From 5th April to 5th May 2014 is the Dragon month in the Year of the Horse.

In the Dragon month (April), there are two eclipses (Lunar eclipse on the 15th April and Solar eclipse on the 29th April).

In general date selection rule, within 5 days before and after the eclipse, even though there are good days, a traditional Feng Shui Masters will not select those days for their clients. Unfortunately, there are not many good days in the Dragon month. Anyway, avoiding the bad and un-smooth result is the main purpose of date selection.

Again, I do hope more people can benefit from this post even there are not many good days.

Here are the BAD days in the Dragon (April) month in the year of the Horse 2014. Sometimes bad days are good to start demolition.

Wednesday 9th April 2014
Thursday 10th April to Sunday 20th April 2014 within 5 days of the eclipse.
Monday 21st April 2014
Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Friday 25th April to Monday 5th May 2014 Within 5 days of the Solar eclipse.

There are not many Good Days in Dragon Month April 2014 due to the Solar and Lunar eclipses.

2013 dragonThese dates are GOOD for your important events. However be careful you need to know your own animal signs. If these dates clash with your animal, don’t perform important event on these dates. These dates may bring different results to different individual as their Bazi charts are different.

Monday 7th April 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Tiger)
Tuesday 8th April 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Rabbit)

Please Note: For the other dates in the Dragon month which are not mentioned above, they
don’t have good or bad energy. So they won’t bring positive result to your events.

Hope you can benefit from this post.