Date Selection in the Pig month7th November – 7th December is the Pig month in the year of the Snake in 2013.

The animal sign Pig Clashes with Snake. The Pig month clashes with Snake year.

Although Date Selection is more focus on the day, the year and the month still need to add into the equation. Within the month which clashes
with the year (Grand Duke or Tai Sui), it is advice not to have ultra-important events planned and performed.

If you cannot postpone an event which you have a deadline to meet and deadlines are on either of these dates, I strongly suggest you re-schedule your event to a better day to utilize the day’s energy and bring smooth and better result.

Here are the BAD days in the Pig month.

Thursday 7th November
Monday 11th November
Sunday 17th November
Saturday 23rd November
Friday 29th November
Thursday 5th December

These dates are GOOD for your important events. However be careful you need to know your animal signs.

Saturday 9th November     (Not suitable for animal sign: Rooster)
Wednesday 13 November  (Not suitable for animal sign: Ox)
Friday 15th November        (Not suitable for animal sign: Rabbit)
Thursday 21 November       (Not suitable for animal sign: Rooster)
Monday 25th November     (Not suitable for animal sign: Ox)

For the other dates in the Pig month which are not mentioned above, they
don’t have good or bad energy. So they won’t bring positive result to your events.

Hope you can benefit from this post.