were happier and healthier.

Free feng shui workshop videos in my youtube channel, I have made it more suitable for modern urban living, homes, offices, shops and businesses.

Feng shui is traditional Chinese ancient method to manipulate the QI or energy inside and around a built environment to help promote and produce丁 Offspring, 財wealth, 貴 career and 壽 longevity.

Enjoy my free Feng Shui workshop videos.