Feng Shui Yellow Spring Sha Qi

Feng Shui Yellow Spring Sha - Killing, Save poor, Speed up careerYellow Spring Sha is a Feng shui article; I have had the honor of having it published in the Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine recently.

I was invited to write an article on Killing Yellow Spring Sha for the 2019 IFSC November edition of Feng Shui for Modern Living magazine (FSML).   This magazine was first published in 1998 by GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and was the world’s first full-color Feng Shui magazine.   FSML is now available free online at www.fengshui.net 20 years after it was first published in the UK.

My article explains the Feng Shui Killing Yellow Spring with an example – UN Headquarter in Geneva.

Strictly speaking, the Killing Yellow Spring Sha is only one of the three Feng Shui Yellow Spring Sha configurations.

As matter of the fact, in the Yang Gong San Yuan Yuan Gua Feng Shui System, there are three different Yellow Spring Sha Feng Shui configurations.

The other two Feng Shui configurations are called Save Poor Yellow Spring and Speed up Career Yellow Spring Techniques.


Yellow Spring Sha for Speed up Career


Jia Facing Gen incoming water gets good exam results (Scholarship, win competition)

(I implemented this configuration at my own home to help my son gets his dream job)



Gen facing, Kun water produces Heroes (Military officers),



Bing Facing, Xun coming water brings a lot treasures.



Ren facing Meets Qian water produces political officers,


Third Arrangements for Save Poor


Xin goes into Qian Sector; bring million houses (Wealth creation via properties)



Gui goes into Gen sector writes good article (Become a scholar)



Yi facing,  Xun Water becomes rich (Becomes a teacher)

I implemented this one too at my home, now I started teach more.



Ding Facing, Kun incoming water creates ten thousand boxes (Becomes medicine related, herbs, and boxes)

(I implemented this configuration for a client and the company has been exporting many container boxes overseas.)


Please note that the above configurations need certain conditions to activate the desired results. If you want to know the techniques / configurations, you are welcome to take part my Feng Shui course.

Here is the link for more details of my Feng Shui Course!