Good bad days 2015

Good Bad Days 2015

The good bad days 2015 Pdf file covers the good and bad days from 1st January – 31st December 2015.

Good Day is generally good for everything such opening, launching products, signing contract.

Some good days are particularly good for wedding. I marked GW. Good for wedding.

I also put in the BH which means Best Hours of the day. In the Date Selection it is in 2 hours interval. (Day light saving must take into consideration.) I will explain below:

Using Melbourne as an example, in day light saving period, the clock is put one hour forward the GMT. So the watch hour is different from the solar hour. If it is 11am in Day light saving period, it is not the starting of the Horse hour. You need to take away one hour, and solar hour is only 10am and it is still with the Snake hour. This is important. You don’t need to convert to Beijing Time. Just use the time in your city. Another important factor is the longitude of the city or area you live can affect the solar time as well.

In the calendar, I also give you the methods (time and direction) to welcome the money god on the Chinese New Year day on the 19th February 2015. By doing so, it brings good luck for the whole year.

Here are the legends to the calendar.

B = Bad day GD= Good for Demolition
O =ok day BH = Best Hours
G = good day AM= Avoid Major event
GW = Good for Weddings
NHC = No Hair Cut

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Good bad days 2015






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